Negotiation Skills: 3 Simple Tips On How To Negotiate
Negotiation Skills: 3 Simple Tips On How To Negotiate

How can you improve your negotiation skills?
Even if you hate to negotiate. Even if you are afraid to get started with it. Even if
you have no idea where to get started. In this video I’m going to share with you three
tips that you or anyone for that matter can begin using to improve their negotiation skills
today. Hey, I’m Derek Halpern you’re watching SocialTriggers the place where you can learn
to leverage proven psychological principles to get more of what you want. Here is the
first tip intimidate the heck out of everyone. That means just walk into a store scream at
the top of your lungs and demand a better price. Just kidding. Alright let’s get serious
for a second. Here’s the first tip. I actually stumbled on this while reading “To sell is
Human” by Dan Pink. Before you sit down to negotiate with someone you should take the
perspective of the person you’re negotiating with. I’ll explain. Columbia business School
professor and negotiation expert Adam Galinsky conducted an experiment where he revealed
interesting insights behind what helps people close a deal. Here’s what went down. They
got together a hundred and fifty four undergraduate students and broke them into three groups.
Each group was given different directions on how to approach the sale of a gas station.
The first group, the control group, was told to just negotiate the sale. The second Group,
the empathy group, was told to imagine how the other person was feeling. And the third
group, the perspective taking group, was told to imagine what the other person was thinking.
What happened? The control group and the empathy group struck a deal thirty nine percent and
fifty four percent of the time respectively. But the perspective taking group? They struck
a deal seventy six percent of the time! Uh Ah. That means when you want to negotiate
the close of a deal take the perspective of the person you’re talking to. Try to think
where he’s coming from, what is going on inside of his head? Why is he looking to make a deal
in the first place? Can you align his incentives with your own? Tip number two, always ask
for more than you really want. Let’s say you are negotiating a job offer and you really
want a five thousand dollar increase in your salary. What should you do? Don’t ask for
five thousand dollars. Ask for ten thousand dollars and a week’s vacation. Why? Asking
for more than you really want gives you the opportunity to make sacrifices while you’re
negotiating. After hearing your offer the hiring manager is probably going to say you’re
asking for too much. But that’s okay you’ve got five thousand dollars and a week’s vacation
worth of wiggle room. You can sacrifice that extra money and vacation time, meet the hiring
manager in the middle and agree on that five thousand dollars salary increase. Which is
what you really wanted anyway. So if you’re negotiating your salary, a client contract
or anything really ask for more than you’re willing to take. Get it? And the last tip.
When you have to decline an offer never take responsibility for the no. Here’s the deal.
When you take responsibility for the no you’re positioning yourself as the foe and the other
person could get defensive and that’s no good. However, when you pass the blame to someone
else you take on a different role. Instead of being the enemy you’re actually working
with the person you’re talking to find a common resolution. Be the good guy. Let me give you
an example, back when I was eighteen I worked for a BS sign company and my gig was to sub
contract out sign installations for as cheap as possible. Every time I would call a sign
installer they almost always quote a price that was way too high. So I would tell him,
put him on hold, walk to my boss’s office present the price. She’d say no I would go
back pick up the phone and say “Hey man I’m going to level with you, I can’t give you
as much as you’re asking and to be honest with you it’s not my fault it’s my boss’s
fault. I really don’t care what we pay you I make eight dollars an hour. I just need
to find someone who can do it for this price. If you can work with me we can make a deal
if not I’m sorry.” as you can see I wasn’t the enemy I blamed the Boss for the no and
positioned myself as someone who was just trying to make this deal work. We were on
the same side. So there you go those are three tips that you can use to become a master negotiator.
again take the perspective of the person you’re talking to, always ask for more than you really
want and never take blame for the no. If you like this video make sure you subscribe to
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yourself as the feeeee batteries died

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