On the Green Carpet (North Korea)
On the Green Carpet (North Korea)

Korean Film On the Green Carpet Excuse me, wait… Who is she? – Who?
– The girl you were after… My friend. Friend? Bro, the girl just before, is she
going to be my sister-in-law? No l know you are lying. She’s Fashionable and looks
important. What is she? Let go of my arm. People are watching. Oh Dear! You still wanna be in this state? What state? As you are still in single state.
l got married before you. That’s good, isn’t it? And now you got a strong son. What about the second sister?
She’s about to marry now. Well? Already? Everybody, welcome our new vice-leader
of the Mass Gymnastics Production Team. Hello, everybody. l’m Ra Hyon Hui. l’m a gymnastics director. Choe Yong Sang, l’m a painter. – And l’m a background conductor.
– l’m a composer. l’m Ryu Sun Ae. head director
of the Chilren’s chapter. My! Teacher, don’t you remember me? l was the leading player in Rings
chapter in middle school days. You were then later selected
to join the national team, right? That’s right. She worked at the sports guidance
commission before coming here. You are most welcome. Thank you. Oh, this is Ok Hui. an assisstant director. How do you do! How do you do! And the other one is out in the training Field.
Remember O Mun Gyu, your old partner? O Mun Gyu? Ah! l remember it now. The donkey! He graduated Sports University and
is now working as an assisstant director. ls that true? Good morning, kids. Good morning, sir! Chol I, how’s your headache today? l feel better after the pills you gave me. Do you? Ok l, how’s your knee? Can you practice today? I think l’m fine now. l can
also do a forward pivot. Excellent. Put this on. Kum Dong, what’s the result of your math exam
yesterday? Full marks of course? No. l only got four. Why? What was the problem? He solved them all but one kept going
wrong with the formula you taught. Really? l’m sorry. From now on, l’ll work hard
on Maths and help you with your study. Okay! Good! Come on, kids! Yes! From today. we will learn
another complicated move. A backward pivot and group forward pivot. These are very difficult moves. But l believe you all can do it. When the head director gets approval,
these moves will be performed in our chapter. Hurray! What do you think about this plan for our chapter? l think it’s good. But l have some differet
opinions about those new moves. The children can handle the backward
pivot as it is individually practiced. But l’m not sure about the group forward pivot. Why is that? Miss. Eight children have to do it together arm-in-arm. lf one makes a mistake, the whole
process would be disrupted. Let’s trust them. And Mun Gyu is very keen about this move. Is he? Yeah, he can manage it. Oh, Mun Gyu… Miss, Mun Gyu hasn’t come yet. What? lt’s already second
chapter. Who’s his partner? Me. Ah. there he comes. What are you up to? You should know better
how important this day is! Why are you late? Answer me! Just wait and see, donkey. One two three… stop. Good. Now stand upside down on
your heads for one minute. Go! Don’t lose your balance. How can l find him? They are
all standing on their heads. There you are, Kum Dong… ls that you, grannny? Yes, it’s me. Are you going to talk in that position? Granny. l’m in the middle of practice now. Oh dear. Your thin skin will come off. Granny. Please just leave me alone. You’ll throw up your breakfast. Oh, come on. Go away. l brought your favorites, eggs, sweets and cake. Really? Of course! Here you are. Yummy’ egg! 1st line 28th pupil! Ye—es! To the Front! lt’s your fault, granny… Stop. Good work, everybody. ln mass gymnastics practice
discipline comes first. Do it again. Yes. Goodness. He has no mercy… This time, kicking backward.
Go! One two three four… There’s Mun Gyu. lf you
meet him. he will be pleased. Stop… Good. Breaktime… Have you just arrived? Let me introduce you. This is… … . Aren’t you Hyon Hui? That’s right. lt’s me. Long time no see. l saw you this morning. You moved to us? Yes. Well, we have some connection with
mass gymastics since we were kids. Right. We were partners from middle school. Remember? l think it was 5th grade when you scolded me of being late. You are still bearinng that in your mind? Not at all. Your nickname was prude, no, a wasp.
Yeah, Pyongchon wasp. And you called me a donkey. Right, miss? Rakrang donkey. You used to be hard on me as the leader. Now you’ve grown into a fine lady.
Got married, of course? You should be polite to her although you
were schoolmates. Now she’s a vice-leader. A vice-leader? You? Hope you will help me a lot! l’m sorry. V.. vice-leader, l didn’t
know… …Forgive my impoliteness. Don’t mention it! Let’s work together. Yes, v… vice-leader. Excuse me. l’ll look around… Bye! What are you lookig at? What are you doing here? l brought a truckload of children’s shoes. Oh well? lt’s yours. You’re doing a great job
in the supply departmet. lsn’t that the girl from the bus stop? That’s right! You sly dog, you’ve been meetig her all along. What? l like her anyway. Like what? She’s just fit to be my sister-in-law. Are you out of your mind! Do you
know who she is? That’s Hyon Hui. Hyon Hui? My ex-partner in mass gymnastics. Wow, the leading player, the Wasp? Yeah. Now she’s a vice-leader. Vice-leader? Two three four… Oh, it’s OK. Mun Hui. pass me the vinegar? Leave it to me. You go into your room, bro. Here. That’s why you got married First… Yes. Without parents, l look after this house. So l arranged several girls for him to meet
but he would always say that he’s busy. Hyon Hui. But take a look at that. How about her? lsn’t she an acrobat? Yeah, right. Do you know
what happenned last night? Brother. What’re you doing at this time? What do you think of this girl? Brother! Here. Good-looking. A weight lifter? Health is the wealth. She’s a cook. – A cook.
– What about her? Who is this girl? An acrobat, how wonderful she is!
And beautiful. Acrobat? She’s pretty. Where did you find such a girl? Have you ever met her? l have no time. l have to meet her anyway. So he likes her? Yes, You got to help him. Does he need my help? He can go and see her personally. He won’t listen to me. You got to
take him to the acrobatic theatre. No problem. That’s a promise. Okay. Why are you laughing? Nothing. You think l don’t know? What do you know? You must have asked her to find me a wife… And Hyon Hui. you must have agreed to help… Sorry vice-leader. Old habit,
we used to be on first name term. lt’s okay. lt’s somewhat pleasing and kind. Really? lt was a good idea to invite her tonight. Mun Ok, Mun Hui. don,t you think
this brother will get married soon? There’s hope. Then l wish that hope will come true. Cheers for the success of mass gymnastics! Eight two three… Good, excellent! One two three…two two three Miss! Why didn’t you leave out this move? Because this move… Vice-leader! lt’s not her fault. But why do
you insist on leavig it out? Because they can’t do it in the whole
process, let alone one or two parts. With only few days ahead of us, how can
they do such a difficult move? Cancel it. They can do it. Yeah, let’s give it a shot. Individual mistakes can be hidden in the group. But group mistakes can affect
the whole process. Don’t you know? Why are you obsessed with mistakes?
You should trust the kids. But they are primary schoolchildren.
not middle school students. Didn’t you see them laughing
Even when they made mistakes? They are kids. Age cannot be an excuse. Do you understand? But with more practice they… Mun Gyu. Fine. lf you insist, l’ll discuss
the matter at the headquarter. Mun Gyu. – What are you doing this evenning?
– Why? – l want to take you somewhere.
– Where? You will see. l can’t. Do you know a girl by the name of Yang Sil? Yang Sil? An acrobat? Right. Don’t you want to see her? l want to. Right now? No. After work.. You go and meet her. – Aren’t you coming?
– No. Thanks anyway. l hope l didn’t take your time. Wait! Behave like a gentleman. Look at your buttons! Good luck! What? Bye! Bro! What are you doing here? Why, should l not be here? Follow me. What’s going on? Yag Sil! You have a visitor. Visitor? Bro, over there. Hello! You are here to see me? – Yes. You are Yang Sil, aren’t you?
– Yeah. and you are? l work in the mass gymnastics production team. l would like to discuss a
group forward pivot move. – Forward pivot?
– Right. Well, Yang Sil, he’s
actually a head director and… . Ah, head director. – Yes.
– Head director? No. l’m an assistant director. Assistant director? – Yes.
– Brother. Actually, he’s my brother and… And? In fact, the purpose of this visit… The fact is my brother has been
interested in you for a while and if you meet him, you will
find that you have a lot in common with… What? Why are you looking daggers at me? I got it. If that is what you are here for, we
don’t need to meet anymore. Good bye. Ah, Yang Sil! Yang Sil, listen to me. Please don’t follow me. Yang Sil— What’s up? Send him away, will you? Hey you, who do you think you are? What? Group forward pivot?
What are you talking about? Mass gymnastics, of course. What about the date? Date? What date? Oh, come on, Mun Gyu. What, Hyon Hui? Call me vice-leader when talkig business. Vice-leader, then. l wanted you to meet her for your own good,
yet you come back with no result? But group forward pivot… You are mad at that pivot. No, it’s group forward pivot. Okay, that’s enough. So you brought me to date? Dear me! Listen to me, vice-leader. Enough! why do you always keep
saying that vice-leader thing? Vice-leader! You asked me to call you vice-leader. Background director! Yes. The background seems to look impressive
with these sets, but it’s wrong. The background as well as the music must
supplement the gymnastics performace. Reorganize it. Yes, l will. The mother’s play is added
to the children’s chapter. The respected General said several
times to combine the mass gymnastics with art performance to make
an outstanding performace celebrating the 55th anniversary
of the Party’s foundation. So we must improve the
qualities of the chapters Speed up the practices. Sorry to hold you up. I hoped you’d solve my brother’s problem. I’m sorry. It was indeed, my fault to go with him. Who would choose an assistant
director as her spouse? You are wrong. Love comes from a person
himself, not a position or reputation. Only in theory. Reality is somewhat differet. Oh, dear. I shouldn’t be saying this, but he will never
get married if he continues that way. Rubbish! Fine, You’ve become an important person.
why would you bother with others’ problems? You must be living happily
with a fine husband… Stop it! Sorry. I’m also single. What? You are? What? She is not married yet? Yeah. And I asked her to… Ah, then you two can make it. Make what? You’ve known each other well enough since
middle school. You will make a fine couple. Getting impatient? You also want to marry? Watch your Mouth! Do you think she would ever consider me?
Even as a child, she used to look down on me. You are right. To you, she’s a pie in the sky. And to her, you are not good enough. Talkative! Go home now. Your husband
must be waiting for you. Why did Mom and Dad leave us so
early to put this responsibility on me? You came to apologise? l heard you were criticized at the meeting
and we ranked last place because of me. Hyon Hui. l really am sorry. You think “sorry” will do? Don’t you know
the importance of the performance? We practiced hard for the whole
year, for that one momet. Even if you were sick, you should
have kept time. l’ll never forgive you. At that time, she was also strict with me. Is that why she’s regardig the group
forward pivot as my stubborness? Sir. join us. OK. Why do those kids lunch over there? They are friends. Friends? Wait until I come back. Yes. Umm, it looks delicious. Kum Dong, how does it sounnd if you
and your friends lunch with the other kids? Ok. Let’s go together. Yes. This is better, isn’t it? Children! Yes! lt is said that to be healthy and strong
we Koreans need to eat all five crops. Look. lf we mix it like this’ wheat,
millet, corn. potato, bean and red bea… Oh, it’s over five. Here you are. Kum Dong, pass the food around. will you? Won’t you? Granny said the eggs were only for me. Then it would be bad for your
digestion and you’ll become a pig. l don’t like pig. Children. the practice is very difficult. And at times like this we need
to unite our minds and strength. Only then our chapter will be perfect and the
respected father General will be pleased. Yes! For that, we must perfect
the group forward pivot. Let’s give it another try. Can we do it? Yes. Yes, what? Tabor rank leader, yes?
A director for your chapter? Don’t worry. l picked an able man
and will send him over soon. Bye. Come in. Oh’ here you come. You wanted me? Miss. take a seat, please. From tomorrow, your chapter
will practice in Kim II Sung Stadium. Ok. Well, miss. And I have a question for you. What is that? What do you think of Mun Gyu? Yes? Do you think he can work as
a director in the new chapter? Well.. I think he can. l’m sorry for what happened last time. What do you mean, vice-leader? Between ourselves, you don’t
need to call me vice-leader. But l have to mind my Manners
when talking to my superior, don’t I? Have it your own way. But as your superior, I think I have the
right to concern about your work and life. Ah, thank you. Then you arranged another date? What? That’s not my field. I give up! Wait, where are we going? You will see. Mun Gyu? What do you think of this girls tabor chapter? Peculiar! Is it? What do you think of taking over this? Me? Yes, as a director. This is a very important chapter. You take over. lt’s a good chance to prove yourself. Make a wise decision. I already
got agreements from the headquarter. Ok Hui, children’s juvenile feelings
should be shown in this move. Okay. And background director! Yes, I’ll repaint the background to
further emphasize the children’s spirit who have nothing to envy in the world. Good. What do you think, Mun Gyu? Mun Gyu! I understand your feelings. Leave it to us and instruct their last practice. Now. They all know by now through
the rumors. Go and say good-bye. Ok, we will start today’s practice. Spread out! Did you hear what l said? Spread out! ls it true you are moving to another chapter, sir? Is it true, sir? Sir. You said you liked it most when
you are with us, didn’t you? You don’t like us anymore? You promised we’d practice hard and give
pleasure to the respected father General? Please, don’t go. Don,t go. sir. Don’t go. Sir, please don.t leave us. You promised we,d practice hard and give
pleasure to the respected father General? Please don’t go! Teacher, teacher, where are you? Teacher, teacher, where are you? Teacher, teacher, where are you? Teacher, teacher, where are you? Teacher, teacher, where are you? Yeah, yeah, I’m here. Sir! What do you think, vice-leader? Okay, go on. Vice-leader. can I have a word? You won’t go? But why? I can’t leave the Children’s chapter. I understand. But you deserve to be a director. With
all your experience and achievements. I feel happy when l’m with kids.
I don’t min remaining like this. Are you serious? Yes. I am. Okay, you’ll regret it. Aren’t you hungry? Eat this. I made a mistake, I feel so bad. Eat it, anyway. l’m sure teacher feels worse.
I don’t know why I’m so slow? Don’t think about it. You can do better next time. Yeah. Kids, kids, where are you? lt’s teacher! Sir! Kids, kids, where are you? Yeah, yeah, we are here! Kids, kids, are you tired? No. no, we are not. Kids, kids, let’s cheer up. Yeah, yeah, let’s cheer up. He’s still on to that move? Miss, send him to me immediately. What? To the Children’s Palace? There, look. Wow, stars. Can you see them? Kids, look here. This is the sun. The planets go arounnd it and
satellites go around the planets. Because the sun shines
warmly over the planets… they can shine and give birth to everything. So what does the sun we
are creating represent? The respected father General. That’s right. Then you are the satellites going
around the sun. Which means baby stars. Sir, am I a baby star, too? Yes, you are. Sir, then our move represents the stars? Yes, it does. Sir, we will be baby stars who follow
the respected father General. We will. We will. You’re still behaving like your
childhood, a proper donkey. Did you? Remember what your stubborness had done. Delete that move at once.
We have no time to loose. They can do it on time. l trust them. Everything don’t work out
the way you want it to. Besides you are dealing with children. The kids are not complaining and they’re
eager to practice even when they fall. That’s not the scientific reason
a director should give, get it? – Hyon Hui.
– Enough! Hyon Hui! Call me vice-leader. Vice-leader, listen to me. I won,t. Vice-leader, just give me a chance. – No!
– Vice-leader! If you persist on that, I will
take decisive measures. Hey, you! Even if you use your authority.
I will never give up. Okay? Vice-leader. I don,t think this is the time to argue.
we should agree on all matters now. This isn’t being productive. I’m in charge of the whole perfomance,
I can’t take any risks can I?. That’s not it. Then why aren’t you doing something
about his stubborness, miss? Well, our chapter is not doing well. But I support his idea. That’s the reason. Pardon? There’s a reason why he
came up with that move. What reason? We were giving a mass gymnastics
performannce in the presence
of the respected General. You were then a international
gymnnastics player. Just when the children’s Chapter was about to
begin. unfortunately it started to rain hard. But the Children were so excited to be performinng in the presence
of the respected General So they ran toward the platform shouting
“Respected Father General!” But then the band stopped playing abruptly
and the performance was stopped. Stopped? The respected General waited for
an hour for the rain to stop. Did he? He said if he continued to sit there,
the children will be soak in the rain. And he said to the officials he couldn’t bare the
thought of our children performing in the rain. Miss! We thought the performance was cancelled. But when we started again, can you
imagine how great our excitement was? The children ran again onto the green carpet crying for the respected father General
from the bottom of their hearts. So he came up with an idea to put
the picture of single-hearted unity… …of father and children in the chapter. The big circle in the middle represents the sun and the ranks of group forward pivot
represent the planets guarding the sun. The sun and the planets? Vice-leader. Mass gymnastics is a national
treasure and pride in our coutry. l can’t forget the General who led our
mass gymnastics to what it is today. His wise leadership put an end to Mass Game
dominated by Europeans for a long time and made a model by creating the Mass
Gymnastics ”The Age Of The Worker’s Party” and it records 40 years of history. During those years, a new age of mass gymnastics
began and we’re world champions. The love we directors and millions of
participants received in those years cannot simply be put in words. This time the repected General said… we should create an outstandinng mass
gymnnastics and art performance of 100.000 ”The Ever-victorious Workers, Party Of Korea,’ and gave detailed directions for every chapter. Vice-leader! Mun Gyu is trying to realize
the intention of the General and create a peculiar image of the sun
and its planets in the children’s chapter. Let’s help him. Vice-leader, hurry up. What’s up? You will see. Look over there. Now try. If you give more practice, they
can do it up to five times. Isn’t that the acrobat? Right. I don’t know how he charmed her. She’s not only seeing him but nowadays
she even comes to our home. To your house? If you could just help him a little… Love doesn’t need other’s help. lt finds its own way, like them. Thank you, Yang Sil. You’ve done a lot for us. Don’t mention it. You should thank Mun Gyu. do you
know what happened the other day? Why are you dangling about Yang Sil? Ah, listen, you make me dizzy. I meant. Not heavy? None of your business. Tae Gil! Put him down. for God’s sake. But you asked me to scare him away. Mun Gyu, l’m sorry. It’s all right. Tae Gil! He is here to discuss group forward pivot
in Children’s chapter of mass gymnastics. But I didn’t know, last time… Really? You should have
said that first. Sorry. That’s Ok. I, too, started this career from performig
in Children’s Chapter at primary school. Did you? Then we all have connection
with mass gymnastics. Yeah! Not only Yang Sil but we all should help you. Thank you, Friend! At first. l thought he was such
a wishy-washy person but once you get to know him.
he is somewhat attractive. Is he? Come here, Kum Dong! Naughty boy, lower! My goodness, you’ve grown 3 more
centimeters during your practice. lt’s not just me, but all my friends. Is that so? Practice time! Today we
have a dress rehearsal. Wait, your snacks! Bye. granny. Oh, my stomach! What? You have stomachache? Yes. Then let me get you to the hospital. Kum Dong, be quick. I’m alright. I think I’m okay now. Are you sure you are okay? I’m fine. I promised with teacher I’ll
become a babystar. Bye, granny. You’ve grown not only your
height but your mind as well. Kum Dong, hurry up. Ah, my stomach… I’m coming. Teacher, Kum Dong has a stomachache. What? Where is he? Over there… Let’s go! – Kum Dong, how is it?
– Is it so painful Sir! Kum Dong, what’s wrong? I’m okay. You are not okay. Let’s go to the hospital. Then I will miss the dress rehearsal. We can put a reserve in your place. Come on. Teacher, I will participate in the
dress rehearsal whatsoever. Kum Dong! Kum Dong! Where is Kum Dong? Have you seen Kum Dong? We haven’t. Kum Dong, stand still a little longer. Kum Dong! Kum Dong! Kum Dong, wake up! Make this oblique line to a straight one. Okay. So that’s what happened in children’s
chapter. Is the kid alright? He’s over the hump now. But
the diagnosis is not clear yet… Maybe ileus… What? The it means he must get an operation. Yes? – Then prepare a reserve, miss.
– A reserve? We can’t depend on him now
with only a few days ahead of us. Where is Mun Gyu? He is by Kum Dong’s sickbed. Call him. He should be here. not the hospital. But… Thank you, teacher. How are you feeling? Much better. Don’t worry too much about him. Last night, even in his pain,
he kept repeating baby star. Baby star? Yes. What a good boy! I don’t know what it means. But his parents too participated in mass
gymnastics when they were children. Did they? Yes. Our family have a strong connection with it. So Kum Dong’s business is our great concern. Please let him participate in the performance. Okay, I will. Sir! There was a phone call for
you from the production team. They ask you to come immediately. Come in. Did you call me? Please come in. Take a seat. Vice -leader, here. Hello, vice-leader speaking. Yes? Ribbon chapter? Ok.
I’ll be there in a minute.. Have you spoken with the director?
Prepare a reserve quickly. l can’t. You can’t? l think he is
going to have an operation… . The hospital is taking alternative measures. It’s only your wish. It’s not just mine but all kids’. Just think about the efforts he devoted till now… Of course, I understand. But just because of him, we can’t
ruin the whole process, can we? Anyway, he’s got to take
part in the performace. Do you persist again? I never did! Then what do you call this? What’s wrong with you? Why are you against everything
I say? Is there a problem? I have! You only see the number of children and
their moves but you never feel their minds. You’re heartless woman! Heartless? Right! You can never understand their
feelings with your cold heart What am I doing? Talking to someone
who never had children of her own! What? What did you say? And you. you tried to act as my matchmaker? If all girls are like you, I will
never get married. Never! Stop there! How could you insult me like that? Coldhearted? Yes. you’re right. I have a cold heart. What do you know about me? I am a woman too. How could you…say such… I also wanted to love. but I…
devoted everything to gymnastics. Looking back now, I don’t
know how I’ve grow so far. But l’m not asking for your
sympathy. Nor I regret. I only wanted the green carpet where my
childhood memory and everything rests. That’s why I came here. Sorry. Let’s stop here. And as for Kum Dong, select a reserve. The clothes fits you perfectly. Miss. over there… What’s on your Mind? Oh, miss! Lately, I thought about Mun Gyu a lot. Why
does he oppose to everything that I do? l heard you had an argument
with him because of Kum Dong? lt was not an argument. lt was an insult. How can he be like that? Vice-leader. you don’t understannd him much. Do you remember, you scoled him
for being late when you were young? I do. You were then sent to a sports
team so you may not know it. After the performance, I went to his
house to find out why he was late. I found out that his mother
had died that morning. What shocked me was Mun Gyu.
who should have been in deep sorrow
with his mother’s loss Even though his sisters and
neighbours blocked his way… and implored him to stay, saying his
place would be filled with a reserve. But he said, although his place on the
carpet could be filled with a reserve, his mind who yearned for the respected Father
General could not be filled by anyone else. And he ran toward the place
of performance. So they say. He’s devoted himself for the moment of
giving pleasure to the respected General on that green carpet since he was young. Is Kum Dong here? Yes, he is. Hello, how are you? Please, come in. Where’s Kum Dong? Vice-leader took him out for a fresh air. Vice-leader? Well, how is Kum Dong now? They took the non-operation method. He’s
a young boy, his recovery is very fast. Is it? Kum Dong, are you feeling any pain? No. Really? I’m okay now. Want to see? Dear me. stop it! You will hurt yourself. I’m perfectly fine. Kum Dong, I didn’t know your mind. They are over there. Thank you. I had a dream last night. In the dream, I performed in the
presence of the respected General. A dream? He clapped his hands and
Even highly praised us. Did he really? Kum Dong, let’s practice hard
and give pleasure to him. Then you will have to recover
soon and join in the practice. Don’t worry. I will. Like this. Have you all seen it? Yes. This time, forward pivot with
one hand! First in fours. Go! One two three, two two three, … Five two three, stop! Good.
Turn around and do it again, go! One two three. Stop. Excellet. This time.
in eights, everyone. go! One two three… Five two three… Nine two three, ten two three. Good. That’s it! Well done. Break time. Hello, vice-leader. Today we have a discussion of
artisitic images. Are you preparing
to challenge this vice-leader? I won’t say I ain’t. I wish you good luck. Thank you. …therefore, though the idea of group
forward pivot in children’s chapter is good. it doesn’t thoroughly display
the sigle-hearted unity. Vice-leader. objection here! Don’t interrupt me and sit down! Sit down. The directors of children Chapter
have certainly done a lot. But if I may suggest, eights in every
group isn’t enough for group forward pivot instead, add eight more in each
group to go around in turnns. In this way, I think, we can give more life to the
display of the sun and its planets guarding it in pursuance of your intentions. Head of children Chapter, what do you think? lt’s a brilliant idea. And what about you. Mun Gyu? When vice-leader is talking to you, you
should stand up and at least pretend to listen. Thank you, vice-leader! Miss! How did he pluck up so much courage? He’s a real man. Is that so? Hyon Hui, what do you think?
I think he’s a good man. Honest and truth-seeking. Besides, you were
his partner since you were a kid, weren’t you? Miss, he already has a girlfriend. Girlfriend? lt can’t be. Vice-leader! You have a visitor in the hall. Visitor? There she comes… . Vice-leader! Vice-leader! Yang Sil has brought
invitation cards to the wedding. Hello! Congratulations, Yang Sil,
from the bottom of my heart. Thank you. I knew this day day would
come sooner or later. Well, I say! I want you come to our wedding. Here you are! And this other one? That one is for Mun Gyu. Mun Gyu? Then? They want me come with you to their wedding. Oh, my! Why did you drop it? Did I? What’s with youc vice-leader? Nothing, it’s nothing. Ouch! Jesus! What’s wrong? Haven’t you noticed anything? Yes? Miss, are you all ready? Mun Gyu. no problem in children chapter? Don’t worry about it. Kum Dong, today is very importat. Yes. Dear! They are already
good-looking without make-up. Pass me the handkerchief. l’m not confident about it. You look around the other chapters. Yes! You know, Mun Gyu. What is it? Will the respected General come
and watch our performance? I wonder the same thing. Today’s performance has to be perfect. I agree. I cannot calm down. Me, too. Will there be any mistakes? Let’s trust them. We’ve longed for this day, haven’t we? Yes, we really have. At this historical moment when the
century is replaced by with a new one, on this audacious day when we glorify
the revolutionary achievements of… … the founder and also the builder
of the Juche-oriented Party, celebrating the great event of the victors
who overcame “the Arduous March” and the forced march, the 55th
anniversary of the Party founding, upholding the torch of “Down-With-Imperialism”
enlightened on the hill of Huotian, we celebrate the victory of the 20th century and with this torch, we will open the gate
of the 21st century and brigthen the world! General Kim Il Sung! Long live! Long live! Great Kim Jong Il Mount Paektu reaches across. Shaping up our beautiful land. General, proudly hailed he is. Throughout the land, cheers resound. He’s the leader of the people The Sun’s cause he carries on Long live – long live! General Kim Jong Il! Mun Gyu. How did it go, vice-leader? It was a great success. Yes? Can you repeat it again? The respected General
watched our performance and highly praised it as a masterpiece. General..? Masterpiece..? Yes. General said that he saw the children wearing
thin clothes despite of the weather He wanted to take off his coat
and put it on them. And he added children are the most
important in our country and sent lots of presents with love. General… Mun Gyu, congratulations. No, let’s congratulate the children Brother! Hyon Hui! Kids! The fatherly General said
that everytime he looks at you, you look more lovely and adorable and
that we should work hard for your future. Blessed children, we congratulate you!

17 thoughts on “On the Green Carpet (North Korea)”

  1. sarge6925 says:

    awesome film, but is it possible to watch the latest films?

  2. myleftearful says:

    WOW.  I was totally wrong about North Korea!  Everything is perect there.  I'm moving!

  3. Test Test says:

    I think making at least the elementary form of gymnastics and parades mandatory as classes for children is a great idea: it'll reduce the the obesity epidemic in the US greatly. And encourage flexibility and greater mind-body coordination and also attentiveness to music and rhythm… increasing mental acuity as a whole. It'll also decrease time spent alone on iphones and other screens, while promoting teamwork and team-based problem-solving.

  4. You're welcome! 1Timothy1:5:5 says:

    belo filme!

  5. MsZiziHass says:

    Lovely film. Thanks for sharing 👍

  6. khsadad binsajed says:


  7. Kristina S. says:


  8. Dawn says:

    Do they still make movies like this in North Korea?

  9. Leon Allan Davis says:

    I give this one 4 Stars. At about the :56 mark, some really fine acting takes place. The chick who plays the Vice-Director really cuts loose. Almost like a scene from "Cat on A Hot Tin Roof." They get together in the end, of course, but I saw little on which to base a marriage between her and Mun Gyu. Zero spark. She didn't even like kids or she would have been married already.
    For a movie similar to this, try, "A Traffic Controller on the Crossroads". Another woman in a position of authority busting some subordinate guy's balls because he won't obey her orders. It's actually funny in places and the leading lady is way cuter than the Vice-Director here. Especially in that blue cop uniform she struts around in.

  10. Alex Hill says:

    I think that regardless of our political views, we can all agree that this is a hell of a lot better than How I Met Your Mother.

  11. ripsalsa says:

    whythey have a train and a newspaper with only words from kju

  12. Drăgan Emanuel says:

    Extraordinary movie!

  13. John Clendaniel says:

    How cute! Good chemistry between the actors and the children are talented and adorable!

  14. 박종명 says:

    댓글 다 북한에서 썼나

  15. Sasori Sasori says:

    Nice movie

  16. Maryam Rouf says:

    In my perspective, the movie shows the children's arduous desire into participate on mass gymnastics' performance to celebrate the party's anniversary. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Jerepongsul says:

    여동생이 제일 예쁘네 ㅎ

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