new furniture for my studio
new furniture for my studio

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  1. Danii Walker says:

    Fraaan! Todo lo bueno que te pasa es por que te lo mereces <3 Saludos desde Chile

  2. Lily S says:

    You're a gem 💎

  3. heykebe says:

    I always giggle when you second guess yourself if you're "talking properly" because HARD RELATE! I'm still proud to be multilingual tho 😁 Your office is loooking good, and congrats on Mocca!!

  4. grace libby says:

    I'm only half through the video but PLEASE tell us what you are going to do with that f color tee shirt screen printing press?!!!

  5. NAT K says:

    Fran, I love you. Thank you for existing. <3

  6. PueblerinaRose says:

    Fran! no compres esas mallas de metal! compra de las que son más largas, yo tengo de las que son pequeñas y no se pueden ensamblar más de 2 niveles verticalmente, además las piezas de plástico que las unen no son muy precisas y no ensamblan muy bien. Te lo digo por experiencia (tengo fotos que lo corroboran) si puedes compra grandes de la medida que necesitas.

  7. Mate Coso says:

    Que lindo que es ver como va creciendo tu lugar de trabajo~
    hace bailecito de ike para festejar
    Que te mejores del resfrío~

  8. dawnskies says:

    The furniture makes the place look very “at home”! I love the furniture! The plant on the little stool by the mirror was BOMB! 💛👊🏼🍊

  9. Janie Armadillo says:

    Try allergy medicines, over the counter, Fran. I have seasonal allergies, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis. It always helps! Also gargle warm salt water ♥ HAVE FUN AND GOOD LUCK!

  10. Dalí Mateos Ramos says:

    日本語がすごく楽しいです! がんばてください フラン。✨💕💗🐶

  11. Allison Perez says:

    Te quiero Fran <3 saludos de Perú

  12. theJOYdecision says:

    Good luck at mocca!

  13. Deborah A. Holman says:

    That is so awesome they gave you the Wacom. You truly deserve it. You do great work and you’re a great person, too. So happy for you.

  14. Tiny Owl Creates says:

    Fran, I had to pause the video to say YES!! This is supposed to happen! What a wonderful gift and I can’t wait to see what you make with it! (Okay, now I’m going to watch te rest of the video.) 👩🏻‍🎨🥳

  15. Larissa Goodwin says:

    Hey Fran, keep us updated on your Japanese! I'm super interested, I've fallen off the wagon of learning Japanese, but maybe you'll inspire me to get back into it!

  16. Tanya Lochridge says:

    I am thrilled for you & for Wacom! When living in NYC & working as a Creative Director I was fascinated when an artist/illustrator/friend showed me his digital set up…back in 2001 or so. Wacom supporting you just confirms how I have felt about the company over all these years!! Have a fun-filled weekend!! 💕😉

  17. Alma Nova says:

    Hola Fran!!! Hace mucho que estoy suscripta a tus vídeos pero nunca había comentado. Quería decirte que te admiro mucho porque me parece realmente inspirador ver como vas superando tus miedos y los usas siempre como propulsores a pesar de tenerlos. Verte y tus consejos me ayudan mucho en mi proceso creativo. Gracias por tan buen contenido, y ayudarnos, es increíble ver tu crecimiento en este tiempo.
    Un abrazo grande desde Argentina!


    P.D.: Me encantó el nombre Eminen, me intriga saber que nombres van a tener las otras plantas bebés <3

  18. HipchecksandPaperbacks says:

    Yaay happy plant babies! I love seeing people put together ikea furniture and can totally relate when making a mistake- I built a whole shelf backwards too 😭

  19. Jhonatan Sanchez says:


  20. Cristy Zinn says:

    Oh my goodness! So happy that you were given that Wacom! You are going to make some amazing things with it. ♥️

  21. · Alys !n Black · says:

    Necesito las camisetas en tu tienda online, por favoooooor!

  22. kevin S says:

    It’s so great hearing that you’re going to cons and festivals. Hopefully I can see you at one! (Come to the west coast!) as for table displays, I also work the convention circuit and I started with the wire boxes as well. I eventually found them way too heavy to travel with, and too frustrating to put together/take apart. I now use a custom made and on the cheap aluminum sheeting painted and hinged with a piano hinge. I then tie a bit of twine between the halves and clothespin prints from it. I can email you pictures if you’re interested in knowing how I put it together. Just thought I’d share other ways of putting a table together, aside from just the wire boxes. But I know your table will be so cute whatever you do 💖

  23. ALLJ Art says:

    I am so impressed you built all that furniture by yourself! I would have been so frustrated haha. Your space is coming together! You are so cute when you talked about getting the wacom tablet. You deserve a new one haha!

  24. Vlad Hartfil says:

    I don't know english. But thanks, captions ;))
    U r best :^)

  25. VS says:

    wow! Did you dye your hair yourself!? :O

  26. Koschke says:


    Btw I am so happy for you, this Cintique is so amazing ⭐️ U deserve it!

  27. EurekaKat says:

    ok , I just loved this video and I just love you. I laughed so hard when you pushed on the shelf and looked at the camera like wtf. It's awesome seeing your space come together. You are such a charming human. love love love

  28. Tània Manzanal Cerdà says:

    Hahaah at the end when you say see you at Mocca with that voice you sounded like sofia vergara

  29. Not Blond says:

    Aw man so happy for you and your new working space. It's coming along sooo nicely! <3 Have fun at the festival!

  30. Lucy Rose Till Campbell says:

    Ok, at 7:37 in this video is that a giant burp? If yes, i love you so much.

  31. AL10081 says:

    Yey!!!! that is amazing! enjoy your new tablet!!

  32. Charlotte Pili says:

    Fran has a screen print carousel!? Whats gunnah happen guys!?

  33. Federica Rubio Wenk says:

    Wow! You deserve that tablet, you’ve worked so hard♥️

  34. Allison Acosta says:

    Enjoy Japanese class!! I took Japanese a few years ago and loved it. Maybe someday I’ll go back for Japanese 3.

  35. Roseliza Nheik says:

    Order the grid lock from 5 and below!!!!! It’s only 5 dollars

  36. C. M. says:


  37. Alice Alonso Martínez says:

    Una alfombra peludita quedaría geniaaaal ahí! así puedes trabajar descalza y cómoda!

  38. Someone U.U says:

    Me inspiras

  39. Nathalie Beaujean says:

    Hey Fran, I love you and I'm really really happy for you that you got this awesome and beautiful workingspace and all this furniture, but this video didn't gave me anything. I had the feeling it was empty of real content and tbh its a feeling I have for a while now watching your videos. I follow you a few years now and I'm missing the old days when you took us on drawing dates and just let us watch over your shoulder while you were creating or testing stuff… Now when we see some art related stuff it's often just "I need to de this" and then a not focused image of the endresult for like 10 seconds…
    I really don't try to be mean, if this content gives you satisfaction and enough viewers why change, but I personally preferred the old stuff and don't get so exited to watch your videos anymore 😿

  40. Monica Miranda says:

    Jajaja me paso lo mismo al armar mi librero todo se mueve. En mis 2 mudanzas ha sido el mueble más cuidado. Saludos Fran sube videos de tus comidas, extraño eso. Saludos Ed.

  41. Joshua says:


  42. Some Lilliputian says:

    Fran! Que cool lo del tablet! Ahora nos puedes hacer mas cositas bonitas 🙂

  43. Lucy S says:

    I kept this video vor a uninspired moment. helped as always <3 thx fran

  44. unaanguila says:

    ¡Gracias por compartir! Qué bonito va quedando tu estudio ♥ Espero que ya estés mucho mejor de salud y que todo vaya super en Mocca, y que, sobretodo, te diviertas mucho en el evento.

  45. Elizabeth Lincoln says:

    I always look forward to your vlogs !

  46. Three Eyed Kat says:

    I hope you had no problems with the grid staying put. I had few sets of those as a kid and they would be constantly falling apart at the most inconvenient times.

  47. Mariah Rayne says:

    Congrats!!! Don't let the imposter syndrome get to you! You totally deserve this!

  48. Vené Unsweetened says:

    Why do I feel like this is the calm before the whole world discovers the amazing Fran storm. Congratulations on all the good things coming your way. I love your work, your work ethic, and your playful spirit. And the way you call us "baby." xo 😘

  49. Mary Kay Haywood says:

    love your new mirror for your vlogging

  50. Amara GM says:

    Las "cestas" (yo tampoco esto segura de como decirle XD) son tambien de ikea??? 8:25

  51. sarahjacksky says:

    You opened that cintiq the way I open things, like they are precious. It’s always a little disconcerting when I see these fancy tech unboxing sand ppl are throwing them around like they are worth nothing. You deserve that tablet!! You have come so far!

  52. Becky Hudy says:

    I live outside of Philly and this time of year is terrible for allergies and colds! The tree pollen was atrocious last week for the east coast. My husband and I felt like crap all week 😩 I hope you’re feeling better! Have fun at mocca! Can’t wait to hear all about it 😁🌈

  53. Andy Moon says:

    Hola Fran, he seguido tu contenido desde que vivías en Alemania… cielos! me siento tan feliz de que estés logrando tus sueños. Recuerdo algunos vídeos en los cuales no la estaban pasando tan bien, y ahora ver que Edo y tú están progresando me hace sentir muy orgullosa de ustedes. No sé si leerás los comentarios, pero si lo haces, quiero que sepas que has sido una inspiración para mi, y que cuando paso por crisis de diversa índole, ver tus vídeos me motiva a no darme por vencida. Con cariño, Andrea M.

  54. laura bahzad says:

    Fran! You deserve that tablet! I’m excited to see what you do with it.

  55. Maki ! says:

    congrats for the cute studio! where are you learning japanese? O: online or in NY?

  56. Bethanie Petitpas says:

    Fran honey, YOU DESERVE THE GIFT.

  57. Bethanie Petitpas says:

    You need to design a sticker set of sad plants.

  58. liekill says:

    Ella ya no tiene fb??????

  59. Zoe Ahlstrom says:

    Are you going to sell your t-shirts in your store?

  60. Chili Cat says:

    Omg Eminem is the perfect name for that plant 😂

  61. Sonah Sioson says:

    Hi Fran! You can also look on amazon for “wire grid panel” and you can find individual wire walls that you can zip tie together to your desired angle. I’m sure hardware stores have them too! You can get a wire cutter and cut them to your desired length too.

  62. stracciatella says:

    "Fingers crossed I don't die" should be on a T-shirt with your handwriting, Fran :')

  63. Meldoodles says:

    Amazon ? Doesn’t have the grids for less ?

  64. Mexicanaenelmundo says:


  65. Lys Apolinário Reis says:


  66. Paz Escobar says:

    2:35 Tu cara de "Qué chucha??!!" ..hahaha…
    Me encantan tus vídeos Fran <3 cariños

  67. Natalia Nahir Morales says:

    You had me at 7:36 😂😂😂 te amo Fran! Y veo cameos de un pulpo de serigrafía 😱😱😱 se vienen remeras nuevas?

  68. Paola Rosales says:

    En serio están en ese precio ???.. en México yo las compro en $80 pesos mexicanos …. Como $4 dólares aprox 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Joa bt says:

    welp, if wacom wants to do another demo, i volunteer 😛

  70. Danielle P says:

    More ikea dance, please! haha

  71. briggyjudith says:

    That ikea dance!

  72. Lily Hanna says:

    It's so fun to watch your studio come together! I think you need a rug next to make it nice and cozy 🙂

  73. Lara Apollo says:

    Hello Fran! I absolutely love your illustrations and watching your videos every week, they all make my day and are so inspiring. Your new studio is looking great and I'm so happy for you. Keep up the great work 🙂 
    I was wondering if you had any thoughts about developing a following on social media as an illustrator. I have been trying for ages but every time I post on instagram I tend to lose followers. Therefore, traditional methods of getting attention by posting every day, etc. tends to do nothing and even backfire and it feels like all my energy has been wasted. I know that these people are "fishing" for followers and it is very common (particularly on instagram) but it is starting to be very demeaning because I put so much work into them and this has been happening for a long, long time and I feel like I am getting nowhere. 
    I know a lot of other people face this struggle and hope that putting this out there might be a help to them as well.

  74. Antonia Larraín Eyzaguirre says:

    Hola Fran! que lindo te está quedando tu taller / oficina! <3 amé a eminem jajajaa oye te quería preguntar que sobre recomiendas para hacer los envíos? sobres acolchados o sobres de cartón?

    Muchas gracias!

  75. Lindsey Strong says:

    hope you're feeling better fran!!

  76. Jovelly Dominique Pino Madrid says:

    Hola Fran ~
    Extrañé el podcast 💔
    Me encanta la polera de 'Totally Dope' 😍 la quierooo~
    (espero que estes mejor del resfrío ~)

  77. Jabeen Qadri says:

    Watching your video makes me want to decorate my studio too!

  78. Katarzyna Orlikowska says:

    What kind of tablet did you get? Can you give the full name of the Clintiq? Greetings 😊

  79. WirlyArt says:

    Feel better, sweet Fran!!!! You studio is looking amazing! And you 1000% deserve a brand new cintiq <3 <3 <3

  80. Marisol says:

    sos inspiradora, te amo! <3

  81. ana teixeira says:

    Loved when you said that you had to check if it was a gift LOL it was like: "are you sure this is a FREE tablet? I don't need to return it…" I Laughed so much 😂

  82. Nana Limonada says:

    Te está quedando una oficina preciosa

  83. Ina says:

    Hi! loved this episode! and your office is so cool so much light and space to fill up with creativity! have a lovely day!

  84. Fi Jay Studio says:

    I figure they want a review of the cintiq! looks like their new budget model, half the size but just as good as the bigger ones

  85. Cassia says:

    yay wacom ♥

  86. 스노우번SNOWBUN says:

    Hi Fran. Filming the reflection on mirror is amazing. ❤❤

  87. TooManyDoc says:

    Please say hi to Eminem for me, Fran.

  88. Aya says:

    Omg you are learning Japanese! If you have any questions about Japanese, please ask in your videos:) My English isn’t good enough so I don’t know if I can explain thing properly, but I would love to help you learning Japanese❤️ Looove from Japan😍頑張って!!

  89. KV Dash says:

    Thank you for making such beautiful and awesome videos 💕👌

  90. Noelia Yuku says:

    Hola Fran! Llevo mucho tiempo siguiendo tu trabajo pero nunca me había decidido a ver tus videos (ahora casi me los he visto todos jajajaja) eres genial y me encanta tu trabajo y bueno tu personalidad, eres genial ❤️
    Quería preguntarte sobre el pulpo de serigrafia que tienes, que se ve en el video. Entiendo que tendrás las tintas etc para hacer prendas y tal pero ¿ las pantallas las grabas tu o las llevas a un taller para que las graben y las limpien?
    Muchas gracias por tus consejos y el tiempo que te tomas en montar estos videos 😊❤️

  91. Bunny Drummond-Bellacicco says:

    Fran, I cringe every time I watch you bake and you have to mash butter with a fork. I have an extra Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I would like to send it to you. This is the first time I have posted to anyone. Please let me know what you think. Bunny Drummond-Bellacicco

  92. La Marchesa - Isis Marques DESIGN says:

    Fran, your hair is looking sooo gorgeous!! Your studio will be so cute when everything is done…Recently I did the entire project for my house renovation using it is amazing, it's like playing with a dollhouse but it really helps to build interiors in scale, so you can test the best solutions for your space.
    And Eminem is THE BEST name for a shady plant! =D I have lots of plants too, each of them is named after a Disney Princess! <3
    I wish you a Beautiful Moca and a beautiful day!

  93. Eia Jorlene says:

    Hey! I have no idea if posting a link to another YouTube video will work or if policies prohibit it, but I found a video about studio ghibli and immersive realism that I thought you might like. It’s not my video…but here goes!

  94. OpaChi Artist says:

    Love the video. If you don't want your old tablet, I'd love to buy it from you. I'm trying to learn digital drawing as well. ♥️

  95. Barbara Turrioni says:

    Hello Fran! Your studio is going to be amazing! I love the way you are furnishing and decorating it. I'm your fan since when you were in Berlin, your work is a source of inspiration to me. I'm always blown away by all the things you manage to do in your life, you are a very productive artist and I admire you with all my heart. Thank you for sharing your life and the "behind the scene" part of your work with us all. LOVE

    Oh! I almost forgot: the Ikea dance is fantastic! I'm about to buy a new bed at Ikea and I think I'm gonna do the Ikea dance myself! 😀

  96. Anna Shilova says:

    Hello Fran, thanks for nice video<3.
    You know that would be really cool if you would sell some shirts on Etsy)

  97. NoOvernightGuests says:

    I loved your IKEA dances 🙂

  98. Natalia Barría Briceño says:

    Me encanta como esta quedando!!! solo me da TOC ver esos tubos de la caldera o el radiador… No te dan ganas de pintarlos blanco??? Sigue asi Fran saludos desde Chile!

  99. Sour Eggz says:

    Depends on how often you will be pulling down your zones, because if they are being used really often it probably would be far safer to set them at a comfortable height.

  100. Darrel Cheong says:

    i actually got mine from daiso (the japan dollar shop). not sure if you can get it where you are.

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