Hey guys! It’s Sejal. Welcome to my house tour. I know I am sitting on a swing and it is very exciting. But before I show you the entire house I wanted to tell you what exactly the house is and how did I decided to set it up. So it’s a one bhk. I am paying rent for it on my own. Paying rent and handling chores is so painful. and if you guys have watched my vlog, moving to mumbai, you would know that this house looked nothing like this when I first came here. I clicked photos of the empty house when I first came here. I was really really excited to set it up. When I came here, i looked at it from every perspective because I know I had to film videos here and I wanted to set it up in a certain way. I drew over these photos in excitement using an app, sketchbook pro, which I also use to make thumbnails. I drew how I want to set it up and what exactly I want to add. So I drew a swing, I drew where amI going to keep my gold play button, what kind of paintings do I want to add. I literally downloaded pictures of the paintings from pinintrest, sized them and put them. So that I would be clear about the things that I have to buy and then it won’t take me too long to set up. It’s exactly been two weeks in Mumbai and my house is completely set up. Pat on the back. So responsible. Now that you have seen my sexy shoulder, let’s see my house. So as soon as you enter my house, on the right side is a small hallway, kitchen and bathroom which is completely not exciting. So I won’t show you that. The only thing exciting over there is my fridge which I bought for fourteen thousand rupees. There are just two rooms in my house. The first is the living room, where I am standing and then my bedroom is over there. In terms of the theme of the house, I wanted three things. The first one was that I wanted tons of plants. The second was that I wanted it to have slightly retro vintage touch because it has colours and I really like colours. The third was completely away from my last room. So the first thing I thought of putting in this room was this swing. Guess what guys, I have ordered this from Amazon for fifteen hundred only. All my friends were shitting on me for getting a swing but I think it looks really nice in this room. I think it is the best part of this room actually. I had to get a hook drilled in the ceiling to hang it. It is not the sturdiest thing on the planet but I think it looks really nice and it will look great in my videos so I put it here. I wanted this to be a cozy corner. I wanted to add a carpet of the same colour as the swing. and a little stool as well. So this stool is from this company called aa living. They are amazing and they have supplied a lot of things that are in my house so thank you so much. Your stuff is awesome. You guys must check it out if you ever get the chance. So everything is neutral and to add a bit of height at the back, I added this plant. It is an artificial plant. This artificial plant along with the others in my house are from this company called fourwalls. You can check them out on Instagram. They also sent these to me so thank you so much. I reached out to so many brands to help me out and they were all really nice about it. I’ve kept my ukele and just to add a little bit of colour I added a this throw blanket on the swing along with the cushion. Presenting the reason why I got this flat guys. The person who made this would never have thought that their crockery cupboard would be used as shoe rack. The moment I saw that this door shuts like this I decided that this is going to be my shoe cupboard. I think it looks so nice. It also acts as a decor piece and will look really nice in my videos. I’ve tastefully displayed my shoes over here and I have added this little what is this called? Let’s just call it a light box. This was sent to me by happy shappy. I sound like a billboard advertising everything but I am genuinely grateful to everything who sent me things to put in my house. Thank you so much. Because this wall is completely empty, I just put two more fake plants. the pots that they came with are so nice. Thank you fourwalls for sending it. Beautiful plant in a beautiful pot. and I have kept it over a throw blanket that i got from Amazon. I am getting very Instagram aesthetic vibe from this house. My favourite part is this yellow carpet. If you notice, my floor is vey ugly Actually this house is very old construction. You don’t have charging points next to the bed. So you know how old it is. That’s also a reason why the rent is not that much. So I thought “Okay, I can turn this place into a really nice place.” So I wanted a carpet that would cover this floor. It has this petal shaped detail on it which looks really pretty and it adds a pop of colour. and I just put a mattress on this bed with a white sheet on it. I want a plain white bedsheet but I don’t have it now. On the bed I put three really nice colourful cushion. They are not over the top bright but they are still colourful and they go with the vibe of the room. Actually I have only finished these putting these paintings today only. I printed and framed these pictures from pininterest. Like I said I wanted a retro feel in the room. These are basically retro posters like this old coca cola ad, simba’s old poster and Chicago travel poster.I promise last part of the this room is this window. I am using the same old curtains from my old house and I have kept a few plants here. This is actually a real plant and what is there? ooh! this is my Exhibit magazine award. I am so excited about my room. I was very looking very blant and boring earlier.

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    You can use candles , wooden photo frame with retro pics in it or the best that I am also going to do in my room is use a defuser which makes the room smell very nice on the shelf thingy and you paste your photos on the wall and an inspiration quote in the frame (in between the photos that will also look good and fill your empty wall) I hope you found this helpful ☺️ love you and your house looks amazing πŸ˜‰ ❀️

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    2. No Fake Plants
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    4. Moving out is more troublesome and expensive that it seems for you. Since you are an Influencer, you get a lot of stuff for free.
    5. Shoe cabinet is a great idea, because it helps in keeping the whole house clean but try segregating the shoes into sneakers, heels, flip flops etc.
    6. Get a side table or a stool to keep near the switch board.
    7. Put more mirrors in the house to increase lighting without increasing the electricity bill.
    Happy Adulting:)

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