good morning I’m so excited to finally
share with you my morning routine as a mom of five kids I have been trying to
establish a routine in the morning for such a long time and I feel like I
finally have one that works not every morning is perfect there’s a lot of
mornings that are all over the place and there’s no way to be in routine but when
things go smoothly this is what it looks like if you are new to my channel and
you’ve never been here hit that subscribe button I would love to have
you and I upload content two times a week and if you’re a returning
subscriber or chat with me in the comments below so I can get to know you
just a little bit better and let’s do this video and one more mini disclaimer
as I’m filming this video on a Sunday at a different time just because when I try
to film it on the actual days that we were doing things kept interfering with
the tight schedule that we have with so many kids so you may see clock say 10
o’clock or 11 o’clock and that just because we’re filming for lighting the
very first thing that I do is I do a morning feed with onyx
it’s just our opportunity to spend extra special time together or we can bond and
he just gets mommy all to himself after he’s done napping all usually pump
I try to pump a couple times a day just to kind of keep my supply up and I’m
also trying to recreate a new milk stash in the freezer and then I’ll pop into the bathroom if I
have time and onyx hasn’t taken up too much time or we didn’t spend too much
time nursing and what-have-you I’ll go ahead and set a 25 minute timer
to get my home running done and then I’ll wash my face I have had some
serious breakouts on my chin that have popped up over the last couple days and
I’m trying a couple new products from goop this face melting cleanser I’m not
I’m still not quite sure how much I love it but everyone raves about it after I’m
done washing my face I’m also gonna be trying today a cooling mask this is a
newer one that I picked up and I’m kind of just giving it a try I’m loving it so
far it feels so tingly and so cool on your face but I’m just trying to give my
skin a little bit of extra TLC since I have so many new breakouts on my chin
unfortunately before I go ahead and get my makeup on
I’m just popping my ring into my jewelry cleaner so that it can look a little bit
nicer for the day little man just woke up from his mini nap onyx is the
lightest sleeper ever he does a couple stints throughout the day where he
sleeps really really hard but for the most part he does a lot of mini naps in
cluster feeds and I’m okay with that often times I work around onix’s
schedule and I just feed on demand typically in the morning I get up around
8 a.m. sometimes it’s a little later just depending on how the evening went
with the baby and on weekdays I typically do one of two things I either
do my hair like do all braids or all freshen up the curls or I’ll put on
makeup in some days I don’t get the luxury of doing either but today I
decided to go ahead and just put on a little bit of makeup if you only have
one to do hair makeup which one are you choosing let me know in the comments
below I’ll just crowd and once I’m all dressed and ready
to go I’ll go ahead and start working on the baby get the baby dressed get
everything that the baby needs so that onyx is ready to go and that he can have
a really good day this is one of my favorite times as like picking out his
outfit and just spending that extra special time with him
because as soon as I leave my room it’s me and everybody else and onyx so this
is just nice to be able to have that extra special time I cannot believe how big baby Nicks is
getting he is only four months four and a half months and he looks so big I just
can’t believe it his least favorite thing to ever do is
put on clothes so he is so upset but I always wash his face and I’ll wipe down
his hair with like a wet washcloth even if he’s had a bath that night before I
do that every morning to all of the kids you have to wash your face and you’ll
have to wash your hands it’s so important to me and one of my big rules
of thumb as a momma is even if I’m not able to get myself ready I want to be
able to get the kids ready if I’m not ready and the kids aren’t ready it means
it’s been a really really hard day and then me and onyx are gonna do
another feed before I go ahead and head down the stairs we have a babysitter
that comes in the morning to watch onyx and kind of help out so that I can get
all of the other kids schooled and what have you then I’ll move on to helping
Huxley Huxley has therapy every single morning at 9 a.m. so we have to be on
kind of a tight schedule to make sure that everything operates and moves
pretty smoothly in our house a lot of times I’ll focus on onic and then I’ll
focus on Huxley James will take all of the kids downstairs to do breakfast and
that’s what you’re seeing when I’m upstairs with onyx is he’s taking care
of all the other kids and doing the breakfast routine down there
then for Huxley all kind of do the finishing touches I’ll do all of his
lotion has eczema cream pick out his outfit and kind of help him with
brushing his teeth and washing his hands in his face so he can go ahead and start
therapy upstairs in his room if you don’t know Huxley is on the
autism spectrum and he is doing so good he does therapy about 6 hours every
single day and it’s been helping a ton then I am moving back into my room for
another feed for onyx he feeds so many times throughout the day sometimes I
question to myself how do I get everything done but once I’ve got him
down I’ll go ahead and finally make my way down the stairs and then I’m gonna head downstairs for
breakfast I’m gonna have my tea and today for breakfast I’m gonna have rice
cakes with guacamole and everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s oh
my gosh so amazing I love this stuff when I’m eating breakfast I allow this
to be time to check my phone to check my emails to see if I need to do anything
and then I’ll also go into my calendar and see what do I have scheduled for
today and what do I have scheduled for the next week once I have a glance of
that and I have a better overall idea of what the day and the week to come is
gonna look like I’ll be able to schedule out what I need to get done for the day one of the things I do every single day
and my girlfriend Breed taught me is this little today chart I’ve had
planners and I’ve had to-do list and none of them have helped me be as
efficient and getting things done like this system everybody has their own
thing that works for them but for some reason this is my Holy Grail when I can
crumble up those little pieces of paper once I accomplish them I get so much
more done today my to-do list is pretty simple but I want to write everything
down so I can visually see it and I don’t miss anything that might be
important my favorite part about breakfast is like having a little bit of
time to cool down or reflect the kids have already had their breakfast so this
is just usually a time for me to like ah okay I did all of the baby routine early
in the morning I took care of onyx Huxley’s good to go and it gives me just
like a mini break before the crazy starts to happen because after breakfast
is when home school starts and homeschool can last anywhere from three
to five hours depending on the workload or depending on the material that we’re
going through that day then we’ll go upstairs and get outfits ready a lot of
times the kids will pick their own outfits but almost every single day Rob
they will pick an item that doesn’t fit or he’ll pick a summer item in the
winter or he’ll have a pajama top and shorts so I really like exercising that
independence but I think there needs to be a little bit more guidance and some
the girls would come down and they’d just have those short-sleeved shirts so
it’s a big red flag to me that I need to go through their closets and get rid of
some of those clothes that don’t fit them anymore and just do an overall
organized sash and one pet peeve of mine that’s a little bit weird is anytime
after the fall seasons is we’re kind of getting into winter all of my kids have
to have socks on it’s so weird but everybody in the house wears socks
because of mom I just want to make sure that nobody gets cold then I’ll have the kids go upstairs and
wash their face wash their hands brush their teeth I really want to practice
good hygiene skills and it’s so important to wash our faces and really
make sure our hands are really good and clean to start the day on a good fresh
note and then we’ll go right into home school
if you are curious what a home school day looks like I will have my home
school with me video down in the description box and I will also have my
home school routine so if you were curious about those materials in those
videos I’ll have them in the description box and I’ll also have them pop up right
here and right here on the right side of this screen so if you want to see those
videos they are right there and I also want to say thank you for making it to
the end of my video you are amazing and I love my viewers like you please
comment in the comment section down below
lucky charms so I know who you are and on a last note just remember that you
are gorgeous and you are made for so many big things thank you so much for
watching and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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