Old Cupboard Restoration | in Sinhala | Furniture Design | Srilanka
Old Cupboard Restoration | in Sinhala | Furniture Design | Srilanka

We discussed in an earlier video how not to use expensive wood for furniture manufacturing we pointed out that you could reuse old furniture without destroying by changing their look and match your new interior so, we decided to do that kind of work by restoring a really old cupboard Because if we could change this much-wrecked unit and get that kind of look, and keep in a nice corner at home, you could easily restore anything you have While doing this kind of restoration work your highest expense will be the labor cost you don’t need to spend much for material as most of the retro furniture was done out of high-end material such as “Nadun” It’s a very rare material nowadays you can get a similar kind of furniture done with a cheaper material such as MDF but if you get this kind of modern look, you can keep that high-end material for another longer period some people don’t like to have carved furniture nowadays still, you can use them by matching your interior it’s up to your taste or the concept there are cabinets, cupboards, chest of drawers that are not matching with modern furniture with their existing old look, you’ll not be able to match with modern sofa so most of us intend to move that away then it will become non-useable we decided to restore this this was in outdoors for about 5 – 6 months we realized that we could turn this with less expense this was done out of Teakwood not much thicker profiles but it had a much stronger structure that’s why we chose this we didn’t use high-quality timber for the restoration work we used MDF for doors only used some excess wood for strengthen the base we planned everything for spend the minimum cost we’ll see what we did and how we turned that ou we strengthen the base with those wooden strips Pasted all planks with wood glue Prepared doors out of MDF Fixed additional melamine strip around the frame to fix the conceal hinges we tried to fill the dents with wood putty applied sealer on doors and the main structure as its a much harder work to get back the wood look, we decided to paint with auto spray paint pasted Formica sheets on doors, than painting and get the same effect we got an even wood grain with Formica this is the cupboard that we completed originally these were drawers these were door sashes if we made drawers again for the right end we will have to spend some extra amount as we wanted to use this for a shoe cupboard, we didn’t want drawers but, if we make it as a door, all three doors won’t match each other if you also plan this kind of work, please consider these smaller details if the doors are not balanced altogether it will give you an unbalanced look what we did is we made two grooves to make drawer faces visually inside, it’s just a cupboard with two shelves we didn’t much concentrate on interior applied only one coat of sealer we fixed three knobs for that drawer kindof faces you’ll feel it like drawers from the front please make sure to use a nice handle or knob it will add an extra richness to the appearance it’s a better work to do even it’s a bit expensive replace old-looking legs with a modern leg we used stainless steel plated leg it also added an extra modern look to the appearance the most important thing is, sometimes you’ll not be able to get a perfect aligned finish between doors and frame due to the defects of the existing unit if you want to get a perfect finish, it’s better to manufacture a fresh unit with new material this is good for the people who will satisfy with this kind of look. Now we believe that you also can plan this kind of work by referring to internet images. and selecting a similar concept for the item you have you need a carpenter for this type of restoration work by getting his advice, your knowledge, discuss materials and do the work to reuse as we mentioned earlier and also if you have an old dining table with carved legs or top, you can repaint or change the table and buy new chairs or you can re-use chairs also then, you can save the amount of table and also you do a reasonable work for the tree that killed for making the table by keep using the same for longer period if you could change your attitude by thinking in a different way we could save the environment for our young generation as well as our selfs our idea of doing this kind of work is to make you think that way in a different way if you are a person who already got this kind of work done, you can share the contact details of the carpenter or if you are a carpenter who could do this type of restoration work, please post your contact details in the comment section. it will be really helpful for someone we will be much happier to see those kinds of sharing throughout our channel you definitely need a carpenter to get much carpentry work done in a restoration work like this or you can do on your own just to change color or a handle you might be capable of changing only the appearance we are planning to bring you a video a DIY please stay with our channel subscribe !!! 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    සුපිරි චැනල් එකක්. මිනිස්සුන්ගෙ හැඟීම් අවුස්සලා කුණු ගොඩවල් මාකට් කරන කාලයක ඔබ තමන් ලබාගත් දැනුම මිනිස්සුන්ට බෙදල දෙනවා. ගොඩක් සතුටුයි ඔබගේ මාධ්‍ය භාවිතය ගැන. තවත් මෙවැනි දේවල් කිරීමට ශක්තිය ධෛර්‍ය ලැබේවා! ගොඩක් දේවල් ඉගෙන ගත්තා ඔබගේ චැනල් එකෙන්.

  83. chandimal kumara rathnayaka says:

    අහම්බෙන් දැක්කෙ…නියම consept එකක්…quality video voice…අනිවා මේ channel එක උඩටම යනව…සුබපැතුම් සහෝ ❤❤❤

  84. Ganga Kuruwita says:

    Wsasthu gena oyalage adahasa dannwanna loku deyak

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