OOPS! Football Manager Jose Mourinho Falls Over Red Carpet At Russian Ice Hockey Match
OOPS! Football Manager Jose Mourinho Falls Over Red Carpet At Russian Ice Hockey Match

Insecure trainer position of the manager fired from Manchester United brought him to Moscow region. One of the managers with the most trophies and one of the most eccentric figures in modern football lost balance on ice in Balashikha. After symbolic throwing of the puck before the start of the match between SKA and Avangard, Famous guest forgot and put his weight on a usual leg on the red carpet.

39 thoughts on “OOPS! Football Manager Jose Mourinho Falls Over Red Carpet At Russian Ice Hockey Match”

  1. Владимир Анненков says:

    Походу не очень он и хорош !

  2. BLACKSCORP 666 says:

    He forgot the Ice as he is a football manager

  3. carmen diaz says:


  4. Arif Efendi says:

    Better if no carpet

  5. Mysterious Delishious says:

    This is how much friends I need

  6. bimmjim says:

    Russian ice is too slippery. Ha ha ha .

  7. Muhammad Irfan Noor Azman says:


  8. American exceptionazism 卐 says:

    Haha good

  9. tom conti says:

    i shouldn't laugh but that was damn funny.

  10. A. G. says:

    Breaking News: Man slips on ice


    Fucken crazy Russians who puts up red carpet on ice

  12. joe bloggs says:

    Blatant diving, book him for simulation.

  13. Moses Joshua says:

    Russians pull out the rug from under Mourinho's feet😂

  14. For your Eyes says:

    😬 oops been there done that, LOL

  15. TOENAIL says:

    Jose colluded with Russian ice

  16. lolthis truebias says:

    Fast reaction of the player

  17. SomeOne says:

    In Canada we call that a "wipe ouuuuuut"!

  18. Serj says:

    I just hope that some Russian club won´t hire him. He´s expensive and his football is horrible

  19. KOMEKON67 says:

    Datsyuk to help immediately. Sportsman.

  20. Nuno Frexes says:

    hahahaha…. Mourinho…
    always had lucky…. nothing broke….

  21. Sean Click says:

    Pavel can break your ankles in a handshake

  22. Phillip Ferrell says:

    Смеющийся мой осел выкл!

  23. Jose Achu says:


  24. Afshin says:

    Pretty much sums up his Manchester United career

  25. Vishal Rami says:

    I shouldn't laugh but….hahahahahahaha

  26. Peter Harry says:

    Poor guy. The only reason he got fired from Manchester United was because he had a skit on RT during the Russia World Cup, commenting about games. That's the truth.

  27. Paul Bridgeford says:

    Haha ripped 😂 😂 😂

  28. Khalid Nasti says:

    The fallen one

  29. Buran 300 300 says:

    Hahahah !

  30. Joel Montgomery says:


  31. Incomplete6230 says:

    moanrinho went down faster than his UTD career and slightly slower than salah diving..but close.

  32. David Mason says:

    Jose Mourinho illustrating his managerial career(falling flat on its ass). Now I have to say "that was a special one!!" 😂🤣

  33. Mr. Nice says:

    Usa: We will put new sanctions on Russian Ice.


  34. R B says:

    That hockey player reacted faster in the face of adversity than most of Mou's loser players at United.

  35. Stefan Djuric says:


  36. Kabillan Venu Gopalan says:

    He is comedy

  37. Vector Sentinel says:

    Ice, ice, baby.

  38. Vector Sentinel says:

    Another one bites the dust.

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