Our product world – Baffle Ceiling – heated/chilled ceiling or wavelike design
Our product world – Baffle Ceiling – heated/chilled ceiling or wavelike design

Every room demands the attention of all
your senses in the first moment. It has its own acoustics, aesthetics, climate and
develops its own atmosphere. We at Lindner unite all these aspects in our
products. It is crucial that acoustics, climate design or lighting’s can be
adjusted and improved even after the completion of the room. This is possible
by using our Baffle Ceilings vertical instead of horizontal. The construction
provides an open layout. The individual baffles are hooked onto suspended
profiles. They are attached to vertically onto the bare ceiling. The one-piece
baffles can be adjusted flexibly in size and their distance to each other. They
become acoustically effective through the perforation which can be performed
in diverse variations. Additionally equipped with heating or cooling
technology, they do not only create great room acoustics, but also a comfortable
indoor climate. The elements can be moved without tools to reach the ceiling void
comfortably. A detachable plug connector ensures a secure connection between distributors
and baffles. The Multi-Quick-Connect-System guarantees an easy and
fast installation. The connector clicks into place mechanically and visible
touch points as well as a clicking sound ensure, that the connector has been
installed correctly. If an individual and distinctive appearance is important to
you, the design variant LAOLA is your right choice. Integrated light solutions,
three-dimensional effects and a freely configurable waveform allow to create
a unique and extraordinary atmosphere. Our baffle ceilings are versatile
solutions focused on what is most important to you. With us you can find an
appropriate system for every requirement!

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