NEW Home DECOR! | Girls Room DECOR | Minimalist Budget Decor
NEW Home DECOR! | Girls Room DECOR | Minimalist Budget Decor

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel today, I’m gonna share with you the girls new room makeover we had so much fun Redecorating the entire space I was able to recreate this whole space for under 350 dollars Which is such a steal when it came to this space? I wanted something that was floral and whimsical and had a fun feel to it but it wasn’t overdone something that I wouldn’t have to change every single year when they switched a Character that they weren’t in love with I wanted it to be timeless and something that could last a little bit longer So one of the first things that we put up in their room was this preppy laced shelf from Pottery Barn I love this shelf I thought it turned out so pretty It looked even prettier than in the catalog which I really really liked and then we also put up these beautiful 3d pop-out butterflies the really glittery and they were honestly I think they were about $10 a pack so very Inexpensive and the girls loved them They got so excited because my girls love butterflies so to have some Glittery butterflies all around the room was just really special to them On the shelf we added a bunch of different details little things that kind of worse had Sentimental value to us on the opposite wall I have a picture that I made for the girls a couple years ago You’ve probably seen it in the older room update But I just kept that in there because it’s still really matched with the color theme that we are going for and it’s still pretty Special as far as the bedding goes. I kept the original white quilts. Those are pretty classy I can use this with anything, but what I did change out is the themed sheets I got those at Pottery Barn And I didn’t want to do two of the same sheets if you see J cos sheets She has these big beautiful pink flowers They did have an opposite set with like purple flowers that kind of matched and correspondant I wanted to do a different floral pattern on Cova sheet So they felt like they had different beds and different themes if you know what I mean and as far as J cos bedding we Got all of her pillows at Hobby Lobby they were very inexpensive, and I really liked the way everything goes together It has a soft feel and it just looks like a little girl’s room to me about Already packing come with me. I’m not really asking We’ll get away To a place where we don’t Above their bed I placed white wooden letters from Hobby Lobby for their initials and these were so cute This is Bobby waited for We’ll make it somehow we can’t miss out We picked up an end table from Target for $25 it was in the clearance section, and I couldn’t even believe it I felt like that was a really good deal for a new table And we added some of their favorite books and a little lamb that we had in the house already from Hobby Lobby for Kovas bed the pillow on top of her bed is from Pottery Barn and Her bedding has little blue pink flowers on it, so they’re not as big and dramatic as Jacobs But they still look really really pretty above both of the girls. Bed. I have big oversized flowers I have big white ones over Dicky’s bed and big pink ones over, Kovas bed I also picked those up at Pottery Barn and know this is not sponsored Whatsoever but I just fell in love with them and the price was really inexpensive for Jacobs flowers. I think they were $25 and barkovis, maybe they were about 40 I’m not sure exactly on those quotes, but there are these just big huge flowers at first I wasn’t sure about them, and I hung them up and the girls were just Gleaming with excitement and ended up loving the space even more so that was really cool As far as the beds I got them from Pottery Barn as well, but I picked them up We first moved into the house, and they weren’t that expensive I think they were like the least expensive Pottery Barn beds possible just because I don’t want to spend a for eating Yeah, I want to spend a fortune Another thing that I picked up for the girls room is this waitlist mirror I actually picked this one up from Pottery Barn as well, but it wasn’t as expensive as I would have imagined I placed it between their two windows in their bedroom, and I love this piece. It is so pretty It just really brings the whole entire room together I feel like there’s something on every wall But it’s not over cluttery or overpowering I feel like it has a really nice feel and energy to it And we also replaced their toy in This toy bomb was actually in the toy room for a while and we swapped that in their bedroom because I felt like it kind Of matched it has a little bit of ruffles. It has a very girly feel to it I feel like it wrote really well with the end table in their room Let me know in the comments below What is one thing that you really? liked about the room And if you would add anything like what would you add would you put a dresser in their room or would you? Maybe do a little vanity table Let me know in the comments below if you would had anything or what your favorite piece was of the room So that is all I have for the girls room. I hope you guys really liked it I had so much fun Decorating it and kind of creating a theme for it and the girls were really happy with the end result so thank you so much For watching and I’ll see you in my next video bye guys

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  1. The Stauffer Life says:

    Love how Myka decorated the girls room! Can't wait to share what we have planned for the BOYS! 😜

  2. Maria Sandoval says:

    Love there room looks nice and fresh .. where did you get the. Basket for the stuff animals??

  3. Bella Marquis says:

    Why is there an 'N' over Kovas bed? Is Kova not her real name?

  4. Megan Dallatore says:

    I love how simple and cute this is

  5. Lusine Safaryan says:

    Omg I think it's perfect and I love it 😍

  6. Ella .b says:

    Why is there a N over covas bed

  7. Anita Tucker says:

    Adorable! I thought about lace curtains on the windows. Love your videos.

  8. lori Trevino says:

    Less is best I think. You did an amazing job! It looks so cozy and inviting. My favorite piece in the room would have to be the flowers on the wall. The flowers look so adorable! ❤

  9. Love Emmeline says:

    Myka, I love this beautiful, minimalist style!!! You slay every video Lol I hope you have a lovely day! xoxoxo – Emi

  10. Claudia Carrillo says:

    Love love the flowers!! I would add curtains and vanity table.

  11. Mia Vandenborn says:

    Do a updated house tour please

  12. MakennaXO says:

    Loved the room. Super pretty.
    I think some ruffled curtains would be really cute to finish the space.
    It does seem like something is missing and I think that something may be curtains! ☺️
    Love it regardless. The butterflies are sooooo cute! 😍

  13. Tracy Waring says:

    It all looks lovely , they only thing I would add is white voile at the windows to soften it a little and may be some fairy lights x

  14. Brenda Tate says:

    Love the room it's beautiful and so girly! Maybe a little white desk. I think that would be cute!

  15. Katherine May says:

    This is exactly the kind of way I will want to decorate my future children's rooms! Love your style!

  16. Ms. T Angelique says:

    I love how simple and beautiful this room is. I wouldn't change a thing. I'm putting together my youngests room now and finding that minimal furniture is best. The kids still have room to be kids and the room is easily kept clean. My youngest daughter is very particular about putting things away.

  17. terko3 says:

    Love those letters! The room came out so cute!!! 🌹🏵🌸

  18. Leah Marie says:

    Gahhh I love your aesthetic!!

  19. Lindsey Domer says:

    Stunning! I love the dainty color scheme! Everything is so lovely and bright! Where do you keep all their clothes? 🙂

  20. Eve Castelo says:

    That is literally so cute! Good job.

  21. My Whole Lot of Love says:

    love the simple classic look

  22. Tamara Ramirez says:

    Soooo pretty!!! I have a little girl and I'm looking for ideas for a simple and pretty style 🌸🌸🌸
    Great video!

  23. Ciara1211 says:

    I would love to see how all their clothes are organized since they don't have a dresser. A white vanity over by the shelf could be super cute

  24. Leslie says:

    I absolutely LOVE this bedroom! The only thing I would change is the color of the walls. I think it a cool toned color, or maybe even a very pale pink would look much better.

  25. Lynette Alegria says:

    I LOVE this. I love your style, so clean, light, airy! I aspire to be this way!!!

  26. Mo Perez says:

    ❤️it all

  27. Haylee Ingle says:

    I love their beds and bedding! It is so cute and simple!!

  28. MomReviews says:

    I would add some sheer curtain panels. I love love love how light and feminine everything is! Beautiful!

  29. Lindsey Caldow says:

    Love the room! Just wondering, where do you keep their clothes?

  30. Marci M says:

    There's no such thing as not to expensive at any Pottery Barn Especially furniture but it's excellent quality so worth the investment!! Room looks awesome. You're great a decorating!

  31. Nichelle Rhiannon says:

    I feel like the room needs an "anchor", so an area rug would be nice. Also, a vanity would be darling. Overall though, what girl wouldn't love that room??!!

  32. Sarah Pfeuffer says:

    I love it Myka. What do you guys do with all the stuff that is accumulated on a daily basis like little toys, gifts, memorabilia, and artwork etc?

  33. Ringeval Marie-line says:

    On voudrait la version française de la méthode km mariage super.

  34. Carla Brodhagen says:

    Just wondering what you have for storage for their clothes? The room is very elegant!

  35. Stacey Gallagher says:

    Maybe some curtains? If they have a closet in the room then I guess they don't need a dresser…

  36. Jennifer Palmer says:

    Absolutely love their room! We are redoing our girls' room for Christmas I may have to steal a few ideas!! Are their bed frames twin size?

  37. Roschelle Morales says:

    I love the butterflies! And the only thing I would add would be twinkle lights around the windows. So that the room glows at night!

  38. Mrs. Davis says:

    Love your minimal approach!

  39. KLongares says:

    a girls vanity will look cute in their room. My girls had one when they shared room & they loved it.

  40. Simply Amazing says:

    Perfect timing. I was just about to type this is on YouTube and saw this. Beautiful space

  41. Simply Amazing says:

    Perfect timing. I was just about to type this is on YouTube and saw this. Beautiful space

  42. Simply Amazing says:

    Perfect timing. I was just about to type this is on YouTube and saw this. Beautiful space

  43. Sara Sophie says:

    Why is a N above Kovas bed?

  44. Gift Of Voice says:

    Hi Myka! I pray the girls really enjoy their new room.. My favorite part was the butterflies and I think if maybe some curtains were added it would make the space even better. God bless

  45. Kristy Fuller says:

    What does that stand for because you said their names were jaka and kova wouldn't that be a j and a K not acJ and an N?? The room is beyond stunningly beautiful though you did an awesome job

  46. nelson thomas says:

    Love the room the only thing i would add is some pretty white & lacy curtains.

  47. The Jackson Hive says:

    this was beautiful! I love the butterflies on the wall☺️

  48. Stephany A says:

    I like it when everything's so simple and clean💙

  49. misaki covington says:

    So cute

  50. mary moore says:

    Beautiful, tyfs🖒💟

  51. Denise Throndsen says:

    My favorite thing is the paper flowers. I LOVE them. Really cute and homey room.

  52. RT XOXO says:

    Hi Myka I LOVE the wall colour! Always admire it in all your vids. We live in Australia I wonder if I could match it here somehow, hmmm. Well done on a very pretty girls room X

  53. Keflyn Donley says:

    A nice rug would look great

  54. AsiyaJuleese says:

    I loooove how you did this!!! The big flowers are my favorite part!! I would add a large area rug

  55. Beena Vikmani says:

    U could add lil fairy lights here n there..would look really cute!!!

  56. BrownEyedBabies says:

    Love this so refreshing!

  57. Bijou Theresa Sylvester says:

    This is lovely. The room now has a bit of warmth and character in comparison to before. Good job.

  58. Flippin' Austyn says:

    Is it Cova or Nova

  59. Bemyguestwithdenise Denise Cooper says:

    This is just precious Myka! Soft & sweet! Great job 😘💋🙋🏾

  60. jenny austin says:

    I love the beds and the butterflies on the wall……

  61. Carolina Kley says:

    I definetly would add drawers. I'm not THAT minimalistic haha

  62. Marianne Rose B. says:

    I love it!!! Can I sleep there? 😄💖

  63. Adeline Medverd says:

    I love the letters above their beds. Super cute and ties everything together nicely. I would definitely add a dresser or matching desks or some piece of furniture. Overall the room is beautiful and very cute.

  64. BRITNEY SALEM says:


  65. Jessica Nicole says:

    The only thing I would add is some curtains!
    I loooove their sheets!

  66. Mom Town says:

    love the butterflies!

  67. Brie Donohue says:

    The room turned out beautifully. I am so OCD I would have to have the beds match perfectly down to the same throw pillows.

  68. Becky Hopper says:

    Love this room. I might add an area rug with pink and blues to help tie in those colors that are in their bedding.

  69. Kate says:

    Why is there a N over kova's bed? =)

  70. Mia C says:

    No dresser?

  71. Kerri Pereira says:

    Love this! What mattress did you pick Togo with the beds?

  72. Hannah Bentson says:

    Love the pink flowers!

  73. M B says:

    Love it!! It has such a fresh feel to it!
    Maybe add some simple white curtains?

  74. Sasafrass14 says:

    I love it! I would however lower the mirror and painting a little. Adorable room!

  75. Kallie W says:

    Why does Kova have a "N" over her bed? Does she go by a middle name or something like that? Also, love the simple, cozy, whimsical feel of this bedroom! So adorable!

  76. Fernanda R. says:

    I love the shelf and the mirror 😍 the decor looks fantastic

  77. Kathryn-Elisabeth Grace says:

    Maybe have them add something they both would love to have for just them and in their room. 🙂 love the room well done on the taste. And remember less is best and the best.

  78. Leah Gayle says:

    I love the roses on the wall by the name and the lighting makes it such a happy and refreshing mood

  79. Fluffy penguin says:

    I would add a dresser and a different night stand (one thats white and has drawers so they can put their little things in)

  80. Mandy Moments says:

    I love it the only thing I would do differently is I would have put the mirror just above there end table behind lamp so they can actually use it

  81. JoLynn Puente says:

    Great room but I would add a rug, maybe 2 depending on the size. I would also add some valances to the windows. The WHOLE room will POP with those window treatments, trust me! I didn't see the light fixture on the ceiling but a cute chandelier maybe with some pink or a color from that painting would be awesome.

  82. Olivia Falk says:

    I’d add curtains sheers or ruffle white. As well as something under the shelf

  83. Melissa Freeman says:

    This is so adorable!!

  84. Melissa Freeman says:

    Favorite piece in this room had to be the flowers! They Judy tied everything together in my opinion

  85. dreebug97 says:

    So cute!! I would definitely add some curtains lol adds a lot of texture and coziness to a room

  86. Daze of Brave says:

    I would add canopies over their bed or make a reading nook in the corner with a canopy. I think it would be really cute to add a dress up area. I also think adding a rug to the room would be nice!

  87. Savannah Tom says:

    I personally love flowers butterflies and fairies😍

  88. zoulal zadourian says:

    Hello dears you can Add a girly soft colored wallpaper on one of the walls

  89. algirl1626 says:

    Love the butterflies!!!

  90. heyy itsavaandellie says:

    thought it was kova not nova?

  91. Reem A says:

    Nice touches, but what about kids toys, where do you keep them??

  92. Stacie Murray says:

    Love everything about it! And the wall decor is cool and unexpected 😀 I have two girls sharing a room also and am looking for ways to keep it feminine without being over the top glitter and sparkles haha

  93. doo says:

    LOVE The room flowers were my favorite. I would add curtains ( panels) they are like the eyebrows on your face. The room is very empty neat organized it fits your guys life style, and taste. But the flowers and curtains soften everything up and make it homey comfy. 👍👍👍👍

  94. Clique_username ? says:

    Sooo cute

  95. Meriem Nour 2020 says:

    Eres española???

  96. Deb Parks says:

    I really like how you did different sheets for each girl. When you share a room with your sister it’s important to have your own stuff separate from the other. Very very pretty room!

  97. jessica lamarre says:

    100% they need a beautifully framed photo of the 2 of them 😍

  98. Brooklyn’s Beauties says:

    What does the N mean over kovas bed

  99. Lourdes Pena says:

    I love the wall color…I'm re doing my girls bedroom…can u share what color it is?

  100. Amanda Ripsam says:

    Awesome I love to colors I just did my 11 year old daughters bedroom for Christmas. So cute and clean

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