100 thoughts on “MY INSANE $15,000 AIRPLANE SEAT!! (I’M IN DUBAI)”

  1. FaZe Rug says:


  2. Haleigh the Slime macker says:

    I am shard off airplanes to, I feel like it is going to crash

  3. JOHNNYSTIX 11 says:

    When the steak was cooking my mouth started watering and thought I was going to drool🤤🤤

  4. Sarpong Afriyie says:

    He wants me to feel like I'm der with him while I'm here in Africa …..funny

  5. Joudanh Mohamed says:


  6. Sixon Sixon says:

    U meet richest kid in dubai !!!!

  7. Amir Almisfer says:

    It’s so fun

  8. Itz Flaze says:

    Hope you come to Saudi one day

  9. Taif Sharaf says:

    I live in 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪uae

  10. Nader AlShawa says:

    My huse is in bullgry resort

  11. Nader AlShawa says:

    I went on a a380 as will

  12. Fanta says:

    Dubai looks CRAZYYYY

  13. alya mariam says:

    Why do I think every YouTuber goes to DUBAI

  14. xanthus poon says:

    why not come over to singapore

  15. Fortnite Legend says:

    I swear iam actually from Dubai.

  16. Jax says:

    That’s the A380!!!

  17. Andrew Orchieson says:

    Sub to my youtube channel

  18. A mummy with internet connection says:

    In America the most expensive on planes are 1st class in soviet russia the most expensive on planes are economy

  19. Succy Eggroll says:

    I don’t have taste buds anymore because they burnt of when I had a super hot hot chocolatier so meh. 15:30

  20. Abdulla Tariq says:

    I’m in Dubai

  21. Slinex Tsee says:

    Am I the only one that thinks rug should of let papa rug have first class

  22. Ahmed al marzouqi says:

    I live near hear

  23. SHADITOS says:

    Please sub to me =(

  24. The gangster 👌🏻👌🏻 says:

    I am Lebanese 👍

  25. Yamen Allam says:

    I’m from Egypt and I love you faze rug

  26. Yousef Totah says:

    I live in Dubai

  27. Nico Leal says:

    That is not 15000. I had the same thing to Florida and I costed 2000.

  28. Ytser ACEBEDO says:

    I lev. In Dubai
    Hbbgvfh bgfdvvf
    Mmmnnnj hjhbbb
    Was. Nyo has
    Ntft bgMmkkh
    Buy go

    No jjnjjnn red hydro
    Gggggg got vg gun

  29. Gamingwith Subham says:

    Faze rug brother plz give me diamonds 💎💎💎 in freefire my id is 443233184

  30. Brandon Suarez says:

    I’ve been to Dubai I had so much fun so have fun huge fan by the way

  31. Brandon Suarez says:

    I saw everything you saw

  32. Epic Eshan says:

    this is how many times he said: stars on the ceiling


  33. Erick M says:

    lol papa rug with that fresh Just for Men beard dye

  34. Hasan Nizar says:


  35. Mobizen Gaming says:

    I flew to Japan and it took 27 hours

  36. Patrick skim says:


  37. Ali AlMannaee says:

    Go To Sharjah

  38. Humaid Rashed says:

    I'm from 🇦🇪

  39. I M G R 0 0 T says:

    16:30 papparug enjoyed his ride back there.
    To momma rug!

  40. Kirshav Singh says:

    This is heaven

  41. Asalsalami_07 X says:

    حبيب والله❤️❤️

  42. Firas, Tajouri says:

    You left your father in economy? shame.

  43. Bal Sandhu says:

    I went dubia and you went to tk

  44. Saad Al Sheikh Omar says:

    It reminds me of memories so sad😭

  45. BuLLsY ツ says:

    Are you twelve?

  46. abdul shoaib says:

    Hello rug can you buy iPad Pro for me??? Please brother

  47. imran haque says:

    I am going to Saudi Arabia

  48. HASHIM MAKLAI says:

    I live in DUBAI

  49. 1000 subs with no vids? Please Thanks says:

    Dude your soo lucky to be in business class

  50. Zinz says:

    “The Rolls is My Next Car!”

    And here we are 3 Cars Later…

  51. Al-Naimi Hassan says:

    I love this seat I always sit in business

  52. Mr Colin says:

    why would you show your license plate

  53. Matteo Pingue says:

    i feel so bad for old people who work their ass off and have to sit in economy but YouTubers who are 20 tears old get business class.

  54. Lion Kutz says:

    🔥🔥 so lucky bro

  55. Nathaniel Azurin says:

    Deyyymmm… Never thought that's what my aunt feel everyday.. Hahaha

  56. I Immortal says:

    I'd fucking love that seat

  57. Deez Nutzz says:

    How can you shout out a country?

  58. Nayan Zalawadia says:

    rug :i can just buy 6 first class seats

    Me: can not even afford a pack of gum

  59. Vigilante 109 says:


  60. Älvin Sigfridsson 4A says:

    love ut vids bro 🙂

  61. Khaled Ghazali says:

    Why are you busines in you dad economy

  62. Nitin Bhagtani says:

    I live in duai

  63. ѕнαωту lιѕнααα says:

    I wish I could help u from the crying baby but,I live in MD u live in SD

  64. Karim Yaghi says:


  65. Yehia Khaled says:

    I live in Dubai

  66. Mohammed Blooshi says:

    Hi 2019 I live in Dubai lol

  67. Anonymous IW7542 says:

    Umm this is business class and costs nowhere near 15 k ngl because I just went on emirates business class and got the same experience as u and the same seat but we always got to have our click bait titles lol just wanted to let every1 know

  68. Connor/Corbin Bosshardt says:

    When you went to eat my mouth was watering

  69. Cash Witt says:

    I’m at my gate right now

  70. 10 Sama Ahmad says:

    I live in Dubai

  71. The Gaming Worm ._. says:

    When will u come in India 🇮🇳

  72. alena 2005 says:

    Wow…..moooo….u saw him😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😃

  73. Taken_Ya_boi says:

    Well I’ve had a 17 hour plane ride to Baghdad

  74. Hip Said says:

    I don’t think Dubai looks good because I lived for 10 years now it’s boring

  75. Bullets real Bodyguard says:

    I had never seen Brian jump in the vid at 0:02

  76. Hanro Fourie says:

    i love you so much your my best youtuber ever it will never change can i get a shoutout please

  77. Alex air shadøw 2 says:

    You flew on the A380 the largest passenger plane in the world

  78. Xxwolfy PlayzxX says:

    OMG so I’am in UAE right know I mean I was Born here but I’am not in Dubai so like there’s another city in Dubai the is called al ain and inside al ain there’s a city called alhayer and that’s were I am……..ya if you understand 😁😁

  79. I_one hit_YT says:

    i lived in dubai for the rest of my life and i didint regret once

  80. Boi Hype Beast says:

    Thank you @FaZe Rug for showing me how it looks to be on a plane

  81. lilly frasier says:

    Love the vlogs.

  82. Lucy Rubio says:

    Mrbeast went there in one of the video

  83. Henri BRAIBANT says:

    My mum works for United so get that for free

  84. Henri BRAIBANT says:

    And I’m 11

  85. Unicorn Rama says:

    I already live in Emirates so I can go to Dubai when I want I live in ras al Khaimah

  86. Haaniah Mohammed says:

    I’ve went to Dubai two times and believe me it’s luxurious

  87. Danielaprilbear 321 says:

    Papa rug is scared of airplanes and faze rug is scared of hair cuts

  88. Sabin Saqib says:

    Yes that is how beautiful it is some of my cosions live there
    I real want to go to Thailand

  89. Kaitlyn Alves says:

    I am from Dubai

  90. Saidallo YouTube Channel says:

    Love your videos and I have never seen that awesome airplane seat 💺

  91. Ninja God says:

    That same thing happened to me

  92. Cooper Kupp S says:

    The song sucks

  93. احمد الفلاسي says:


  94. Crispy Cheekz says:

    I really don’t know how ur alive in a plane plus 16 hours boiiii I would of been dead I would shit my pants I can’t even hold 30 mins in a plane

  95. J J R L says:

    Happy to have a son like you. My motivation

  96. OXY Criptcizz says:

    Bro dont complain for 16 hours i travelled 27 hours with a bus

  97. Super 70uae says:

    I live in the UAE but I did not see u in Dubai come back we want u plzzz

  98. Janey Braida says:

    Get the 200$earplugs lol

  99. Benson Xu says:

    Rug is making me jealous

  100. Fatima Taha says:

    You should come to qatar

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