NEVER TOO SMALL ep.19 15sqm OPod – Experimental Micro Living Housing
NEVER TOO SMALL ep.19 15sqm OPod – Experimental Micro Living Housing

so one of the biggest problems about
living in a city like Hong Kong is that this is now getting very very expensive
and I happen to see couple of these concrete water pipes on the construction
site and I walked inside and I found that surprisingly they were quite
interesting to occupy OPod is an experimental low-cost housing
architectural design which is using concrete water pipe to create a house
which is about 15 square meters so that people can live in an affordable level
concrete water pipe is actually quite good for housing it is some kind of a
material that we are used to good insulation properties it is very
inexpensive so OPod itself is a long-term housing solution but this is
designed to be transient so what we do is we locate these OPods on spare
pieces of land to create fast housing for people and then once the land is no
longer available we move this housing to another piece of land and make it
available for other people to live so the OPod you see here is a prototype and
it is about 15 square meters inside it is about two and a half meters wide and
two and a half meters tall OPod’s design is based on a simple approach of
using simple materials to get the best out of the space now all of these
furnitures be made out of recycled material from my construction site in
this living area it is organized around this sofa bed which is able to be folded
out into a bed but then closed off into a sofa with some storage below
and then a series of customized shelving and plugs for people to put their own
possessions here so the shelving system is a clever reuse of our scaffolding
from site the main support is actually made out of cut scaffolding tubes which
have been sprayed black and then basically these shelves themselves had leftover
timber panels which we were again sprayed yellow we’ve got a recyclable
bamboo floor board system which creates a flat area of the flat the lighting’s
also very simple here but also very effective what we do is we’ve just taken
some fluorescent tubes and we use it to bounce the light from the ceiling of
the OPod to create a kind of wider more spacial effect otherwise we just have
some LED lighting under the shelves to accent the things which are placed on
display the kitchen is actually a very very small space towards the back of the
OPod it is just made out of a basin a fridge and a microwave as a kind of
story behind the OPod it was very much designed for young people and we think
that young people don’t cook very much these days they just reheat so the
bathroom the OPod is right at the back of the unit and basically it’s a
child a room which has a toilet and a shower in the same space we encourage
people to open the windows here at the front to open the door and at the back
of the OPod there’s also a very big large openable window you could have
nice air coming through the OPod through the front and the back and really
maximize on any cross ventilation the whole OPod comes in at about 150,000HKD now this is about one-fifth the cost it takes to build a
conventional apartment of the same size here in Hong Kong I think in the future
we must experiment more with the materials that we build
and I think as architects we must become more creative and bold in proposing new
design solutions that brings the best of of a city and solves some of the problems inherent to a city

100 thoughts on “NEVER TOO SMALL ep.19 15sqm OPod – Experimental Micro Living Housing”

  1. Airlie Maria Heung says:

    As someone from HK i know that this would be much better than the cage “rooms” that a lot of poor people live in. I just hope this will be affordable for them to perhaps rent. I think the government should really invest in this project more to solve housing problems in the city. Not that I oppose reclaiming land in Lantau but innovative ideas like this should be endorsed.

  2. Jack Castillo says:

    My main complaint would just be the door, maybe have a window and frosted glass options for privacy?

  3. Invictus Crown says:

    Better be living in a van

  4. casandra klund says:

    This is amazing

  5. pedro says:

    This is too small

  6. Sir Dragon Moon says:

    Gravity rush

  7. Sir Dragon Moon says:

    The bed and kitchen are its downfalls but things can be improved upon

  8. Arjun Tomar says:

    Great job

  9. goldythefish36 says:

    I don't like how you can basically see through the whole thing because of the glass door.

  10. Shazwan Saudi says:

    I think this would be great for college students.

  11. Hua Wei Wei says:

    There are MILLIONS of such opods in Russia, which are used as dachas for decades.

  12. Tom Bend says:

    1:42 That is a prison thin matress homie.

  13. Nihilist says:

    This is the future of humanity, living in fucking pods while the rich take up all the space outside.

  14. W P says:

    Throw in some solar panels, an air fryer for cooking, and air conditioner then it will be the best.

  15. Liberal says:

    Why not make it squaer shape

  16. Some says:

    Not for me, I need space.

  17. Jared Anderson says:

    150,000 HK$ is equal to 20000 US$ at the moment.

  18. Strawbérry Milk says:

    so basically once the space is no longer available, you evict the tenants and move the pod?
    that's what he said (in a way) "…find new tenants"
    kinda messed up if you think about it. supposed to be for "affordable" homes in HK… so those evicted, where do they go?

  19. Malvo says:

    This looks cool but the concept is dystopian as heck

  20. Matthew Fleck says:

    Not the first time seeing this, still sad.

  21. heckin tasty says:

    The lack of a real kitchen and the flimsy shelving is a total dealbreaker. It would feel awful living in such a cramped space. Some of these small builds seem actually livable, but this is just awful. Also, the “young people don’t cook these days” may be true when they live in college dormitories (which are just as bad as these pods, might I add) but A. Not everyone goes to college and B. If given access to a real kitchen in one of these, people would use it. At this point, just rent a hotel. Hong Kong really is a dystopia.

  22. South Efrikan says:


  23. Julia Schreiner says:

    I think it's a nice idea, but it mostly look good because of the incoming light from the window/doors and honestly… I'd hate it. I'd live in full display… Even the bathroom is completly free to look into… Is there anyone who'd want to be seen undressing, or taking a sh**.? And it'd be way to dark if the doors wouldn't be out of glass. And if anyone mentions curtains, really? On a completly round conrete form, it wouldn't be attachable because of concrete and would have to be especially made, expensive. The kitchen not having a stove is the lesser problem. You can buy compact ones everywhere.

  24. Lil Ali A Ninja 69 says:

    I wonder, if you live at the dead bottom of the stack of opods, could roll yours and topple all the others? Might try it!

  25. Honudes Gai says:

    $19k US, glad I dont live in Hong kong because 19k could get me 3 years of rent in a place 10 times the size

  26. Megan Ashley Zaiger says:

    Its pretty cool. But I'm a young person and love cooking!! I love having all kitchen appliances.

  27. JayeBird says:

    Good luck with that. lol

  28. Biplab Das says:

    Meanwhile the stray dogs and cats : 😢

  29. Ellie eee says:

    i don’t think people in the comments understand that these are not meant as longterm housing.

  30. MrTheDratex says:

    Interesting, but not a big fan of the lack of space walking around, just a straight line back and forth.

  31. Félix Sanz says:

    2 and a half meters tall….. my balls.

  32. Félix Sanz says:

    re-heat means you heat AGAIN. where do you heat at first? lol

  33. Accalia *** says:

    Can you imagine how hot it will be in there if you don’t have the windows open, but then where’s the security…. I think the idea is great but practically I wonder, they should have a system where you can ventilate at night but still feel safe, like a tilt and turn door or window etc

  34. Jayson Limliman says:


  35. Laurel Reef says:

    The thing is with with this, not everyone digs super small housing. For someone who enjoys small spaces and maybe students this would work and could potentially be homely, but I could see this becoming a “solution” to growing population. If you’ve ever been to or lived in very built up impoverished areas, high rise flats, people stacked upon people, it just makes problems even worse.

  36. William Alena says:

    mom can we get house at home
    no we have house at home
    house at home.

  37. Natalie Rees says:

    That is no decent quality of life

  38. Lauren Mark says:

    This is the ultimate neoliberal tool for housing. When you need to destroy an area to build something more profitable, you don't even have to ask residents to move, you just move their tubes for them.

  39. 루미나 says:

    This seems like the houses in the future when the apocalypse happens

  40. demidevill says:

    Everybody gangsa till a pipe on the bottom rolls off

  41. K1ll3trs says:

    God that's depressing. It makes me not want to have childrens, work or even live

  42. Banagan says:

    It's pretty shameful that living in a water pipe is deemed ok. Get it together Hk!

  43. Victor Guglielmi says:

    Mother left me long time long time

  44. ybra says:

    They need to add one or two more pipe sections so it can fit a proper bed and a kitchen. It's a cool concept, but in this state not very practical.

  45. Gorgisheli says:

    1:22 yeah I'm sure it's 2 and a half meters tall…

  46. thibault973 says:

    This is absolutely not 15 sqm2. My student apartment was 14 sqm2 and it felt way bigger, witt a small bathroom and tiny kitchen.

  47. Will Yuh says:

    Can you get privacy? Because there is just a straight up see through door so how would you sleep? Or like am I the only one who would want privacy

  48. Marco Chan says:

    The OPod's definitely need work. The bed legs and comfort don't seem to be much pleasing. Bathrooms look decent but more ventilation could be done. In the end it just needs to be revised a bit more in-order to satisfy more people. Other than that, this is a very interesting living space and I would definitely like to experience it in the future for sure!

    My only concern is the "Relocating" part. I think its a bad idea for many people because maybe they are living in a certain place so its easier for them to travel to work or wherever. If the OPods are looked at and fit the peoples requirements it could revolutionize the whole world and the way of living.

  49. Phoebe Devey says:

    I would want a better bed and some more privacy

  50. Traian Constantin says:

    Really? You have a iMac but you live in a watter pipe?
    (i know it's just a prototype but you can see what's the target audience)
    Well i guess every onea has different priorities.

  51. The End Is Near says:

    There's plenty of room in this world for everyone to have land. But they don't want that. They want everyone in prisons in big cities for easier control when SHTF.

  52. Valenchina says:

    To all the people complaining about this, like “I need a bigger kitchen”, or “it’s too small” , “the bed is horrible” etc. really should visit HK or at least watch some documentaries on cage/ coffin houses. The people with lower income would LOVE to have this as it’s already so much better than what they have to deal with, it’s insane, i really hope this idea will be picked up and then supported by the government! Because Hk really needs better and above all more humane housing as it’s a basic human right!

  53. LordKira says:

    why waste space. Make it rectangular

  54. Willi Kampmann says:

    I really enjoy this channel and I love the variety you’re showing, even including dystopian concepts like this

  55. Veniulem says:

    if you live in a city, im sorry about your lung cancer

  56. AM So Gutz says:

    Can I visit these?

  57. Handsome Michael says:

    This is cyberpunk

  58. kindacrazyAna14 says:

    Tht man seems so genuine and nice

  59. Tillik 100 says:

    I'm waiting for when they try to find a way to promote living in a barrel.

  60. itzyaboi Leonard says:

    what about privacy

  61. Tupapa'u says:

    Nice concept that can be easily upgrade like containers.

  62. Ana Sanreig says:

    I'm quite conflicted with this desing. On one hand, I find it incledibly creative and smart, but it highlights such a major problem of gentrification and precarious wages that don't allow people to access to a house/living space. But it is such a smart idea and desing…

    The other problem I see is what about security?

  63. Steven Kiabi says:

    This is a great idea for dormitories or student housing. A great addition to the desk with the screen would be to make it extendable in the same way as the sofabed, that way it can be a multifunctional desk as well. A solution for the lack of equipment in the kitchen would be to have communal kitchens(the same can be done with a communal laundromat), those types of arrangements are common in dormitories.

  64. Umster1998 says:

    The background music is awesome. May I know the name of song please.

  65. jim jimjim says:

    Mount that thing to a flatbed and it'd be a brilliant trailer home.

  66. Jack Castillo says:

    I love how this idea just came about from someone walking into a pipe hahaha

  67. oswald bruggemans says:

    great idea! cheap but you are paying for space , something you have in Australia, and water ways , info structure is here , we just need your IQ . as Australians are dumb as ass! how many sleeping capsules can we accommodate ? but Australians rather spend on drugs . , how frustrating this is ! 138°35'30.39"E 35°33'23.76"S same rent . and internet , lets try !

  68. oswald bruggemans says:

    if you have the creativity you can live anywhere! we want your IQ in Australia . your sponcers are eager .!

  69. Aubrey Cruz says:

    Not that I oppose to the idea. Actually, it is really brilliant but what about its security? Please enlighten me on how can it be placed on the streets.

  70. Christian Dave says:

    Imagine hotboxing this thing lol.

  71. bummers says:

    Where can I get one in SG? HK$150k ~ SGD$30k … that's even cheaper than a car or the COE!!

  72. Ingeborg Granli says:

    That so innovative and amazing! I'd love to life there as a student❤

  73. Top 10 best Top 10 lists says:

    That's 17K euros? Very interesting.

  74. David Lewis says:

    What will happen after Winnie-the-pooh takes complete control? There really won't be a need a need for Hong Kong and it's currently defined borders negating the reason for no space for people to live.

  75. Cynthia Maldonado says:

    I know that he's trying to solve basic living in Hong Kong. It just feels too claustrophobic for me. And at the cost of $20,000 US dollars I can get a used mobile home that's way bigger than that.

  76. Devon Leybold says:

    ……… there's a giant window looking into the shower. That doesn't seem great, especially since these are placed in such public spaces. Also, there's no counter space, and young people actually do cook. It's one of my favorite hobbies.

  77. Sa Ba says:

    I imagine living here for couple years while studying or getting my internships and work. I am myself an architect, and when I was at uni and then worked I had spent very little time at home. So I didnt need that much except privacy,while I earn a position with good salary. Sharing space with others is worse than living in a place like this

  78. bradacus says:

    For those curious that's roughly $19,500 in US dollars to live in.

  79. Mim Sultana Nira 1915269680 says:

    but what about security?

  80. iadtag says:

    sad and monotonous, how we adapt to the society.

  81. Алексей Анурин says:


  82. someonestopava says:

    this is so cool but is there a way you can darken the windows so you don't have people peeping in

  83. Ben Quick says:


  84. p.s. porrahis says:

    Yellow and black, hexagon titles, fits beautifully in nature? This guy wants to turn humans into bees! Jk, but seriously, my heart is warmed to see how an architect can design something so efficient. This is probably more beautiful than any luxury structure could do because the beauty is from considering the planet and the people in it 💜

  85. Kichana says:

    me the whole video: Where is the toilet!?!?!?

  86. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ says:

    It's probably as expensive as any other normal apartment

  87. Jade Tung says:

    for people who think that OPod can't store a lots of things, the cages rooms in Hong Kong is even smaller than the size of OPod so they will not have as much stuff for storage.

  88. John Lowdon says:

    Great idea, but the $150,000 price seems a bit steep.

  89. chaerunnisa marwah says:

    I like him. He always smile🤭

  90. Lebre Alexandre says:

    Its cool till u dont fit in the bed cuz ur big

  91. sgg fdgsg says:

    It would be nice to get Opad for homeless people.

  92. Elyssae says:


  93. BejitaConnor says:

    Thank god there's an iMac in that piece of shit living space.

  94. Jeff Connolly says:

    I think it would be perfect if the opod is double in length

  95. rm says:

    Looks fun, but this shape has only downsides and nothing going for it, if compared to shipping containers.

  96. The Truth says:

    1:01 middle one in the second row from the top, is my house. Oh.. wait.. I can't see my stairs

  97. G. B. says:

    Cool jail concept

  98. Mistro Tech says:

    I love the idea, and the home, but even in that ammount of space, you could fit a better kitchen.

  99. Freddy Kruger says:

    I hope this is just for the homeless, cause if not 🤣. Got people living in bank deposit tubes n shit😭. Toilet paper tube houses😭.

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