Well, it’s a tip for the city of São Paulo The Estaiada Bridge is beautiful but… Hi! I’m in Porto! and like always it’s raining It’s my second time here And it’s raining always Dammit! worse, I’m carrying these bags! Good morning, guys! Look! How beautiful! Today is sunny! Finally I discovered the sun in Porto! It exists! I’m going to the library, I’m with my backpack here The internet in the hostel is shit! But I woke up early and the library haven’t opened yet! So, I’m going to walk around with you all The city is beautiful! Let’s enjoy this sun! Who is Porto? This is a tile panel made by the inhabitants It’s written “more or less Old” “Mui gourmet” “with no social plan” “touristic” city of Porto “fog” There is relation with the historic Portuguese tiles And it’s an identity for the city A critique Have you seen how nice is the panel? I was expecting nothing I was just walking And I saw it, how beautiful! I came closer, and, Look, how nice! So, I like to walk because of that You can discover the city, some details, unexpected things São Bento station This is the Luís I bridge I’m almost sure that it’s designed by Eiffel The same that did the Tour Eiffel, in Paris It’s metallic Beautiful! above it has trains below, car above and below people can walk So, it’s very accessible to everyone With 2 levels I’m going to cross it to show you all And in the other side is the village of Gaia There are plenty of places that make Port wine so I’ve already visited a cave once I’m not going to do another But it’s beautiful to walk around the village There are cute boats Today it’s super sunny So, let’s enjoy it cross the bridge and see the other side I read a sign over there and as I said “it might be designed by Eiffel” In the end, it isn’t! It’s designed by an engineer Teófilo Seyrig But people invent so much I don’t know why I had this in mind But I said that I was “almost sure” Now the train is crossing… This noise must be the train up there So, it’s a tip for the city of São Paulo The Estaiada Bridge is beautiful but pedestrians, buses, cyclists can cross it Only CARS! So, this is the tip! I thing that the Portuguese cities are charming because there are hills, little houses It’s super charming And it reminds me the historic cities in Brazil They have the same features I’m going to walk over there The Port wine caves

4 thoughts on “O QUE A PONTE ESTAIADA NÃO TEM | Estela no Porto”

  1. Pior Jogador says:

    Uhuuulll! To viajando nesse canal! Vários lugares meooo! Viva o Porto! 😀

  2. Milk Shake de Palavras da Lu says:

    Oie, amei esse vídeo. Cheguei agora no canal. Vou ver os outros depois rs A ponte parece ser no estilo da Torre, "Quem não sabe, inventa" kkkk

  3. Kuito Roku says:


  4. Ana Catarina says:

    O arquiteto da ponte era colega de escritório do Eiffel … Como o povo mundial gosta só de decorar 2 nomes e já é muito: "Ah, e tal a ponte foi desenhada pelo Eiffel", mas não… O mesmo escritório, pelo menos 2 Arquitetos : p

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