NEW DIY PROJECT stained glass feather 2.0
NEW DIY PROJECT stained glass feather 2.0

what’s up guys I’ve got this new stained
glass feather design that I’ve been wanting to show you and if you remember
from my first video this is a new version of it hopefully you guys like it
but first I got to go to work what’s up and welcome to stained glass DIY if this
is your first time welcome to the channel if you’ve been here before
welcome back and thank you so I want to try something different here today
instead of working on the videos and my project for a week or so and then
getting the videos up why not go ahead and just start recording right away so
my plan for today is to show you guys my new stained glass design and then we’ll
do some cutting with that pattern alright I gotta go to work so I’ll see
you guys in a bit and here it is my geometric stained glass feather 2.0 what do you guys think I’m ready to get started I’ve got my tools
I’ve pre-selected some glass let’s get a time-lapse going and I’ll see you guys
on the other side all right so that went pretty well
what’d you guys think about it let me know if you liked my new design or if
you prefer the classic feather that I did in my first video leave a comment
and let me know which one you liked better and hit that like button if you
guys like this design so next time we’ll go ahead and do some glass grinding and
then we’ll finish with some copper foiling thanks you guys for watching
I’ll see you in the next one

1 thought on “NEW DIY PROJECT stained glass feather 2.0”

  1. snackswithkat says:

    Loved the new intro and different filming angles! The colors of this design are gorgeous. And LOL I seriously thought you were on a skateboard or something at the end. Guess you're just a really smooth walker!

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