Nooteboom Textiles – Corporate Movie 2016
Nooteboom Textiles – Corporate Movie 2016

Founded in 1852, Nooteboom Textiles is one of the leading and oldest textile companies in the Netherlands. Five generations of Nooteboom dynasty intertwined with textile. In
the long history of the company Nooteboom Textiles has established a
well-known and trusted name in the international textile world. Being in
business for all these years gives Nooteboom Textiles, the experience skills and knowledge to fulfill all of their customers needs. Building and maintaining
a closed and long-term relationship with all customers and suppliers is, and
always will, be the most important factor in the company The designer department is constantly
creating the best designs and making sure that they keep up with the latest
trends. The designer department is capable of fulfilling every request the
market demands. The House of Fabrics contains a basic
collection with over 120 articles in over 20 different colors, a seasonal
collection with over 450 articles in various colors and compositions. Since
2015, Nooteboom Textiles has a new home deco department called Nobodeco,
with a collection of over 250 articles the fabrics for all collections are
purchased from suppliers all over the world seasonal collections are presented twice
a year spring-summer collection and an autumn
winter collection all collections are updated with the latest fashion trends
on a weekly basis the house of fabrics is a place for inspiration but above all
a place for expert advisors by the sales team for every article in all collections
samples are made by the specialized sampling Department all samples are
still made by hand to ensure a perfect result they are able to supply all
customers sales representatives and agents with the samples they wish to
receive the warehouse staff and order pickers
use state-of-the-art technology and communication to make sure all articles
are organized stored and ready for order assembly due to company processors that
are be perfected over the years the customer’s orders are prepared for
shipment in no time no tube own textiles has daily shipments
to over 50 countries worldwide noteboom TechStars able to maintain
prompt delivery throughout the world due to excellent cooperation with reliable
transport companies that provide them with the best and fastest service
possible craftsmanship expertise commitment trust and reliability are
what define noted bone textiles

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