Natural Cleaners For Tile and Grout, Tubs and Showers- Easy Way to Clean Grout
Natural Cleaners For Tile and Grout, Tubs and Showers- Easy Way to Clean Grout

natural cleaners for tile and grout green cleaning hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you combine humidity with people taking showers you are
bound to get a terrible mess with your tile and your grout so I’m going to show you 2 naturally ingredients to help you fight back against the mold mildew and filth thathelp can be in your bathroom you can keep it nice and fresh without using harsh chemicals the 2 things you need are vinegar and baking soda find an old spray bottle label it vinegar put this in there and you will be ready to fight the battle with mold mildew and grime mix equal parts vinegar and
water in an old spray bottle label it so there’s
no confusion spray the vinegar all over the tile and the grout lines and down into your tub take some baking soda sprinkle it on a
sponge and scrub away at your tub rinse it with nice hot water mildew and mold will eat up and corrode the grout so that is a problem of why you want to keep it at bay it is destructive we’ve seen how mildew and mold and moss can destroy roofs on houses take down fallen trees rot them away to nothing so you don’t want to allow those destructive
forces to continue to live in your grout lines it isn’t perfect but it is better sometimes you have to remember that maybe your tile was installed in the 1970’s things are just not going to continue to remain pristine perfect and new but they can certainly be clean and last a lot longer if you take good care of them keep a bottle of white vinegar in a spray bottle label it so everyone knows what it is try misting it on after a shower I know we can’t get everyone else in the family to do it but that can go a long way in helping keep away mold mildew and grime store your products up out of the corners of the shower so that you
don’t allow extra mold and mildew to
accumulate down in the damp corners so try these tips see if they don’t help keep your shower cleaner please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

4 thoughts on “Natural Cleaners For Tile and Grout, Tubs and Showers- Easy Way to Clean Grout”

  1. John Oliver says:

    You are so pretty. I was wondering if you could do a show on natural flea remidies foe dogs. I don't want to use harsh chemicals on my dog. Thanks you are the best!

  2. MrBlueshammer says:

    thank u , it worked just fine in my washroom

  3. Karina Aliaga says:

    I tried it and it worked good.👍🏽 thanks a lot, I put some baking soda in the spray bottle with no water just 1cup of vinegar and 5 tablespoons of baking soda and I put baking soda on the floor let it sit in the grout and it came out like new.

  4. Karina Aliaga says:

    You welcome

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