Natural Home Decorating Tips : Recycled Glass Mosaics for Natural Home Design
Natural Home Decorating Tips : Recycled Glass Mosaics for Natural Home Design

Alright, now we’re going to cover the tile
options that there are for your countertops, your bathrooms, on the counters, in your showers,
anywhere you wanna put tile. There’s a number of different options. The mosaics, which are
beautiful, they’re a little expensive but they’re recycled glass, they’re actually
45% post consumer and 48% post industrial recycled content. They’re ¾ inch tiles
perfect for mosaics both in the home and for commercial use. They’re impervious to water,
stains, chemicals and lots more. So you can break these off and make a design and use
it with any of the other natural tiles and really create a cool project. This one here
is a recycled glass project that we put together just to show you the beautiful patterns and
things you can create just like regular tile, but you’re using recycled products that
are healthy, they’re not going to be out gassing, so you can see the colors that are
available there.

Again here we have the things you can use on the floor. These are
actually not floor tiles, floor tile is typically, you can feel the top of it and if it feels
a little rough to the touch with your thumb you can tell it’s actually a floor tile
because it’s supposed to be skid proof so it’s not slippery. Something like this would
be a little slippery on the floor but you could use it, people do outline patterns and
stuff on floors with it. It’s 50% recycled glass and fired clay. So that’s a really
great option.

There’s the marmoleum if you’re really into vinyl flooring and
you really don’t like tile floors. There is a natural option which is the marmoleum
and it comes in a number of really beautiful colors, things that are really creative, and
you can use it in any place you would use regular vinyl floor.

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