NYC: A productive day spent outside my apartment 😀 furniture shopping, exploring brooklyn
NYC: A productive day spent outside my apartment 😀 furniture shopping, exploring brooklyn

so this is what we have it’s kind of dark so you guys you guys over here *ding* so it’s actually more like this this entrance is like this
back entrance to go through right here and these are the measurements why am I
taking measures because decorating me please and the first order of business
before we talk about decorating my face my face my place I’m gonna talk about my
face yeah a little sty baby growing on my eyelids it’s so cute it’s so
unavoidable so I’m gonna stand a little further away so you guys don’t really
see it you fingers on my words instead of focusing on my sty so this is
measurements of my apartment cuz I’m gonna start I feel inspired to start
doing something with it all so this has been here for a way too long and I just
want to I think it’s time I think it’s time and I think this is the weekend so
we’re going to go to design within reach the outlet in Brooklyn because I spent 30 minutes before reading looking up furniture on
Urban Outfitters, CB2 and Crate & Barrel and the ones that I wanted
were either sold out or back ordered and I just.. I like seeing things I like touching things I like you know.. like being able to see
and then envision and then yeah.. so let’s go do that I’m going to change, put on a hat,
put on sunglasses and let’s gooo ~ we’re here ~ that was quite the trip whoaa ~ just walked by this little courtyard haven’t found anything yet
but I’m so glad I came out because this area is so cool oh my god ~ I would never come here if
I didn’t go to Design Within Reach and now I’m headed to ABC Carpet I think it should be straight ahead oh my god ~ another little pocket between all these big buildings are little courtyards there’s like so many rows and rows of warehouses so cool ~ so cool ~ waao wao waao ~ heading there ABC Carpet & Home see you guys there ~ *whispers* I really like this this is pretty I like it ended up at a shopping center with Bed Bath & Beyond, World Market,
Saks 5th Outlets like all the outlets are here my eye is still pulsing if anything.. I think it got bigger *cries* but just resting before I go back home why… whyy ~ let’s go sunset is so pretty

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  1. Sarah A. says:

    Already excited

  2. Zoey Grassi says:

    I am so excited! Can’t wait ❤️❤️

  3. Uni Nokata says:

    So much excited

  4. Uni Nokata says:

    Keep up the awesome work 🤗

  5. Cici Heart says:

    I have so much anxiety that I have to leave your apartment, eventhough it is only virtually🤣

  6. Tenzin Jangchup says:

    also, can't wait to see how you will do your apartment. sending love from queens 🙂

  7. Dominicana Adulting says:

    I love how you are just so REAL! motivates me to be more honest in my own videos, find a way to be more comfortable with sharing.

  8. emma metzler says:

    perfect start to my morning 💖

  9. Life Progress - a community for introverts says:

    I hope your eye heals up soon!

  10. Hajer Imene says:

    For the army girl I'm from the North west Africa 💜💜😂

  11. Rayanne Cummings says:

    A good way to help with getting your sty to go away is to put a warm to hot wet cloth over it for maybe ten twenty minutes. Love your videos!!!

  12. Nina M says:

    can't wait to see the final result when you finish 😀 love you so much Rowena <3

  13. Felinah France says:

    i adore your ramen shirt! 😻 i also look forward to your videos, especially since i’ve been a potato these past days that i’ve been off from work. uwu

  14. Sammi Bressi says:

    You are my favorite YouTuber!!! You inspire me to actually to do something with my life! 😂I love you so much!!!

  15. Lillian Trimmer says:

    If you want an inexpensive but cool chair, Hobby Lobby has a transparent chair that is dope. Just search 'hobby lobby transparent chair.'

  16. SRIBW says:

    i love that outfit….

  17. S. R. Kanai says:

    The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday! Holy S#@!T this has you written all over it! Great book. It's the one I read before Atomic Habits!

  18. Someone Was Here says:

    I honestly love your channel and content. You are so authentic and real with us, I love it!
    btw I found out about your channel at Beauty Within

  19. Ankita Chauhan says:

    I love the honesty in your videos. What camera do you use to record these? Sending love and positive vibes your way! <3

  20. rachelsimaginarium says:

    Thanks for bringing us along!! Glad your eye is better!!

  21. Jenelyn Villegas says:

    Love your ramen shirt ❤ Watching your videos is such stress-reliever. Thank you! 😘

  22. comfortinghues says:

    Where's that's cute water bottle from? 😍😍😍

  23. Kim Brugada says:

    I miss your update 😍😍😘

  24. Shyamoli Chatterjee says:

    I love how many camera angles you have in one video. What's the setup? Just one camera and tripod or more?

  25. gabby says:

    ahhh i love furniture (window) shopping !! it inspires me to tidy up a bit n makes the entire space look a lot newer!! really excited to see what the end result of the apartment would be!!

  26. Liah Yoo says:

    Loving this Casey vibe in your videos🥰

  27. Josh Shortt says:

    I've procrastinated all week. Atomic Habits just might be the book I need.

  28. Anna Tiner says:


  29. Vika says:

    This is kinda random but does anyone have any suggestions of what to do in NY? Around Manhattan/ Times Sauare? Тhx!

  30. Yan Vlogs ✌🏻 says:

    I really loved this area when my friends and I first went a few months ago~ I didn't come across the furniture places, but the Japanese foodcourt and sunrise mart were really nice ! (and the courtyards ofc) ~ chill video! <3

    Btw, where do you typical get your lo-fi tunes from ? ;0;

  31. Divya Sasidharan says:

    5:10 was it awkward to change cam positions in between eating alone ?

  32. Steffi Campillo says:

    Thank you for taking us shopping with you!!! I’m all the way on the West (NV). This was fun!

  33. Chan Helmy says:

    Noooo..your eye

  34. Lily Yang says:


  35. Mariela Merino says:

    productive potato goes outside 🙂

  36. Thao Tran says:

    pls do a new apartment tour!!

  37. Megan Nicole says:

    I am so motivated by your positivity! I’m glad that you found a little joy from your trip to Brooklyn ❤️

  38. Jessica Maia says:

    Fun fact: chairs are expensive because they are the hardest to make of all the furniture.

    Idk what your budget is and what else you're looking for, but I work in finishing for a handmade furniture company called Stor New York. We have an Etsy and a show room in Brooklyn, but we dont make chairs! 🙃

  39. Erika K says:

    Love watching your videos and seeing how genuine you are ♡ sending love

  40. TravelBean says:

    I really enjoyed this 🙂 its lovely to see someones weekend at a nice chill pace, very relaxing to watch 🙂

  41. New Old says:


  42. Cheyanne Wong says:

    What's the music that you use in the background? I love it 😭❤️

  43. Martina Di Caro says:

    You are really an inspiration to me, I've been overweight for 10+ years now and now it's a month or something that I'm going to the gym and I'm eating healthy, You really helped me in boosting up my motivation, and also showing me outfits that I reeeeeally love. Thanks Rowena <3

  44. Richa Waswani says:

    Can u make a spotify playlist of the music you use in your videos? They're really calming !

  45. Joëlle says:

    your videos became a bit boring 😪 it‘s always the same… i miss your creative video ideas and concepts!

  46. emilia quinhas says:

    The james clear book is amaziiinngggg i Love it ❤ /great vídeo Ro, keep up.

  47. Kristi Kay says:

    Last week I had the same problem with an eye. I used drops – antibiotics and pimple was gone overnight.

  48. kabudelz says:

    I wanna marry your shirt!

  49. Alex says:

    Are you going to use Feng Shui geomancy in your apartment? Hope that stye will go away soon from your eyelid.

  50. Rodrigo Nossaki says:

    I really like your palette colors for the video. Very nice editing. Congrats.

  51. Mesa Mendoza says:

    Full French fry over here! Love this.

    I have “buy a new piece of furniture “ on my
    Bucket list because my my furniture is not cheap. Everything besides my desk & bed is thrifted!

  52. exotic life says:

    Hey love how are you?

  53. S. Roberson says:

    I enjoy your channel Soo much.
    I feel you should try BK or NYC thrift stores for unique furniture finds,that's where I get my deals on mostly everything

  54. Amanda Cook says:

    I just finished furnishing my apartment this weekend!

  55. Biji Smythe says:

    I'm sorry, I can't watch these long ass purple commercials

  56. Larisa P. says:

    You should consider Craiglist/Facebook groups for people looking to get rid of their apartment furniture! You can find some gems that are relatively cheap because people move in/out of apartments all the time in New York, and are looking to get rid of things (Also a good potential for people who want to pick up houseplants). Just a thought! It takes a little more time than going right to a store and buying something, but it's fun and saves money.

  57. Ava Thyen says:

    0:42 "tent/10" 😂😂😂
    I love noticing all the clever little things you do in editing 🌟🌟

  58. Patrick Byas says:


  59. Leyla Zobel says:

    Hi Rowena, will be visiting NYC in mid september. What is the weather like around september? Im contemplating what clothes to bring. What places do you suggest to visit? Please help. Thank you. 🤗

  60. Grace Lum says:

    random side note" I love your ramen shirt

  61. chesterfyit says:

    Hi Rowena! Been loving your videos for months now. Thanks for all the life advice. It really inspires me.

    Just wanted to give some tips on furniture shopping, if you don't mind secondhand furniture. You can always look on Facebook Marketplace, Offerup and Craigslist for certain products and brands especially in New York. They come at a fraction of the cost, as people are trying to get rid of them. I look for brands like you (CB2, West Elm, DWR…). Some cons to it are that: you would need a car and a friend to help move certain items, some furniture pieces may have some scratches and dings and it would all be in timing. You can find quality items, but you would need to search constantly if you don't mind that. One time, I bought a small sofa on Craigslist from a guy in Chelsea for $100 that was originally $500 online. Just recently, I bought a 6' x 9' high quality jute rug on Facebook Marketplace from a family in Brooklyn for $50 retailing at $300. Both items were like new, as the owners bought them within the past year or so. I currently have my eye out on a West Elm Rabbit and Roar chair. You can save a lot of money, even if they're on sale at the brick and mortar stores. Other than that, keep up the great video work! 🙂

  62. Megan Yeo says:

    This kinda feels like doing furniture shopping for my sims especially with the music in the background

  63. Erika Zhan says:

    Did you really filming this ALONE (?)

  64. Emily Reals says:

    she protecc
    she attacc
    but most importantly, she be getting her vibe back
    ~~another great place (in Manhattan) is MUJI- they're kind of like a Japanese ikea, but cuter <3 love your videos, btw

  65. jasmine says:

    you’re so cute!! your videos never fail to motivate me 🙂

  66. vgirly10 says:

    Thank you so much for being real and not shying away from talking about the stye, I had them SUPER frequently for a year or two -_- and they were so annoying! It's cool to see someone just unabashedly show/talk about them. I moved into a new apartment recently too and am crying over how $$$ nicer furniture is. Wishing us the best of luck in our furni searches!!

    P.S. Also read that James Clear gem recently and it's a total game changer


  67. Susan Harkema says:

    do you have a sty? Hot moist cloths as hot as you can stand asap. Don't let that baby get hard. LOL

  68. Samira Schwannecke says:

    Never have I ever seen someone filming how she closes a bottle from 3 camera angles before 😂😂😂

  69. Aziellis says:

    Love your channel so much! It feels real and really relatable. I personally really like how you share your struggles (anxiety issues and etcetera) with all of us and how you try to deal with them. It does help some of us (me I mean lol)
    Loved to see much more videos per week! Oh and your makeup routine! Sending love from Portugal 🇵🇹♥️

  70. Mai Nguyen says:

    Every time I've had a sty, I normally get a q-tip and rub some coconut oil on it at night and it helps it heal quicker because coconut oil has some antibacterial properties. Recommend it for the next time you might get one.

  71. dklamara says:

    square all the way

  72. ocean_joy_500 says:

    Can u or anyone who sees this suggest some podcasts to me? Ones relating to self discovery, productivity, and over all entertaining and educational.

  73. Inge Oortwijn says:

    Definitely yes for the round table!!!

  74. Tephcia says:

    What water bottle do you use??

  75. Jessica Ankley says:

    😮 where are these beautiful shoes from??

  76. aaasmaaah * says:

    I like you jeans!

  77. Lucy T says:

    Love ya xx ps hope ya eye feels better soon , much love , thanks for always inspiring us 💗

  78. genuflext says:

    damn you're smart and sexy asf! Subbed!

  79. skzbbygurl says:

    Omg yasss the Stranger Things reference 😝😝

  80. SHE SAID WHAT says:

    Did she quit reselling clothes?

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    Awww we both have that wabi sabi and the atomic habits book #twinsies 😫💖

  82. The Modern Glitch says:

    So how do you get around when there's a blackout when you're relying on public transportation? I'm guessing you either Uber or have to stay put ??

  83. Sarah .A says:

    It is a really great Asian practice for such eye pimples to first clean your hands and then take the tip of your Index finger and rub it against the palm of your hand and when you feel like its warm enough touch the fingertip gently to the tip of the eye pimple. This is very effective and will disintegrate the pimple in matter of days and you wouldn't have to use any drugs.

  84. colachim says:

    i'm postive i've watched almost every single one of your videos over the past month and i'm now rewatching them, because at this point i can not go a single day without your voice and face! you've helped me grow and broaden my horizon so much, i really can't thank you enough!! <3

  85. Lindsey Flax says:

    where are your tote from! adorable with outfit

  86. Ojuolape says:

    Your shirt is so cute

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