Hey guys, welcome back to my channel if it is your first time joining along. My name is Amber I’m gonna share with you guys all the new items that I found at Dollar Tree It’s a lot of decor pieces and some organization pieces. I’m really excited to share some of the stuff I found with you guys I haven’t done any type of hauls on my channel for a little bit I love doing these type of videos because I know I’m nosy I like to see what other people have because a lot of times the Dollar Tree where I live never has anything good So what better way to share with you guys some of the stuff that I found? So if you’re looking to see what the Dollar Tree has keep on watching came to the right spot I will be doing on Easter one I’ll probably do that maybe in like the next week, but right now I just found some little decor pieces and Organizational things so I wanted to show that with you guys. Let’s get right into it. The first thing that I got, I’m really Excited if you guys have been watching my channel, you’ll know that I do planning videos which means I have like a lot of washi tape, and I’ve been just kind of throwing it in a Bag or whatever I have. I needed some storage for it. I was really excited to find these little Organizational cases these will fit my washi. Perfect. I just got two I probably won’t even Need both of them, but they were a dollar. I didn’t know how long they’re gonna last. I’ve never seen them I don’t know if this is a new item but to me It was a new item because I never seen them at any of the dollar trees around me. So I grabbed me two of these super excited because the next thing I got Was this cute little trinket tray. They had many different ones. This one just says hello on it I’ll take it out of the thing the wrapper is gonna probably glare from the light But it says hello I Thought this was really cute So I think I’m gonna probably just set this maybe on my vanity Or my desk either or they had another one that said smile looks like a camera on it Once I had like a pineapple on it, I want to say and one other one I thought this one was cute and it was pink and it was just simple super cute The next thing I got was this little sign that says awake pray and slay I’m thinking I’m gonna actually do this over. Maybe I’ll take this piece out it it’s adhered in there I don’t really like the background purple is my favorite color But I don’t This is too girly for like my home and most likely I’ll have it as my desk decor for my desk But I kind of have like the whites and the gold theme going on So I’ll probably leave this paint this white and do something to this background. Maybe change it out and do like Black and gold or something like that But I thought it was really cute still super cute and this is actually pretty pretty sturdy pretty strong And then the next thing I got before I have got another little decal They had a whole bunch of new ones in at the Dollar Tree I went to this first one is just says the less on it. I thought this was really cute And then this one says our family Is like the branches of a tree we may grow in different directions yet. Our roots remain as one So I thought this one was really really cute too in only a dollar. I will say I have One over by my desk area. It was like the girl boss line and it’s actually sticking on the wall So for a dollar, I’m actually really impressed by these you guys need to go check these out the last one I got it says women are angels when someone breaks our wings we continue to fly This one really stood out to me because I’ve been kind of having a little rough discouraging patch on YouTube here So I’m trying to start off this new week with just empowerment and uplifting things So when I seen this when I had to get it I think I might actually do some type of DIY with this maybe put it on some type of like wood board or something I don’t know whatever I got to decide to do I will share with you guys. So I just got those three different ones they had some like Easter ones some other quote ones a whole bunch of different ones the last time they didn’t have as many Selection but these were the newest ones that I’ve seen and then there was of course except Easter ones and some more girly ones for like little girls and Then I also got me another washi it just says Let’s see. Love is always the answer So I thought that was cute pink I love like pink and gold if you watch my planning videos You know, I always have like pink washi on it And then I got two magnets. I seen some new magnets they have this one just says wake pray and slay again This is like my my logo. I’m telling you It’s uplifting my spirits, but this is a cute little magnet and then I got this one. I love coffee I only need coffee on days ending with a letter Y My life, mom life you gotta live on coffee Super cute, so I just got these two magnets And Then this is so cute Be your own kind of beautiful this little table top decor perfect for my desk. How cute is that? Has the plastic on I’ll pop it off. So you guys can see the gold and pink what I’m loving Super cute and it’s kind of small. So it’s perfect for like your desk. I love it I thought that was super cute. So this sign was a new one. Stand tall. Be sweet Let me take the plastic off for this. These are all wrapped in plastic, I’m really shocked usually they don’t a lot of the decor pieces never usually have the plastic wrapping on them which is cool because stuff gets scratched up so it’s in This is glass and then the background looks likes like a yellow background they can hang them and this goes like on the wall They’re done Trying to find where the lights not. So it just says stand tall be sweet. I thought this was really really cute They had a couple different ones I liked this one the best I Wasn’t really feeling the other ones that they had and I’m not gonna buy something just because if I’m not gonna use it I’m all about like budgeting and saving money. So you’ll never see me buying things as far as tall as if I’m buying stuff That’s not just for show. It’s because I’m gonna use it I’m actually make use of what I buy. so I thought this was really really cute and Then I just got some floral pieces. I’m going to be doing a farmhouse DIY for my dining room table and I found these, these are new some of the gypsoles. I think that’s how you pronounce it so I just got two bunches of these super cute farmhouse vibes over here and then the last thing that I got was these baskets that I’ve been seeing everybody get so I was really really geeked and excited to Find these so I got two of these baskets They have a whole bunch of other organizational bins and Trays different colors. They have like the gray is I can throws pink purple a navy blue like a teal blue I went with the grey the other colors don’t really match my decor in my home so I just went with the gray and look at the detailed of that So cute. These are by far I think in my opinion the cutest baskets that dollar tree has had they don’t look as cheap. If you get what I’m saying I just got two of these. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with these yet most likely maybe something to do with like my crafting and my desk because I don’t really have any type of Storage for all of my stuff as far as my planning stuff. So that was everything that I got you guys. I didn’t get nothing major just wanted to get some stuff that I Had my eye on and it was cute And more stuff for like my desk and I always like to like spruce up my vanity area I hope you guys enjoyed this video and like seeing some of the new items that the Dollar tree has Let me know in the comments if there is anything that was your favorite thing out of this haul let me know below Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye music


  1. Sue Westerhold says:

    Hey I like the Containers they mark cool I could put jewelry and now I wish I would’ve seen that

  2. BudgetFam says:

    I love all the stuff you got! I was just there the other day and couldn't get over all the new baskets and decor stuff they had ! I actually picked up a peel and stick wall decal for my kids room and it's adorable. Great video as always.

  3. Sara's Corner says:

    Beautiful items, loved it!! Great video as always ☺️♥️

  4. Shabby Chic Charlene says:

    Cute and I’m like you I only buy what I’m using and I am on a mission to declutter so I’m using what I have and repurposing – tnx for sharing enjoy ur day 🌸

  5. Jess Plus One says:

    Love those baskets

  6. Mom Likely! says:

    So much cute stuff.. I need those baskets and those flowers are Soo cute. Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  7. Listen Kristen says:

    Loving your barbie top!

  8. Listen Kristen says:

    Wake, pray and slay is an empowering saying! Love it!

  9. Amber the happy homemaker says:

    I love all the signs you got! My dollar tree didn’t have any of the those gray basket so I had to settle for the navy blue. You got some great stuff!❤️

  10. Simply Mikayla says:

    That Barbie hoodie is super cute! You got so much good stuff and I definitely agree on buying things that I actually use. Great video girl!

  11. Home with Mrs. Colunga says:

    I liked everything, Your lucky you found those stickers! My dollar tree suck on the stickers dept. My daughter is super into washi tape. Omg i need that coffee magnet!!! I want to get a desk going to decorate it with these cute decorations. My 14 year old would love that pineapple frame. I can't wait for the farmhouse DIY! Those grey bins are really nice. They would look nice in a pantry for kids snacks. Where did you get your sweater it's super cute💖

  12. My Blended Family Venetta Bryant says:

    Great buys! I need to make a dollar store trip so I can get some baskets also to organize my seasonings and spice cabinets

  13. Shanthi's Lifestyle says:

    Yayyyyy great haul love!! I like the small gold sign! I’m so glad your Dollar Tree had the baskets! They’re literally my fave! TFS beautiful!💕✨

  14. Simply Keina says:

    Our dollar tree doesn’t have good stuff like this.

  15. Bride and Broom says:

    I bought some of the same things lol loving that little square gold sign for your desk 👌🏻 I didn’t see that at my DT ❤️ thanks for sharing!

  16. Mommy_Life says:

    I have one the storage containers for my washi, got it awhile back. I love the Dollar Tree decals. Moms & coffee are a must. The new baskets look great. I'm on the same kick this year of only buying what we really need. Thank you for sharing.

  17. 4mom911 Raelene says:

    I use my plastic organizer in my junk draw I’m nosie 😂 hahah

  18. 4mom911 Raelene says:

    Stay positive and stay focus on you love don’t worry and stress don’t let YouTube put you in a funk you got this 👊🏼 You defiantly got a lot of cute office decor

  19. Happy Haas Wife says:

    I love organization stuff at the Dollar Tree 😍

  20. Lauren Danielle says:

    Loving the dollar tree hauls

  21. Becka Jones says:

    What?! Loving those baskets!

  22. Farmhouse and a Broom says:

    Those flowers will look great for spring and I love those baskets!

  23. Mrs Mommy And More Channel says:

    Your sweatshirt is so cute! I like that hello tray! That’s super cute too! Cute dollar store finds!

  24. Mystee Jay says:

    For some reason this video didn’t show up in my feed. I am loving those baskets towards the end of the video

  25. Suz And The Crew says:

    Those organizational cases and baskets were a great find. I need to go hit my dollar tree up. Sorry last week was rough for you; way to keep those positive thoughts! 💜

  26. Rosa Vega says:

    New subscriber love your Channel those baskets were awesome don't give up on your dreams keep pushing to you make it girl God bless your family here from Florida😊

  27. Okie Mom Life says:

    I just love the dollar tree and also that super cute hoodie ♡♡♡

  28. Okie Mom Life says:

    Those containers fill up fast girl. 8 have four full already 🤦‍♀️

  29. LindaaMujerr says:

    Omg your Barbie hoodieeeee ? 💕😅 the organizers are so useful , luv their decorations, omg hope to find those trijet trays absolutely adorbsss 💕👍🏽👑

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