Our New Dream Kitchen Tour!

– Hey everyone, it’s Natasha
from natashaskitchen.com and today we’re doin’
something completely different. We’ve had so many requests
for a kitchen tour and that’s exactly what
we’re gonna do today. We’re gonna go through everything and this really is our dream kitchen. Enjoy. (upbeat music) When we designed our house we
really wanted an open concept. So it goes from the kitchen to the dining room and on
into the living room. Everything just flows together which is really great for entertaining and lighting was really important to us because our first house was really dark so we wanted to have huge
windows with great daylight and tons of lights in the kitchen. You can never have too many
light bulbs in the kitchen ’cause a bright space is
a happy place (laughs). Alright, let’s take a look at our island. And as you can see it is huge (laughs). I think it’s like 10 feet by five feet. Massive and it takes up a huge footprint in the house so we wanted to make sure that it was super useful. We made good use of
every bit of this island. So on this back side
where I would normally have bar stool and let me know if you have some recommendations ’cause it is so hard to find bar stools (laughs). Alright. So we’ve got cabinets on
this side all along this side starting from here and we’ve got, we keep our camera gear and
things like that in here. Once I get bar stools I’ll probably have some art supplies
for this kids in here. So cabinets all along this side and then we have camera gear in here along with some of our photography surfaces and all kinds of stuff (laughs). And then another cabinet here where we keep tripods and such. And then everything is soft
close which is amazing. It makes for a quiet kitchen. I love that (laughs). Alright, let’s get to the
fun part of the island. When we organized the kitchen we thought about how we would be using it. So, we made sure to put
in drawers everywhere we could so that you don’t have to open cabinets and then dive into your cabinets to find something. Drawers are so much more useful. So, down here at the bottom, we have our casserole
dishes and bake ware. Things we don’t use quite as often. Then in the next drawer we
have, some more bake ware. We’ve got our salad spinner, salad bowls, food chopper, just minor tools. And then in the top drawer here we have our tools that are useful but
we don’t use quite as often. So mostly bake ware type things. This is where we keep
things like our Thermapen. This is really handy for meats. And then our jar opener, safety gloves. You can see those have
gotten a lot of good use, and this little doodad that the kids love, so they’re always lookin’ for that one. Rolling pins and then just
general bake ware type things. And I do love this rolling pin though. I can’t tell you but, it’s my favorite. Alright. Alright and this top drawer
has my most used tools. So these our my go to favorites
that get used over and over and it’s really nice to have
these when we’re filming or if I need to have
something to get to the stove. These are my all time favorites. I’ve got tons of measuring
cups, measuring spoons, and these ones are the best. They’re magnetic so they
stay together really well. And then we have our fruit scoops. We use this for mango, this
one for avocado or kiwi. More fruit scoops and our lemon squeezer. This one’s our favorite brand so far. My husband has broken two different ones and this one is still goin’
strong so, that is good. And then we’ve got our cookie
scoops and ice cream scoop. I love these trigger release ones. We use them for everything. And then all of our spatulas and tongs, ladles, more spatulas, the
cheese grater gets a lotta use. And of course, a digital kitchen scale. And I’ll leave links to all
of these things in the notes. And then the next drawer down, we have pots, pans, skillets,
sauce pans (laughs). Lots of them. And then also in the
following drawers more pots and pans and skillets because
you can never have too many. And now, my very favorite
part of the island because I work right here,
I do all of my prep here, we film here, I love
having this prep sink. It is amazingly useful. I can drain my pasta coming off the stove, I can fill up anything (laughs). And then having this water
filter on the sink is awesome because it’s so much more handy to fill up a coffee pot right here
then from a refrigerator. And it’s filtered water. The kids love it too. And of course it has the disposal button. So I can just sweep off my mess
and dispose of it (laughs). Okay, and there is a
garbage can right here. So if you’ve ever wondered where I just sweep my garbage
it’s not going on the floor. It’s going into the garbage can (laughs). Alright. Here it is. Garbage and recycling. So handy. And then we also have a paper
towel dispenser right here. Right where I’m working. It’s awesome (laughs). Alright so… And then under the sink
we’ve got stuff, you know. Sink stuff. Nothing terribly exciting. Little step stool for my little one who loves to help me in the kitchen. Oh! And a fire extinguisher. I guess that’s exciting if you
ever have to use it (laughs). Hopefully we’ll never have to use it. Alright and then up on top we’ve got our medicine cabinet over here and that’s the one that didn’t get tidied up. So we’re not opening it (laughs). And then over here we have
our big ol’ honkin’ bottles of spices because with these you really want the big ol’ honkin’ bottles (laughs). Very well used. Okay, and then we’re still moving in. There’s not, there’s a lot of cabinets and we’re not used to this many cabinets so it’s gonna take us
awhile to fill them up. Okay and then over here, I love this drawer
right next to the stove. This is, oh I love having
my spices in a drawer and these racks that
they’re on are from Amazon. I’ll leave a link. They are so handy. It’s nice to see all of your spices. Easy to find. Makes cooking so much nicer. As you can tell, I’m a
spice hoarder (laughs). But I also like to use them and as you can tell McCormick is a favorite. (bottle thuds) Alright, next drawer. Here we have bake ware. Cupcake, bake pans, pie pans. All that jazz. And then, whoa. That’s empty (laughs). Work in progress (laughs). Alright and then we have cabinets built in on both sides of the stove which we use for cutting boards,
drying racks, hot pads. All that good stuff. We’ve got our huge
cutting boards in this one and plastic wrap, foil, things
that are used all the time. And now (giggles), the moment
we’ve been waiting for. I wanna talk to you guys about my range. It is a beast. It is a fabulous beast (laughs). I love it, I love it, I love it. Alright, is a Thermador
and it’s a 48 inch. Huge. It has six burners and a griddle which I’ve never had a griddle
before but it’s just so good. It’s like a giant skillet
that fits all of the things. And then each burner is super strong and I love that they’re
spaced out so you can fit, you can fit six huge pots on this stove and they’re not crowding each other. That is the best (laughs). Alright and then this little
panel light is so cool. It’s just, I turn it on just so I can look at it and enjoy it (laughs). Okay, I’m gonna try to calm down. And this gigantor oven down
here fits any size baking sheet and multiple baking
sheets next to each other. And I also love that the
racks come out like this so that you can pull out the rack and then lift up your casserole dish so you’re not diving
into the hot oven for it. Alright and then it also
has this little oven here on the side for smaller
things like chicken nuggets. (laughs) ‘Cause I’m a mom that makes
chicken nuggets (laughs). I know you’re judging me, it’s fine. I don’t care (laughs). Alright and then the hood above
the range is just a dream. It sucks up everything. Like sometimes I feel like
it’s gonna suck me in there because it’s so strong and we actually had to create a vent that pulls air from the outside because the
suction is just so strong. Like, I’m not even kidding. It is fabulous and it’s not loud either. Listen. (hood whirring) That’s full strength and
it’s like, you can feel it. It’s good (laughs). It has great lighting. I just love this thing. Okay and then also this is something that I have always dreamed of having ’cause it looks cool and
it’s actually really useful. So this is a pot filler. So when you’ve to a big heavy pot, like these cast iron
ones that I love so much, you can just fill them right on the stove. (water splashing)
(upbeat music) (laughs)
(water splashing) Okay. I get excited about these things. (upbeat music) (lid clattering) Alright, moving on. To the left of the stove we have some more really useful things. We’ve got the salt, the pepper, oils, vinegars, vanilla extract. Things that we use all the time. And then over here we keep our Tupperware, measuring cups and our breakfast bar. So this is our homemade granola and I have a recipe for it on my blog. It is so good and we
always stock it at home because we love yogurt
parfaits in the morning. One of our favorite breakfasts. Alright. Kind of a hodgepodge but, we
know where stuff it (laughs). And then down here is
the practical life stuff. We have our silverware. Easy to grab, easy to reach for the kids. And then we keep all of our dishes in here because the kids can
easily put it in here. Our son unloads the dishwasher
for us and these plates, I mean they are inexpensive. The Corelle ones but I just love them. They are so handy. They’re lightweight. They don’t seem to break and I don’t know why I’m
obsessed with them (laughs). And then down here we have
all of our mixin’ bowls. Our stainless steel ones and then this set I really like by OXO because each one is a bowl and a colander so you can strain things
or use it as a mixing bowl and we’ll have these in our shop too. Super handy and then of course, our collection of glass bowls. (bowls clinking) And tucked back in here across from the pantry we have an extension of the kitchen called the butlers pantry. I don’t know why. We don’t have a butler (laughs). But this is where I keep
all of my photography props in the cabinets above and below and where we keep all of our small appliances. So tons of outlets on this wall. Also on this wall we have a second oven and this is so handy during the holidays or if you’re a food blogger and you do a lot of test baking (laughs). So, very useful. And we have a built in
microwave right on top of that. We don’t use this as often but
it has it’s place (laughs). And then cabinets up here,
just random house stuff and we keep our more small
appliances down here. We’ve got the instant pot, slow
cooker, hand mixer and such. Then over here we have our baking sheets conveniently located next to the oven and then we also have some silicone liners for those baking sheets. And now we move on to the sink. My second favorite thing
about this kitchen. We went with a farmhouse sink
because it was dreamy (laughs) and I love these racks inside because they protect the sink and
if you’re drying something like a big pot it’s not
sitting on the bottom. They’re really convenient. Highly recommend. And then we have the (water splashing) motion sensor faucet which is, I have a love, hate
relationship because like, sometimes I reach over and I’m like ah! (laughs)
(upbeat music) That happens a lot. Shoot (laughs). Okay, anyways we designed
this with function in mind. So this is super functional. We have another set of
garbage cans right over here. Garbage and recycling bin which
is so handy and functional. Alright so, imagine this. I’ve got my dirty dish,
I scrape it off in here, I rinse it or wash it in the sink and then I put it in the dishwasher which is currently
packed with dirty dishes. We’re not gonna open that (laughs). And then we have our
glasses in this cabinet. Also super handy because the dishes go from the dishwasher right up here. And from the dishwasher right over to that drawer where we keep the dishes. Function. See? Very well thought out. Movin’ on. Under the sink we have
our under the sink stuff just like everybody has
under the sink stuff. Garbage bags, Mr. Clean
Magic Eraser alright? Somebody really swore by
these so we bought them. So far so good actually. And then this is our favorite dish soap. It smells really good. Is it safe to sniff dish soap? I hope so (laughs). Okay, sorry ’bout that. Alright. And then we have the shelves. I’ve always wanted a window above the kitchen sink and it
didn’t happen in this house but this is the next next thing. It’s so nice. And then we had Irene
of Minton Pine Design do our decorating in the kitchen and she did such a nice job. Looks so pretty. Such a sweet thing to look at. We did tile all the way up to the ceiling which I love and we did the subway tile. Classic, see? It’s the sink (laughs). But it didn’t get me that time. Up here we have all of our coffee stuff. Our to go cups, our beans, our cleaners and teas and this is our station. And down here we have the junk drawer and I call it the organized drawer because my husband does not allow it to become a junk drawer which is great. Oh look, our old business card. (laughs) It’s cute. Alright. And then we have our coffee glass cups. These are so fun to use for coffee and I’ll show you why in a bit. We’re gonna take one out for now. (glass thuds) And then down here we
have our plastic bags. We reuse them. Of course we do. (upbeat music) Alright I know I said I
have favorites but (sighs), (laughs) this is my best friend (laughs). I look forward to this
every single morning and every time I go to bed I think about my mornings with my friend. This is a Jura S8 and it is a wonderful, wonderful machine for
making all the coffees. It’s like having a barista at home. So this is our coffee
station and I’m gonna show you how to make the most
amazing cup of coffee with this. And these mugs are so neat. They’re by Zwilling J.A. Henckels and they are double insulated
so they don’t get hot and they just make the coffee so beautiful and that much more enjoyable. So I’m gonna make you a cup of coffee but before we do we need to get the milk so let’s head on over to the fridge. And this is also Thermador. We’ve got a 48 inch fridge
and I love this thing and you let me know if you
would love to see a fridge tour. Okay. The milk. So watch how easy this is. Plug in the milk. (upbeat music) Put down your cup. And then you choose the one that you want and we’ve got these pre
programmed the way we like them. Like you can choose latte and adjust how much coffee and how much milk that you want based on
how strong you like it and then just push the button and it goes. So easy. Alright so, let’s make a cappuccino. (upbeat music) That’s all there is to it. Look how pretty this is. Look at that thick foam. It is just fabulous. (upbeat music) Mm. (upbeat music) (laughs) That is a good cup of coffee (laughs). Just the way I like it. Hope you guys enjoyed
this dream kitchen tour. If you guys wanna see a tour of our refrigerator or our pantry let me know in the comments and
thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you next time. Hey before you go, in case you missed it check out our moving day
video right over there and the very first video we filmed in this new kitchen right down there. Click below to subscribe and when you do click that little bell icon
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