NC State University Art to Wear 2013
NC State University Art to Wear 2013

Art2Wear is a fashion show that is organized
by the college of design and the college of textiles. We’ve been doing it for twelve years
now. And we’re having it on the court of North Carolina. There’s going to be 10 designers
making eight collections. We have two teams working in pairs. It takes a lot of work.
A lot of work. We’re standing by get ready. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Come on,
let’s go guys. We’re on. We’re on. We’re on. I think what people see and what’s happening
behind the scenes is pretty much a similar workload. But when you see the production
of the event like the runway, the model and the designer the amount of work they put into
it is amazing. And I have to say the same thing for the production crew. With all the
students working behind the scenes, the designer would not be able to present their work if
it was not for them. It’s it’s taken a lot of coordination. I personally
am overseeing eight committees all run by students and all have student committee members. At the moment we have around between forty
to fifty students working on this. And we have different committees for different organizations
ranging from fundraising to the runway show and the party and all of these events make
this happen. It’s a lot of people coordinating one big
large-scale event which another experience I don’t think students everywhere get a chance
to have. It’s not often that you’re making relationships with businesses, vendors and
you’re 20 years old. Basically it changes every day. Some days
I’m making decisions, calling people, arranging parking, arranging tents, arranging all this
stuff. You know, talking to the students what would they like the show to be, how to make
that happen how to grow the show. Just putting on an event in all honesty is another layer
of excitement that it’s actually going up and you know our ideas are coming to life.
There’s nothing to really describe it in all honesty you know not enough words. Absolutely
magical. Ok it will go perfectly. That’s the plan and
it’s just a matter of showcasing the students in the best light possible. Art to Wear is excellent for the college and
it’s excellent for the university and I think it really stretches the conceptual ideas that
the students have here but it comes to a point when you realize that it can be more than
just a fashion show and more than just something exciting, you can actually do something that
gives back.

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