Oceanfront Development – La Jolla Excellence – Rosarito Real Estate by Kanoa and Kenneth
Oceanfront Development – La Jolla Excellence – Rosarito Real Estate by Kanoa and Kenneth

Hello, everybody! This is Kanoa with
Baja123.com Rosarito Beach Real Estate. This morning, I’m sitting here
with Kenneth Huseman, one of our agents and we’re going to be talking about La Jolla
Excellence, good Morning, Kenneth. – Good Morning, Kanoa. – We know that this is one of our favorite developments, La Jolla del Mar, and La Jolla Real projects, were great projects, we’ve had some really happy clients, everybody that’s
purchased from us there, has been really happy with the development and
developers, we’ve never had an upset client and now the developer started a new project called La Jolla Excellence and I wanted to talk to you a little bit about it. – Yes Kanoa,
I’m so excited about La Jolla Excellence, you know, it’s the next development from
Decasa, they’ve been building developments like this for 30 years in
Rosarito and this is their fifth one. La Jolla Excellent, it’s going to be a
boutique style development, the towers are going to consist of 49 units as opposed to La Jolla Real which was 94. Everything’s going to be bigger, grander on a huger scale, I’m so excited to sell this. – Excellent, you know, I’ve been over there, I’m looking, you know, they got
all the construction started, I’ve seen they’re getting everything cleared off, it
looks like a really big area that they’re going to start putting it in and
it’s going to make a whole community there, with all three developments. – Yes, this is going to be “the” community to live in, it’s going to be 5 stages, delivered in 5 stages, we’re selling
stage 1 right now, and you can buy this in pre-sale and while the value you get
from buying in pre-sale is amazing. – So, tell us a little bit about what they’re going to put there as the amenities in
the towers and the villas. – The main thing you want to talk about with La Jolla and it’s always been the same with La Jolla del Mar, Real and now Excellence is the beach. Here you can get a private sandy beach, there’s no
access, other than from directly in the ocean to get to their private beach that they have there in front of Excellence, so that’s the main thing you want to talk about, other than that above that beach, on the bluff, they are going to have 2 oceanfront swimming pools, the Clubhouse, 10 pools in
total, 3 of them are going to be in-door or covered, they’re going to have 10 Jacuzzis, 4 Clubhouses, 3 work
out rooms, a walking trail around the entire development, restaurants, bars, movie
theaters, it just goes on and on. – So, this is like a lifestyle, this is like a luxury condo
development, this is for people that they want to come down, be next the ocean and just
kind of have like have it all inclusive environment of having a beachfront and the sun type of living. – Yeah, exactly, you know, it is for people that
want to come down, enjoy the sunshine, live on the beach, not have to go
anywhere and not have to do anything just relax. – One of the things we’ve really
noticed about Decasa is they like to have the environment for people that
actually want to live there, it doesn’t turn into a big party atmosphere, it’s
for people that actually want to come down here and live, it’s not for like
weekend rentals and things like that, towards some of the other developments every
weekend, you know, it gets really loud and crazy, they’re really good at keeping the
environment there, a nice peaceful and enjoyable living environment. – Yeah, you’re so right, they don’t want it to become, you know, a rental area where everybody’s
running around and all the amenities are full. The best thing about La Jolla and Decasa that I have discovered in the last 10 years of working here is that, their HOA’s
are the best in town, I mean, they are run by a third party and you know, they’re very transparent and how they spend their money and everybody pays the HOA, it’s the best one in town. – And you have a good value, just going and walking through their grounds are just beautiful, I mean they’ve got security guards, they’ve got people constantly going around and cleaning up everything, it is just really nice, clean
development. – That’s the first thing you notice, when you walk in to La Jolla Real, is how beautifully kept it is, and the same thing with Del Mar and it’s been that way
since 2004 when it was built. – So, tell us a little but about what is available right now, what’s the inventory like over there? – Yeah, well they’re selling the first phase,
that’s going to consist of Tower 1 and 25 villas. In the first tower, you know, we started
pre-sale in January and we are already about 30 percent sold, the one thing that I am selling to my clients right
now are the “Zafiro” units, they are the corner units which is the most desirable. – What’s it call? – The “Zafiro”, yeah, you’re talking about 1,950 square feet excellent price point, depending on what
floor you want, the only thing is there’ are only four left now, you know. – Why is that? Why are these particular styles of units selling out? – Well, first of all, they were priced about the same as the
smaller units, they’re on the end which everybody wants and being 2,000 square feet and by far the best unit available right now. – So, once again, you’ve got 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, Penthouses and Villas, that are all available now. – They even have a 4 bedroom unit available in the tower 2. – OK, so, Kenneth tell us a little bit about
the finishes and the upgrades and what’s available. – Yeah, you know, what they want to do here in Excellence is just make the best development that Decasa has ever done, so, what they did was, they
took all of the best elements of Real, all of the best quality and finishes there and
they are offering that as a standard package here in Excellence, so you can get the 20 inch cell
marble, groundless tiles, even get all the crown molding, the double pane windows, the jacuzzi tubs, all that stuff
is going to be included as the standard package in Excellence. – For the people that aren’t
familiar with the area or the development, do you want to tell them a little bit about the distance to the border, to shopping centers, – Yes, sure! – and stuff like that? – You know, we are about 23-24 miles from the border, only about 2 miles from downtown, so really close to downtown but not far enough away from it, so location is ideal. – What about like the restaurants and stuff like that? – So, La Jolla Real with this location, you’re going to have all of Rosarito restaurants, bars, food to enjoy, you have easy access to Valle de Guadalupe 45 minutes, same thing with Ensenada is about same distance 45 minutes or an hour to get there, so you know, you are really going to have a lot to do, although once you enter La Jolla Excellence, I am not sure that you are not going to want to leave. – Now, I noticed that they got all the new restaurants center put along in the commercial area, so there’re like
two new restaurants opened up there and there was one existing already there? –
This past year has been amazing, there’re restaurants being built inside of the development. La Jolla Excellence is going to have their own restaurants, they are going to have bars, there is even going to be a dog clinic for you so. – Perfect, we have a lot of dog people coming down here, excellent!
Kenneth, tell the people that haven’t purchased down here, what’s the process for purchasing? – OK, well there’re really two options, the first one is going to be a cash purchase. Cash purchase, you’ll need to come in with a $5,000 deposit to hold the unit you choose, they write you a contract
and when that contract is ready, you will sign the contract and then the 30% deposit is due, a balance due upon deliver. The second option is financing through the developer, you’re
going to come in, you’re going to choose your unit, with the 5,000 dollar deposit down, again, they write you a contract and when the contract is due, the 30% is due, the developer will give you competitive financing rates. – So, people can come and they can pay for it, full price and pay for them in cash or if they want to make payments, the developer does have terms, which is not qualying terms, right? I mean, it’s basically… – The 30% down is the qualify thing. – So, they can come in and just put that 30% and they’re qualified? – They’re qualified for the financing. – That’s great! – It is, I would like to mention, that if you come in with a cash purchase obviously, you’re going to get a big discount. – Excellent, I really appreciate you coming and talking to us about La Jolla Excellence, I’m sure you are going to sell a lot of units over there. If you want more information about this listing, we put a link below with
our contact information and a link to our website. If you like this video, give us a
thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Thank you very much and have a great day today. – Thanks a lot Kanoa.

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