100 thoughts on “MY NEIGHBORS KEEP CALLING THE COPS ON ME… (wtf) | FaZe Rug”

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    WHY DO MY NEIGHBORS HATE ME SO MUCH?! WHAT DID I DO TO YOU? Guys please let me know your opinions on this whole situation.. I don't know what to do anymore. THEY'RE SUCH HATERS!

  2. Madilyn Kalvelage says:

    do it do it

  3. Prisciliano Viera says:

    The too side Windows of a car

  4. Madison C says:

    Is your lambo going to be a Gucci rap

  5. Ali Mudawi says:

    Matt gray

  6. Melinda Arcematos says:

    At 6:22 u could see the Chandelier moving and it's as if it was the ghost that was in Brian's room

  7. SAPhire Clan says:

    Silver lambo

  8. Xx_ShineLikeACookie_xX says:

    Is from the cars because that happened to my house too😧😕

  9. CUPIDSVICTIM91 says:

    Haters will always be hateing but yeah its stupid there are people who dont have a life and have to make orhers misarable becauae they aren't happy tell them it gwt over them selfs!!

  10. iamtommy21 says:

    3:17! 3:17! 3:17!

  11. goodtroll mursell says:

    Call a priest!!!!

  12. goodtroll mursell says:

    I think the wrap is grey!!

  13. The Real Demon says:


  14. TechGamer 99 says:

    Ya sn has many crimes

  15. TechGamer 99 says:

    They r just jealous

  16. Oigufer Guzman says:

    I think your lambo is multy color

  17. Summer Eitel says:

    6:55 ya just gotta chill out dude

  18. Coleski says:

    1:15 I’m pretty sure it’s the reflection of the sun moving on the window

  19. Estela Márquez says:

    Oh my god

  20. Kristin Hallowell says:


  21. Hiren Patel says:


  22. Tropical Moonlight says:

    1:15 that kinda looks like a car reflection

  23. Gabriel Garcia says:

    Is someone watching this in 2019?? Or is it just me oh ok it is just me.

  24. Shuluxon Indratheepan says:

    At 2:01 the cloth starts moving

  25. ROBLOX Gamer 128 says:

    It’s a white orb it means protection

  26. ROBLOX Gamer 128 says:

    I would love to see you spend 24 hours in your adic

  27. Joaquín Esparza says:


  28. BCreative says:

    It’s so easy to explain the “ghost.” It’s when light is reflecting on the wall and something like a car passes by and blocks the light for a second.

  29. Skylor Hamilton says:

    I just saw a ghost behind you

  30. Big DVTV says:

    Wheres benji

  31. Rachel Arroyo says:

    Brian I have a attic in my room to and im a kid 🙁

  32. Cubs Chicago says:

    Rug that’s a ghost

  33. Davin Mchone says:

    Silver and red car color

  34. fortnite Guest says:


  35. Laurelei Conwell says:

    It is going to be white

  36. Owen Strachan says:


  37. Susan Yellowhair says:

    Its Gucci

  38. Susan Yellowhair says:

    The car I think

  39. _.yu555uff says:


  40. Lovely Aqua_ Hxrse says:

    OMG at 2:00 the tiny blanket moved! But I don’t know if it was like a fan or something

  41. T Thomas says:

    The smoke looked like a reflection from the camera lens. Probably not…?

  42. Ruba Eldow says:

    That was obviously a reflection
    Like if u agree

  43. zilan's life .g. says:

    That's what I saw today while I was watching your haunted ship video

  44. zilan's life .g. says:

    I think the car is going to be rainbow

  45. BlueDaniel Kilts says:

    Who's watching this at 13mil

  46. epic gamer says:

    Is thne color red

  47. George Salib says:

    It’s a car you can see windows and the front and back being curved

  48. 2k Sam says:

    They Are Jealous Of Bosley 🙂
    2019 Anyone?

  49. Franky Rodriguez says:

    Recorded on my birthday

  50. Juan Rubi says:


  51. Anthony gaming says:

    If you have a bad dream get a dream catcher

  52. Immani Smith says:

    He might need to move again or check the attic

  53. Mrcool Dude says:

    Yeah do the over night challenge

  54. Mrcool Dude says:

    Stupid neighbors you should complain to and make them pissed

  55. Heaven Lara says:


  56. BooBooKittySheri says:

    Use sage around and in your house to clean it of bad spirits. I know a gal at work swears she does it and no problems. Worth a shot, maybe?

  57. Black Obsidian says:

    I think hes gonna have a gucci lambo

  58. Moira Stanley says:

    Holly shit

  59. Noor Alhosin says:

    Black and Gucci

  60. Livi Petrucci says:

    Bro i saw the ghost IN THIS VID

  61. Erika Ramirez says:

    Your Neighbors are just jealous because you are YouTuber and you're famous

  62. Gamer boy BB guns says:

    Rug look where your mom is it appears

  63. Subscribe for no Reason says:

    I should play Quran in ur hole house bro trust me alll the ghost every thing will go!!!!

  64. Ben10Zen says:

    Fug youndumdass that's a car it happens to me all the time

  65. Adan Padilla says:

    Rug I been having nightmares as well and have been seeing thats orb thing too and I know it’s not a car a little scary I been paranoid for some reason

  66. Jed Perez says:

    6:23 the light thing moved

  67. Mikey Ikey Chicken Teriyaki says:

    Ghosts don’t show up on cameras goof

  68. Ninja Mani says:

    My guy ghosts ain’t real it’s prob evaporations or something scientific related and rug when u sleep DO NOT THINK ABOUT ANYTHING that’s y u keep having scary nightmares!!!

  69. Brycegamer says:

    4:16 u SEE a shadow in de licht

  70. Aamir Goraya says:

    at 1:18 again there the white thing

  71. Laida Bautista says:

    thats a car passing by it happens to my house to

  72. Stephanie Patchanian says:

    When You Got Then New Dog This Started Happening ! And It Is So Cute You Cant Do Anything !Like if u agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Turnt Music Productions says:

    Hey Faze…your neighbors are just miserable people…and just so you know…Miserable people hate happy people!

  74. Rylee Michael says:

    at 4:18 the reflecition

  75. Kristi Fournier says:

    Rug did you find any item in your house that wasn’t yours as if the last owner had left it

  76. gilbert kukulski says:

    Try putting up a cam and send vids to the HOA

  77. Cesar Soto says:


  78. Phia4ever 141 says:

    At 1:43 it happened again right behind you head not the part that you show it was after that

  79. Shoo shoo Friends says:

    1:40 look behind brian. do u see that or am i trippin'

  80. iCC says:

    I think the smoke was from the fan 🧐

  81. Trevor Jansen says:

    Grey and red

  82. Pedro Trujillo says:


  83. Pedro Trujillo says:

    I think the rap is gonna be the faze logo

  84. Viresh Surat says:

    Hi faze rug plz cut lime like a cross and put salt in side it out those kind of lime In each room and leave it for 21 days thereafter dispose it in bin all negativity will leave your house

  85. kit and jake baseball buds says:


  86. Michele says:

    His eyebrow is on fleek than mine 😂

  87. AnisulPlays says:

    F* you neighbors love u rug 😀

  88. Reine Abdallah ti k tok fan says:

    When the dog was barking the small carpet was moving

  89. SH PA says:

    Yea it's a go

  90. Tas X says:

    8:50 😭🤣🙌

  91. Aron Morales says:


  92. Maria Pintor says:

    Faze rug you have to move housas

  93. Jayv iOS says:

    What happens to Benji?

  94. Kasha Cat says:

    Get you’re enchantment table and get them ghosts away

  95. Nikita McColl says:

    It's my birthday tomorrow

  96. Sxn Cxrrupted says:

    Those neighbors are stupid.
    Like = Neighbors Lying!

  97. Tameka Green says:

    Could you send me a iPhone 11 pro please

  98. Angelica Grano says:

    I saw the ghost

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