National Carers Week 2019 Max, Mat and Chloe
National Carers Week 2019 Max, Mat and Chloe

As a dad, you just want to be a protector and you want your kids to have just no hassle in life. You just want ’em to be able to go and be a kid and enjoy life and, you know, in those early days I just thought this is going…his whole life is gonna be hard. Part of Max’s autism meant that he couldn’t answer to his own name and one thing that you, you find when you’re a mother and you have a child is you walk down the street and people always ask ‘What’s your name, little boy?’ or ‘What’s your name, little girl?’ and he could never answer that and that was…that was devastating to me, and I would always answer for him, and look, when he started having early intervention he, within a week, could say his own name and…and that was just amazing but then within another week he could say ‘Mummy, I love you’ and it honestly…that day I cried. I cried myself to sleep, I was just so happy that he was
in the right place. There are, there’s a lot of rewards that come with, with Max. He’s very funny. He’s hilarious. Yes I am quite funny really. And, you know, the rewards just…they continually pile up because it’s…it’s…there’s always
milestones, you know, of things that he’s achieving, and seeing Maxie, you know, have dreams and aspirations of his own that he wants to achieve. And he’s doing great things, you know, he loves his garden, I actually think that will be his pathway, he’s just a great little gardener. Yes. To think of ourselves as carers, I think I would put the term parent ahead of carer, but in saying that, the care that’s required for Max is so much greater than our other three children. So there’s a carer aspect to it that’s really important. The greatest lesson that Max has taught me? That life’s not about you and life’s about others. And by investing your time into others, the rewards are unbelievable. One of the things that I would say to anybody who’s struggling: It’s not a sign of weakness to reach out to someone, it’s actually a sign of strength. Australia as a country should care about our carers because at some point in your
life you’re either going to be one, or you’re going to need one.

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