New Curtain Ring Hand Bag Tutorial / DIY Bag Vol 9
New Curtain Ring Hand Bag Tutorial / DIY Bag Vol 9

hey guys today I’m back as promised with this project at this is another
exciting project for you this week and we are going to learn how to finish all of this in the friend and we’re also
going to see had for this curtain ring without any other
embellishments this kind of gives you that kind of
store bought finished and you could use a recycled fabric
inside the bag and I was is that and the Zips in said
to have already shown you some not gonna show you that this week and but I will put all dealings under
the Description box below this video before I go ahead any further I just 12 say a little thank you message to all my
subscribers last week up a message and the personal
message and I was ice go to bat before putting own I thought about so
many times July should I should know I should I should I
and then in the end it to I need to let you know except been
silent for so many weeks and it’s not like on the few people anymore this if you thousands there so we will be
thinking home she says that she’s gonna put
media’s up every week and what’s happening and things like that it’s not it’s not really good when I’m trying to
grow my channel so I thought I need to do it and with great
difficulty I came out and I filmed and was not
great but I was really low at that time last week feel much positive and I’m really really for the vanity no
looking forward to Christmas family scummy so and just gonna put all this behind
this good things to look forward to and is
just life things happen and it’s just life and you just have to
learn to cope with it what I wanted say is and about my miscarriage so many few come and and put the messages in I think as of today I have about 38 to
40 comments and please believe me I have read order
them and every time a red to come in I had
tears in my eyes and I don’t know you and I will put somebody is up in a shipment tutorials
and love and affection you have shown me created just me and make me much no
that’s for the reason that happen written in the individual Commons on the
comment in the comment box below so a I just wanted to say a huge thank
you I honestly did not expect such he
overwhelming response and them a few been just so kind and thank you thank you thank you so
much okay before we move on I just wanna tell
you that I have finished doing this project so
exciting news and it will be on next Monday or Tuesday
just before Christmas I have made pop tunes so I’m giving away
free patterns for and this budget basically this is
the one I filmed and this came out even I said because if
I to show you inside can you see how colorful it lays and lot
more neatly finished and I can actually put about 8 credit
cards and this is just so me know I kept
looking at it on a total grade this just looks great and I’m going to cue from
myself not gonna miss is a Christmas present his in okay anyway so this is the 1i have filmed throughout
the film will be seeing this next week and for the patented you can have
patterns from when dealing with this week so plea please send me an email the emails
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and this will only be opened to Christmas and Christmas Eve midnight and this year and after that opened this up
on e-bay you can buy the patterns online so and let’s go ahead and get started with this back thank you very much start of this project we need to back
panels of a pair of ties is which means there’s
two more of the same pieces for the front and is to back panels another pair of trousers
which is a cool word this is a gene and this is a cool word
and I have cut to rectangular pieces after this and two
rectangular pieces out that this I’m putting my men’s on the screen right
now and you can also find all the details in the Description box
below I have also got this fake leather which is almost like a
fabric public backing and it’s got the lead a look and if you
have 30 centimetres it should be absolutely fine and I have
cut out the white strip which is about four and a half to five
inches after this most to about two inches wide and this is I’m this is on the rectangular piece just
cut out for the base I’ll be giving you measurements for these in a minute okay I have also got lining which is half a
meter flying this will cover half a meter a few
lining and then you it will also cover use it
panel if you want extra pockets inside then you probably need a little bit more
for the pockets or you could make up patch pocket out that the denim public
that is left over entirely up to you I will so good as it which is 20 inches long I’ve taken
open-ended but 20 inches long close in zip is also
absolutely fine I’ve got three meters a powerful image
bus binding I will to go to poor pairs have cut
earrings they basically split into hot and once
you cut a hole in your heart break but fix it there and then there’s just go on kinda click which is a great time to have a back so
this is kinda frantically brass color much as mighty so when she had to use
this link okay out to that too this is the denim this is the court
basically I have cut out two rectangular pieces that this two
rectangular pieces at this and I have place them together and I in
that shape easy or bogan and defacing this is
fusible when interfacing and that interfacing will hold it
together and basically put to top searches on
that this is all draw ejup not finished it a lot on hold up close to show you had the
wrong it looks like okay basically I left it threw up
because we’re going to take one of the smallest
steps and place it on top I’m kind of close it so we don’t really
need to do as exec stage if you want clear about how to do this I’m placing the link right now on the
screen gone watch it or you can find the link in the description
box below this is called making flooding in public from you
denims something like that up with a link there
okay so this one into I did on one and 2i did then I went and did seem in the sightseeing so that’s just one
single a-side semen I open the same slut and I haven’t put
any tops it is a tool so this is where we gonna start okay so let me take this trip a fabric this isa leather suede fabric the reason
I did this joint is because you know when you join on you your bag
will have a side seam his side seam here when he joined it’s got needs much it
perfectly a at least one I can avoid it if I did
like this because this will have too much again so I’m
just going to go and so top stitch on top of this just keep it in the
center I’m just going to send the line of the join here and then keep
it on top then go answer before I do that I’m just
going to leave about happening here like that and then I’m gonna start my state
toughening two-way you will see why I’m doing this May 21
but just follow me annual in the Sun attack we starting about half an end away from
the edge and I’m just putting my seem right to
the edge keep you seem land to quite wide because
this is only stay stitch we’ll can’t be coming to the end now so again I’m going to leave about half an inch at
the end because this is my semen lines and I’m going to stop my sitting here
again I started this it and go all the way to
the other end up I’m not gonna so because we don’t want
the setting to be seen so I’m just going to go and Jim leave about half an inch and then some from the other side little we are coming to the finishing and we
coming to the point where we started here so this is my up you know and stop before half an inch up okay now will finish attaching this with
left about half an inch on these two hear and at this stage we
need to make sure this is absolutely straight because when you put a top
stitch on sometimes you might have a little bit difficult
shape communion because the two different textures a fabric that be
using so I’m just going to lay my I’m just going to lay my ruler just trim this is not even quarter in 2001 by it
it’s just a little bit at the corner so they’re absolutely dead straight up son going to the letter here so might
have to cut the lead there are up okay and also make sure the lead the
matches with each other here okay so we’re going
to cuts about half an inch exactly clean this up and Jim here as well up might be wondering why did he do this
because we want this to go on a touch inside the scene but you will see later in life than that
basically I just want to give this a really really kinda professional finished if you
follow my steps you see that you will achieve it too
okay so now we go and up open this up you can leave it as it is
if you like it really doesn’t matter up I want to you finish this very very I want to
give need to finish so you could use a contrasting tape but
I’m using the black one because then it starts looking very need and very professional I’m
gonna place it on top now when the I need to go on so on both
the sides at the by state because if we fold if he had folded this like
this sometimes a just one goal need and the sewing
machine may not so probably but this is something you can do if you
like that you know if you want to fold in both the edges and console table i
kno you can actually do it up sometimes my machine doesn’t take so
many layers so I’m finding ways of doing it manually but
without putting the machine to so much just stress okay but by state in a start from the edge not half an inch away Stockton want
looking at places like this and within a place it like that on both
the sites and just go and so two stitches two stitches I’m always come to the end
of my fabric so I’m just going to cut my bias tape so
how much you need right deal and that the fabric and now I’m going to stop about three or four
inches away I’m not gonna cut this I’m just gonna
stop my stitching because when I attach this side to side seam I
might have to move this a little bit just too much cheaper affect me but if I
will release own and if I have got like waterfront into you know this is away from the edge to
it’s not matching another to remove the stitches redo it
again so I’m just want it so little and then this is about between three and
four inches so I’m just gonna stop it there so now
I’m going to go and do exactly the same on the side and also so the injustices and stop
about all love this I’m gonna stop about 2-3 inches away
from the and at the top okay we have some by state on the top of
this middle tape now Wilson as you remember we also left the STU by states about few
inches away from yet now have you go and much
damn so just make sure both the bus tapes just much perfectly even if it is not
100 percent right and if you look millimeter here and there to Marie
because I’ve got the trick up my sleeve just to show you
how to cover them okay don’t worry about the cuts or leather
that we have done earlier just much amend much a bias tape and security with a couple of pins I’m securing it a few inches away so
that I don’t have to remove mountains when I
said and when I’m going to so I’ll make sure again my past eight
matches because this is being left out three inches away
so I can actually move it to where I wanted to be served us well the beauty
of leaving it open sue weekend shifted a little bit
too much the seams company so now I’m not going to worry
about matching the seams more leeway about much in this in the
center going so happened stage from here to home i cant I just decided but I was so the center
first and then I so the front and the back
before I do not just open it up and just make sure my site seems a matching and then I just go
and put timestamp doesn’t that is just a sort and pasting
what you call it by hand and now it’s quite secure some now I go concerning half an inch hostage from beginning to camp so when I’m coming to this I do ken my letter is not catching and it’s not
balking at all because we have only couple it and I’m going to remove this basting talking
stage that we did earlier at the edge sock in Okemah open
my sucking up my seems in the I am this is the side seam we
have just finished now I’m going to press it open before
bedtime it out the scenes a flat some going to turn
this inside routes you can see that we’ve got a perfect
match and can you see here that the leather because we cut it it’s not making any
bulky he joins so that’s just sitting there you can
just leave it and also because we I’m we left the by a stable left the by
state like this we could move with and Matt it perfectly
know what you need to do is go and so this area which you left earlier because
otherwise it will be then you won’t be able to finish it so gone so this stage and distant on after we’ve done that what I’m also
going to do is to take the left to a bust tape play said on top of the same and so on either side I’m not gonna film
this because you already seen how to serve us
tape just in a bad state so even risk let the peace that they
have cut off here will just get joined and then we have
court I really need citing we going to do exactly the same on the
side seam as well got a tape across and then just so on the sightseeing that means you don’t
see any seems at all all the way around and by staple holes
to sing together light I have sung by state on the site
in here know what I’m going to do use bring my side seam right in the center up so much the front and the back so now I’m going to use this as my side seam
and this becomes my front okay so the way this bags going to work
is I’m going to port to curtain rings here and to on the other side which goes to
the back so before we go ahead and do any of
these we need to test the line I take my
lining up and folded into heart okay now I have cut off a little bit the
fabric from here and I have prepared my zipper panel and this I have shown you my previous
project have to do this and if you want to learn how to prepare
this said the panel unwanted measurements you need to take
I’m placing the link right now on the screen or you can find the link in description
box below so gone find out how to make these and you can prepare this and come back
and watch this project okay so I’m gonna keep this up on the
site and prepare the fabric because a main panel is kinda in a
circle we need to prepare the lining so we do really don’t need to side seams
for this and because this is in a folder I’m not
gonna cut the fold so let me just go ahead and measure my if I measure from one into and it’s about 21 inches and from here to the bottom it’s sixteen 16
and a half I’m gonna take a little extra so I have a next have a bit extra so I’m going to take exactly 20 1:22 into sand into my little
bit that that’s enough for my sight seeing can
that may just go ahead and measure here it is measuring again 21 inches and 21 into so to school and Mark this is 2 ND two and a half into so I’ll are
all they need to do is take one and extra so basically I’m just going to
trim just under two inches so my circle wanna
make the circle it’s perfect ok up so let me places to get there an hour gone measure and this is exactly 21 and a half inches that is perfect at this stage if you
need any pockets for the inside of your bike you need to decide what you want to
do I’m gone so your pockets so this one I have made like let us take another small piece of fabric I’ve kinda folded
and unfolded again and eight states this on the top and I have made some on markings like
this and position it right in the center so
we need to know where unique position said this is the top of
a bad let’s say for example and we have to
leave about half an inch at the edge we need to leave a bar
hopping into the seam allowance and approximately place your bring and
see so my ring is a 55 mm on their out touring 50 measures about
55 mm 55 male on the outer ring so I’m gonna
leave about 3 three inches from the top so that
should be enough so %uh a tween just we have this if the
panel that will goin’ so I need to be on after four into this it needs to your
way well away from the three inches get so up let me go and place about up just gonna places so you can see it
clearly on the media gonna place it at five inches there okay right so that’s where it needs to be I can do this after I so my side to meet
us to be done before I do my side seam ankle and center the fabric like them then just make sure
this is centered and artist and a half into the center so basically go and so up top stitch all around if you want to
know how to so this there’s so many other videos
have made in the in the past one of them is cause a heart
which is a four-part series and I’ll up with the a place a link on the screen and
basically go and so and then stitch after the fall
deep pockets okay not gonna film this art show you the
next step okay that’s lying main panel that’s my lining you can see the lining
is actually about an inch here and then into bigger
here on both the sites okay this is the this is the Deering this is the curtain ring we can I use
and my curtain ring is actually 15 mil and about two and a quarter and but we
have to leave a half an inch from the beginning so I if I leave about
three and a half going to see if my scene comes to about three and a half
inches here that should be absolutely fine just to be on the safe side I’m gonna
take four and a half inches from the top of the lining because this house and go
to seeing the lining has got the same so let me put this away and here I have marked four and a half
inches four and a half inches and cut my lining open and I’ve also
made the center not much when you do this if you doing exactly
like I do make sure you leave you leave the Site
seem and then from the side seam you measure
your Santa Monica Santa much mark okay now we go ahead and joined us at
the panel so basically what I’m gonna do gonna
take my super panel my sis nd like that and then couple
offense and then go on much the other side seam on this site and a few pins and then
keep this on the top and sell a bowl dish on this in the video where I showed you how to make is
that the panel but in that the only difference was that there was two sightings if you get
confuse go ahead and make two side seams and just follow the example accurately just follow my video I’m basically but
make sure when you have closed the two sides seem this circle
will much the circle okay a gun do this come back
and show you are not going to film this I super panel is now attached now ago
and so side seam for half an inch on the side
now it will be a to poke a circle so I can insert this in
to this one can’t I have some the citing to you now we’re going to go and fit this into
this month before we do this I’m just going to term
my main panel inside up okay so from the side seam up make a mock and kinda press it and make a notch mock this is the top of my lining because that he this is
where it is at this and from this knowledge mark oldest much
mark to the same not to the end to the same and make another much mark because this
is going to be your send point because you’re not
matching the sighting decide soon remember with joining this is a site in
before but we made it to the front so we need to make sure to do it
properly camp so what we going to do is this is the right
side okay not we going to pass this up into aligning like that up now much you buy say to this end too much mark and put pin K and we go onto the opposite side up much your by stay too much mark I’m place a pin can now hold it together
stretch it and see because these two need to match
perfectly if it doesn’t much you end up with a little pleat somewhere to avoid that if you have a
plead then go ahead and take the scene in a little bit more and you know kinda
have the same a little bit in more okay at this stage just make sure this
is perfect mines perfect so I’m just going to hold it in go and
so half and stitch all around because this is in a circle we don’t
have a starting and finishing point so just start anyway like I’m gone so
have an instant so over a little extra and then hip okay we have some finish sewing the top so now town this inside up and then hold the lining in up you can see the linings a little bit
extravagant term the so want to be ready okay at this stage and we can go online this and put a top
stitch but later on we are going to good go and
put eight-state so I’m not gonna do it I’m just going to
iiNet and then pin this all around get I have
opened this is the lining this is the main
fabric so just so that I get to need to finish I’m just going
to press the seams to one side so easier to put it up stage up now we’re going to push this and signed up now try and take you have same because this
is you this is going to show up at the top
so you have to be very me some just going to Penn up about an inch away just making sure that
my hold is right dead on the scene properly so it’s neither too much two words lining north to its two main topics my seem his right at the top I’m going places
pippen’s up and now we’re going to go and so top
stage you can either so from this site or
decide I’m gonna so from here because black on black one show through but I still want the state to be need
from inside some gonna so from I’m gonna put this is
the top stage I’m going to about a quarter inch away a
top stage all around going to align the edge of my
food on this site and so top stitch would I’m coming to the point where I started
the fort just going to so a couple messages
explode on top and then okay finish the top stitch and there’s your zipper he opened is it
better than you can see the full back now when you to claim the excess fabric so minute take a ruler and see which is
the the longest I have so this is going to
about 15 and a half in just probably safer so from here I’m gonna mock 15 and a
half inch and just join my mock because I won’t be
able to could this with the rotary cutter some
just going to term this with scissors remember I’m cutting all four layers about if
it’s to take for you just go on cuts one layer at a time K so that’s my bottom piled on so now the separate sitting properly
because that will determine how the a box going to set the nominee to make some markings and go
ahead and mark the site in 10 and I go ahead and mark the site seems
on this side okay your point your center point should
be your bias tape if it isn’t it might have
made a little bit just go ahead and market so much that
the center so I’m not going to worry about can so now you could either we’re gonna former base just like we’ve
done in all the other backs again of Cowtown I to buy two and square K now weaves the sightings is a done but the bottom
seems not done so we need to leave about half an inch
the bottom for the sightseeing and then Mom this but so thats the side same and that’s the two in square so now go
ahead and cut this now I take this as a template and then go to
the other side keep it here market ok put this off let’s open Sep and town this way and fifty aligning serving at work in the lining later and up let’s just close the bottom first so we go and so half and stage just on the denim just gonna so happenings starting and
finishing with the back step can now just you can you see this corner hold
this gonna like this open it up and that too much perfectly if you want to just open missing but it
really doesn’t matter and grown so stage from this corner to this corner starting and finishing
with a backstage up we now go into it we now go and do
exactly the same to the other corner okay we have some the stick on isn’t and
let’s see have the butt looks like up again that’s how it’s going to said now let’s turn this the whole thing inside out up and going do the same thing with the
line accepts we need to leave a little gap in at the
bottom of the back so up just gonna folders into hop make a not much just so that I know the
centerpoint from the center point I’m going to leave
about three inches on either side so I make a mock and now I go on sale from here to hear and then leave the gap and from
here to hear okay so this is the only capitol after a son this I go head and open it
up and exactly the same for the inner the
back okay I have some this Connor and this
corner now we have got a little gap here so before we do anything we just go and take the base of the back on this site and then matched the base this back here like done just match the scenes because the stitch on the Denny’s to be completely aligned
with the state to the lining and put up n and just go and so in the
state so the whole together when you open the
back get the same way we’re going to go this site and much did an end to the lining up and place a pen up place at 10 and then go on so a top
state it’s all looking a bit like all crumpled up demory and I just
follow what I’m doing and I’ll show you what to do okay so
let’s go ahead and join this and join this corner welcome back injury again I have joined the stick sites now
we’ve got the opening here so now we are just going to turn everything from this whole up so before we go ahead and turn it in
just fold the scenes together like up I’m let’s go and put top stitch and close it okay I have closed the same and now let’s turn the bag
inside the home buyer is looking good and at
this stage well they need to do is to go and put
are rings and then a Taser handle before we go
ahead and put the Rings up additionally what to do with the
humble okay this is my handle and my hand though is about four and a quarter inch wide
I’m just going to place folders into have paid basically if you
want to make it perfect then going make a school mock like this
and then you have to send to mom for this half in the center all this
happens Center and I’m just going to go in place one
inch wide by state like that and then so on either side okay after making the mock my and the letter was not holding probably
so have put some pens on either side so there’s my cent mark I’m just going
to place my busty like them and SCO and so and that’s it I just turned the corner us up now turn it around and then so home the side it okay I have sown the handle and I’ve trimmed the edges and I’ve got
isn’t too hard and if you want to measure this is about 27 and as long it like to Handel’s measure 27 too slow can now we need to go ahead and place
this the reigning before we do that we need
to make some markings so basically closes at because if you don’t close is a you want know your send point so just lay the back flat like that and go and measure its should be 21 inches has been measured before and just my sent my center point is mine by state so this is the center and make into half again so that’s
coming up to ten and a half inches so this would be fine the quarter so just make little mark my do the same on the site sent take that as ten-and-a-half then just
gone I’m quarter so that’s why marking I’m
only marking one side I’m not marking the other side there’s a reason behind
it there will be a male and the female you
know brings just gone taking and now with the mail just gonna place my ring so the marking
is right in the center and then go and make the circle inside okay so there’s your circle let’s just put up n underneath that
circle so we don’t make a mistake now ago on hold both my lining and my top player and then just make a little cut mock
that just gives us the whole between to go uncut the rest at the
circle so don’t cut the outside the circle just cut the inside at the circle because if you’re using a mocking talk
like me then might make a really pick Mark a kid that’s the one with the bigger
bowl and that’s the female went to school and roles myself cool not fitting in nicely now I go over the top layer and place it like them just clip it into place just make sure its problems securing and and putting an eyelid and putting a plastic curtain ring in is
awsome okay we go and do this to this site on after you’ve done this make sure you
make a circle through this top circle into the other
side of the fabric ongoing measure the center because
sometimes it won’t be about because you handle you might it made the fabric a little
bit or if you if you have because got a little bit
like a it might have stressed a little bit so only to the top layer we do this and not like a landmark for the bottom
part I go on mark holding the circle and then
make a rough circle there and then I go on hold this one to make my in the market okay I have put all the
four rings now I’m just going to go and that is my handle so basically I’m just going to go and this doesn’t
need and i’d finish because this is a bus fabric and
then this is leather so I’m just going to so on the black side on the black I’m just
going to sit on the black bigass finding so I don’t see any other sitting there
and I’m going to do the same on this side up up can be finished the handle and they are a beautiful design bike is now ready now have need does it look can help
utilities hey I hope you enjoy this video and making this bad if you do have a good
this project and her you know if you use different colors
and cut into rings just send me a picture and let me know or leave a
comment in the comment box below please don’t forget next week before
Christmas I’m going to be putting a this it
project and also giving you a heap free patterns for this one so send me an email my emails coming up
right now on the screen thank you very much for watching I’ll
see you next week

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