Our first time in MEXICO CITY – This Place is INSANE!!

Hello, Tangerineys from Mexico City. Mexico City, we are finally in Mexico City! It’s been almost a year and a half that we’ve been in Mexico, somehow the city has eluded us, not anymore, not this week (Giggles). Our first night here in Mexico City, we stayed at a Hyatt Regency; which is right across from Chapultepec Park because we had a free night that was about to expire, otherwise, we’d never be able to afford it. It’s expensive! (Joking with words) Six pensive. [Laughter] Six pense-ive. Six pense-ive, much more than 6 pense (laughs). And since we’re so close we decided to pop over to Chapultepec Park and holy crap! This place is huge! This Park is enormous! But it feels like a sanctuary from the rest of the city like it plopped me in here, I would not think I was in the largest city in Mexico, right? Exactly! If you’ve been to Central Park in New York, this is double the size. Double! From the 40th floor of our hotel, you can see one end of the park and then the other end goes as far as the eye can see. It’s enormous. (Making duck sound) (Laughs). Sir, Come here! [Vendor] Water 10, waters for 10 pesos young man, come on over. Here at the park, it looks like there’s an unlimited amount of vendors where you can buy whatever you want, like rich crazy potatoes Would you like some rich crazy potatoes? I am not hungry but I am hungry. (Laughs) With all of this food around. So. I have no idea what we just walked up into but there are all these booths from different countries. It seems like European countries selling artesanias’ products, clothes, bags… Where are you pointing that? Oh… (Laughs) And I’ll just be down here because Jordan doesn’t know where he’s holding the camera I actually think it’s all countries or a bunch of countries, but we’re just in the European section right now. Turns out this is Feria Internacional de Las Culturas Amigas, where they have a whole bunch of stuff from all over the world, from Asia, Africa, Europe… The more we were walking around the more I’m like,
these are literally artesanias and clothes and typical products from these countries all over the world. Where else do you have the opportunity… (Rephrase) Where else do I have the opportunity to geek out over this stuff? I love looking at artesanias and especially typical things from each region. As it turns out, this is a two-week event here at Chapultepec Park. Based on what I know about Mexico City, which is not a lot (laughs), but I gather that these type of events happen all the time, so it’s probably why Mexico City is so appealing because it’s like a cultural, and social, and business epicentre where all of this stuff – all of these things happen constantly, so you really can’t get bored (laughs) in a city like that. No way! My gosh! This thing is massive. We just got into Mexico City yesterday morning and I don’t know about you but I feel totally overwhelmed, like we got all these recommendations of things we should go see and do and there’s like, there are almost literally a million things to do here (Laughs) Or millions… It would take a lifetime to explore this city and we only have a week (giggle). Yeah, so I mean we’re going to try to do a bunch of stuff but honestly, I don’t even know where to start because the city is just so gigantic. And from the windows of the 40th-floor lounge. we are just looking out at this huge city like Literally, where do we start? (Laughs) I am really thankful right off the bat though that the pollution seems to be far less terrible than it has been for the past few weeks or a few months due to fires and like general big-city pollution, so we can actually see out across the whole city from these 40th-story windows which is pretty cool. Yeah. I was very pleasantly surprised by that. So we’re headed back to the hotel now to regroup and then we are going to take an Uber to one very popular attraction in the city or one of many… I mean, oh my gosh How can I even say this. The most popular? One of the most… how do I even know? (Laughs) So, this museum we’re going to is the personal collection of Carlos Slim. And he’s the richest guy in Mexico – one of the richest in the world. So he built this (Soumaya Museum) to showcase his personal collection and made it free entry, like how cool is that? If you’re going to have a big art collection, what better way to do it than like this? Rather than having it in your house where no one sees it. Here’s one of the most famous sculptures in the world The sinker (laughs), the sinker. The thinker. I can’t talk. This building in itself is a work of art; six floors of this collection. We’re going to go up the stairs to see what else there is. On the floor below us there was like a whole huge display of gold and silver coins and here, there’s this elephant tusk with all its intricate details. I think this is super cool. As it turns out this floor is all ivory with intricate carvings and designs; pretty incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a building that has so much wealth, both historically and monetarily. It is just insane how much valuable things are inside. By the way guys be sure to subscribe to our channel because we have more Mexico City videos coming up. We have literally just scratched the surface and we have a whole week ahead of us. So, be sure to do that; subscribe to see our new videos. So, we are no longer staying by Chapultepec Park Unfortunately, we are way too poor to stay at the Hyatt Regency for an entire week. We’re now in the Santa Fe region of Mexico City, which is from what I understand, is pretty ritsy, high-class, Lots of businesses. Yeah, lots of businesses and high-rises and that type of thing. We had some points to use up here at the Hyatt. So we’re staying at the Hyatt house. So, we asked on Facebook and on YouTube for your suggestions of where to stay in Mexico City and no one said Santa Fe (Laughs) Overwhelmingly it was like, stay in Roma, stay in Condesa, And a few other neighborhoods. Coyoacan We would’ve loved to stay in those places, honestly, they’re way more central than where we are now, we are freaking in the boondocks of Mexico City. So what are we going to do? Our plan is to spend at least a day in each one of those highly recommended places and hopefully do a video in each one. So, up to this point we actually haven’t gone out to a restaurant in Mexico City yet because at the Hyatt Regency. Breakfast was included and then there were snacks in the middle of the day and then kind of like this, dinner spread of sorts, so we didn’t actually have to go out and it was like why not enjoy this luxury experience! By the time we were in Santa Fe. We went to this place called “Cabanna”. (joking with the pronunciation) Two N’s I thought the food was super good. Yeah, it was pretty good – a little bit more on the pricey side, but it’s kind of a nicer place and I mean everything around this part of town is nice. A little more upscale. for a dinner for each of us and one drink, it was about 25 US dollars (478 Pesos). But I’m excited to like explore more of Mexico City. Oh, yeah. This is just really the beginning of this week. I feel like there is this grand Adventure ahead of us in this giant city. Oh my gosh. Hello, Tangerine Amigos It is our first real day of explorations in Mexico City and we decided to check out the neighborhood called Condesa. (Holy Ravioli, this restaurant was loud) Which is like fancy town I think, from the few seconds we got here in this restaurant called Lardo, I believe. And yeah, just kicking it off here. I feel like this is where all the rich people live because my lunch was 205 pesos ($10.72 USD) and I’m still hungry. My salad was 115 pesos ($6.01 USD) and it was adorable with baby spinach. That restaurant was total chaos, it’s nice to be on this median walking path now. Yeah, my food was excellent though (Oh it was super good) 10 out of 10 for my food, but yes pricey. We came from Lima, Peru where the traffic was horrendous and there was non-stop honking all day and all night long everywhere. It was so noisy. And it was like a domino effect too because one person honks and then everyone feels like they need a hug at least that’s (giggles) that’s how it seemed to me. So coming to Mexico City, I knew the traffic was going to be bad, that wasn’t a surprise to me, what was was, where’s all the honking? Like everyone just knows that they have to wait and oh, it’s so different. So much more tranquil despite all the chaos of the driving and all the cars So often we get people messaging us or commenting, super-nice saying like, hey if you guys need help just message me or I’d be happy to tour you around the city and generally, we’re kind of like, we prefer to just bop around on our own and see whatever we can see and whatever we can find. Here in Mexico City, I think this is the first time I would happily take someone up on that offer because There’s just so much to see and do. I’m like paralyzed – like I can’t make any decisions. What to do you, I don’t know and where to be. We walked around La Condesa a little bit. What do you think of it? The architecture is completely gorgeous like (oh, yeah) The building facades were amazing. Most of them were super colorful and they had tile work and like carving and stuff, So that was like, oh my gosh, so pretty. And speaking of tile work, we recently started an Instagram, it’s “Tiles While Traveling”. So we’re taking pictures of tiles we find around the country and around the world. Because there are so many pretty ones all over the place with different designs and they’re so different from city to city, so “Tiles While Traveling” A little hobby project. But anyway, Condesa, I love the walking streets, the architecture, the buildings, but it was much more quiet, tons of trees. Cooler even. Yeah, not so much traffic on those streets, Yeah, not too much traffic. but we didn’t know what to do besides walking around which was enjoyable, So now we’re back to Chapultepec Park. It feels like a safe place to go, (laughs) there are things to do, we can’t mess it up. And we keep calling at Chapultepec Park, and I think that’s what it’s referred to a lot of times. But I think technically it’s Bosque de Chapultepec Yeah, say that too many times because it’s really hard to say (laughs) All right, we’re at the boat station here and even though it’s a little bit more expensive. It’s 100 Pesos instead of 60, I’m insisting on getting the Swan. Hello, how are you? A Swan, please. The swan, please. 1 hour. Okay. 1 hour. Name. One hour. And I return for this (driver’s license) Ticket, ID, behind. Thank you. Thank you. Go ahead, Swan. Ticket. Thank you, Thank you. I can hardly reach this. Is there an adjustable seat option? A stilts option? Go go go go go go go! [Laughter] So, we got the most ostentatious boat I am so embarrassed by this. Whatever, this is awesome! There is a word for it but I don’t know about that one. (Laughs) You know, something I didn’t consider with this is that this would be obstructing a large part of my view Can you see me rolling my eyes past my sunglasses? (Laughs) So, we paid approximately two extra dollars to be the biggest nerds on this entire Lake. (Laughs) (Imitating duck sound) Hello! [Imitating duck sounds] Maddy thinks that being in the Swan boat is embarrassing, but I honestly think the most embarrassing part about it is that we paid extra for it. I recommend you get the regular boat because it has a better view and this boat is like the noisiest one out here. (Laughs) It’s so janky! We paid extra for this loud ass boat that we can’t see out of the front of. And people are laughing at us. (mocking and laughter continues) Help! Get me off! [Laughter] Baby ducks, oh my gosh! [Imitating duck sounds] Awe, they’re so cute and fuzzy! So I could be wrong because I know nothing about Mexico City weather but it looks like we are about to get rained on. Mayday! Mayday! So since Jordan picked that to embarrass me, what should I pick to embarrass Jordan? I picked it because it was awesome And you literally made one of your things you were thankful for today that you embarrassed me on that boat. I mean, that’s just a perk. Oh Jordan Oh, Jordan! I see something I like! Guess what it is! Guess what time it is! I know you from your YouTube channel. El Centro of El Centro! We’re filming. We are venturing into the neighborhood of La Condesa again in the most rapid fashion so that we don’t get rained on because these clouds look dark! They are very ominous. We’re going to some loungy type restaurant bar that has great views supposedly. It’s dark in here! For Two, Please. Two People? Thank you! Hotel Condesa DF So once again pretty pricy place, but I got this drink for 150 pesos ($7.84 USD) Mine was 145 Pesos ($7.58 USD) But once again, salud! That’s really good! Try this. Oh my gosh, I’m ordering that. (Laughs) 24 minutes later (Rain sounds) Okay, it’s freezing now! Thankfully, they brought us a blanket. It just started raining. It just started raining big-time! So thankfully we have this coverage…we were not prepared for this weather. No! I’m wearing short and a t-shirt right now, but in my defense, it was like 80… yesterday and a day before that. This is nice. A nice little loungy vibe. We get to cuddle up. Have some drinks and we get to cuddle. But then we have to leave the blanket I think. Make sure to subscribe so you see our upcoming videos that we have in Mexico City and I don’t know, give this video a like if you liked it. Share it with a friend who might enjoy our shenanigans too, but the most important part (one more thing), the one more thing (laughs) [bell ringing] GONG that bell! So you get notified the next time we put out a video…. and we will see you soon!

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