NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)
NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)


100 thoughts on “NASA | Thermonuclear Art – The Sun In Ultra-HD (4K)”

  1. keyboard warrior says:

    watching sunrise at 4.30am

  2. Benjamin Breeg says:

    Thermonuclear art indeed since the images are CGI renderings of data from the "device", so that's a classic man in the middle attack, the man behind the curtain, yea it means it's faked.

  3. Rheanon Jasmyne says:

    All I can is MY GOD, this is BEAUTIFUL, giving LIFE, yet could be so DEADLY………………..

  4. 267BISMARK says:

    looks more like elecromagnetic than nuclear

  5. Qlimax says:

    List every question regarding what can you see.
    What are the bright spots?
    What are the dark spots?
    What elements are located on the sun? I'm assuming the sun takes in a lot of random junk due to its gravitational pull..
    Does the sun have layers like earth? Mantle, core etc
    The scientific community always claims the sun will be essentially in this state for "x" million years. Is there any object(s) within 100 light years that could collide with the sun and effect its output/current behavior? boom

  6. Kevin Russbach says:

    — Don't tell me, let me guess . . . there exists a high probability that the 'thumbs down' viewers don't accept science, let alone reality.

  7. Kevin Russbach says:

    — Thank you. I find this video (and accompanying audio) brilliant (pun included).

  8. David Vonch says:

    Kewl the music is perfect

  9. jquest43 says:

    More cgi

  10. Juan Almaraz says:

    Yes it will happend look at one right side and that is were it will come from

  11. Alex says:

    And on your left you'll see 99.8% of the mass of our solar system

  12. the truth is here says:

    I cant believe people think this real

  13. the truth is here says:

    This is CGI

  14. anthony benson says:


  15. Crystal Clear Mobile Restoration says:

    Just finger fast forward, trust me 😁

  16. Valiok 98 says:

    Who cares, we all gonna die and never move to another planet/ solar system in our current human form. Good job for locking in 12 Mil eyeballs

  17. Colzz says:

    Beautiful. Incredible. Magnificent.

  18. precurious 1 says:

    Key word: ART

  19. Patante says:

    It's like starring at a god.

  20. Dubsy Dubs says:

    They only study it so they can make one to use as a weapon and kill people, kind of like the opposite of the suns job.

  21. Warbird Phoenix says:

    …and this is just a teeny tiny star compared to the others out there. 😶

  22. 71superbee 3 says:

    In the beginning…. GOD ..

  23. Donteyeballme says:

    Yeahh looks real to me…

  24. Veni Vidi Vici says:

    Really cool.

  25. John Voyage says:

    Hyper realistic quack pot fake art

  26. Daniel Southerland says:

    I have a hard time believing that is thermonuclear. It’s plasma and those bending solar flares seem more reminiscent of a very powerful magnetic field. Another thing, the Sun cycles, thermonuclear reactions are runaway reactions unless under influence, our influence. Thermonuclear reactions do not cycle, or am I missing something?

  27. Shelby 1 says:

    You do realize nasa completely admits this animation took 3000 man hours to create right it’s not real 100% fake . Go to nasa channel it’s still in their in archives. Don’t believe everything you watch. Can’t believe people actually thought this was the actual sun. Lol 😂

  28. kyokogodai says:

    Incredible! So beautiful!!

  29. Bk Runner says:

    Who created the universe? Who created you? You ain’t from monkeys, do you see other monkeys every changing a bit to human and throughout his no one mention any monkey human, did you thing you created yourself? Allah said in the


    Were they created by nothing, or were they themselves the creators?
    Or did they create the heavens and the earth? Nay, but they have no firm belief.

  30. Gaylene Morley says:

    God and his great creations ya cannot look at sun with eyes i look at it few years back in a 🔭 for sun it is really neat a fire ball indeed with flames spitting outward i even look at saturn and its ring is not round its very different then what ya see on news or pictures yup

  31. Gaylene Morley says:

    Oh yah sun can 🔥 burn you nowdays no sunscreen you will be sorry yup its no friend its a hurtful sun can blind ya too

  32. Akkretion says:

    What kind of filter or method is used to watch directly into the sun and how is that possible?
    When I use 5 Hugh sunglasses it's still not enough black to be able to watch to the sun.

  33. S M says:

    1 million earths in this system.

  34. Michał Maziej says:

    nice graphics 🙂

  35. SomeoneCommenting says:

    It's amazing how thanks to these instruments we can see that the sun has very specific localized events all over its surface. It's like its own "weather". When I was a kid I always thought that the sun was just some sort of uniformly disintegrating ball of matter, like a uniform light bulb generating exactly the same amount of energy in all directions, and that if you could analyze it's surface you wouldn't see anything specific all over it.

  36. SomeoneCommenting says:

    I wonder if other stars have different patterns compared to our sun, like the way in which the poles of Jupiter and Saturn have different storm patterns because of their different size and composition. Maybe some much more massive stars will have gravity so strong that these flares would not be common, or some other stars would be flaring and cracking up all over their surface like crazy. Who knows. It will take quite long until we are able to get to another star in the future to see how it behaves.

  37. Benedet Myrtezaj says:

    nice science fiction

  38. Yahushua Jahweh says:

    i belive only jesus bc man are sometimes lying…..lsmorg. and i hate creepy videos

  39. worksmartpaul says:

    At 6:07 you see two angels… refueling the Sun.

  40. trueguynolies says:

    the earth is pretty far from the sun i think summat like 150million kilometers…now how does that heat reach us from such a far distance…imagine a million kilometers…thats quite far…yet times that by 150 im puzzled…its just amazing and i kant understand it.

  41. Frank Waters says:

    I don't buy it

  42. JK says:

    What is the time scale here ? What are we looking at seconds, minutes, hours, days ????

  43. Dan Jones says:

    How beautiful it would be for a massive flare to reach out and kiss our world.

  44. Margarito Flores del campo says:


  45. Bogi708 says:

    If it is nuclear art would there be any life on earth? Or maybe it is said to be nuclear in order to make it more acceptable to use nuclear fuel in power-plants so that we can make nuclear bombs and what else? Maybe the sun is "politically correct"?

  46. Marco Pfeiffer says:

    What is the time scale on this? 12 seconds per frame at 30 fps would mean 360 seconds (or 6 minutes) per second. Or is it further speed up?

  47. Luther Blankenship says:

    If we revolve around the sun why is the sun spinning. Clearly see while fast forward

  48. Greaser says:

    So many questions…

  49. flat Earthers says:

    Cartoon sun LOL

  50. DOC1 says:

    ..and it burns and it burns … providing warmth … never complaining … never giving up … never taking a break … so faithful … so true … and it burns … and it burns … never stopping the light … shining our way of day … nourishing each flower bloom with every heavenly celestial ray … and it burns … and it burns …

  51. Jason Kinton says:

    They are getting paid!

  52. Jason Kinton says:

    That’s a lie, you can get the live feed from the telescope on an Apple TV app

  53. Michael says:

    This soundtrack is great stuff to relax too. Really nice feel

  54. nosferatz says:

    What a beast. Gave me stockholm syndrome.

  55. Future Shock says:

    The sun is alive and sentient

  56. BehindYou says:

    So why won't they show us an ultra high definition 4k video of the moon, moreso the dark side of the moon?

    Blurred black and White, redacted images of the moon is so 1960s 🌛

  57. The Precious says:


  58. Ap0c says:

    I do hope this actually returns some valuable information of some sort or it was 10 hours per minute waste of time.

  59. Iwon Again says:

    The United States will smash that sun to pieces because we are Americans

  60. Lex says:

    deadly beauty

  61. Adam xxx says:

    Where I come from, I am lost

  62. Акулов Денис says:

    смотря на это споминаю книгу автора Брин Дэвид "Погружения".

  63. Matthias Jurcik says:

    Wahnsinns aufnahmen

  64. Preston Garvey says:

    big wow
    I knew the sun was active, but there's a burst of plasma every second!
    it just blasts matter into space…

  65. Max Beamer says:

    Realtor hard to wrap your mind around what’s happening even while looking directly at it (don’t do that) 😂

  66. Wilbert Mallol says:

    Awesome CGI

  67. Mobile Players says:

    a unique? Learn your dang vowel properly first.

  68. brohoop says:

    Why don’t you mention that the video is sped up very significantly?! Omitting something so important is irresponsible. Because of your video some people will think this is the activity of our sun in real time. Well done. 🤔

  69. Musalman 124000 says:

    In Space thier is No Oxygen . My teachers and books told me that " A fire can not burn with out oxygen " Can Any one please tell me that which energy or source is providing Sun's fire An Extra ordinary Oxygen for Burning " . And " please tell me in our world a matter is always burned which material is used to create sun " ?

  70. no label says:

    friends don't let friends believe in nasa…

  71. halil232j says:

    I want a job 🙂

  72. Larry says:

    Praise the Sun!

  73. Martin Alberto says:

    Fake .!!!. .CGI…🧐🤔😡😡👎👎👎👊👊👊

  74. jose rafael lluberes reyes says:

    Fascinante. ……!!

  75. НВКЗ НВКЗ says:

    9:30, выброс

  76. keegan tavormina says:

    I came for the people who don't believe the sun exists.

  77. Neil Stevens says:

    very fake

  78. DonMikimax says:

    Watch this at 1.75x speed, trust me 😉😉😉

  79. thomas Jones says:

    NASA say you're wasting our money

  80. Varsys says:

    00:00 here is a replay button, it's free

  81. Francisco Puga says:

    We are in a giant entity. Maybe in the brain or guts. Either way the stars produce pulses and energy.

  82. Francisco Puga says:

    The sun is a red blood cell and thousands of them. We are just so tiny to make a difference.

  83. god god says:

    Wonderful animating cartoon network right

  84. Кайена Арельяно says:

    So glad we are not gona be here when the sun turns into a white darf then dies.

  85. Роман Сава says:

    piece of sheat, its cgi, they are lying us!! look at the sun, its near and close to uus

  86. saleh Alsaleh says:

    No God except Allah. Glory be to Allah the Creator
    سبحان الله الخالق الواحد الأحد الفرد الصمد الذي لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له كفوا أحد.

  87. Steyreon says:

    Pure death. And yet all life.

  88. Mao Sheng Yu says:


  89. B.T.B. says:


  90. gürcan Babacan says:


  91. Alaa Sh says:

    😂😂😂 i can make better video in less than 10 hours !

  92. PruneyMoker says:

    7:55! Blowout!! Crazy looking stuff…

  93. Plane Reality says:

    Yep you said it straight in the title thermonuclear art because that is only art nothing to do with reality

  94. Doorkeeper74 says:

    The heavens declare the glory of God! Day to day pours forth speech and night to night reveals knowledge. There is no language where their voice is not heard. In them He has placed a tent for the sun which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber. It rejoices as a strong man to run his course… Psalm 19. Great and marvelous beyond word or thought is the indisputable might of our majestic Creator. Jesus Christ the Righteous The Only Son of God.
    Hebrews 1

  95. Bern Stock says:

    This is absolutely incredible to be able to observe. And an even more amazing achievement for mankind!!

  96. Chinh The says:


  97. bindaas boy i says:

    One day this giant will swallow and destroy our home i.e. The Earth

  98. Bandana Tamuly says:

    I would like to hear the real sound of our star the Sun, please

  99. Pratik says:

    The BOSS

  100. Vlad Y says:

    Лунный грунт кончился???

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