Packing Tips for Moving Furniture | The Home Depot
Packing Tips for Moving Furniture | The Home Depot

When planning for furniture, don’t forget to
think about the pictures and the mirrors and the other wall decorations. The
easiest way to pack them up is just to get a picture bag. It’s basically a large
foam bag and you can just unfold it and slide it right over the pictures and
mirrors and it will protect them in the back of the truck. Another piece of
furniture that sometimes difficult to pack and protect is going to be things
like the sofa or loveseat. So the best way to do it is to use a sofa table
protector. It works for upholstered sofas, but it’ll also work for larger tables
like a dining room table, kitchen table or the dresser that would be in your
bedroom. The sofa table protector is a three layer product. There’s a tough poly
on the outside, there’s a standard plastic layer on the inside and in
between is a non-woven fabric layer. What that does is that allows the inner and
outer surfaces to slip against each other without transferring any abrasion
onto the fabric or onto the leather. Moving blankets are another great tool
for packing furniture. They work very well with both upholstered and wooden
furniture so anything like sofas, chairs tables, nightstands, dressers really any
of the furniture around your house is going to be a great thing to protect
with. The premium moving blanket has a navy blue outside that’s a woven layer.
It’s tough, it’s durable, it’s gonna take abrasion when you pack it in the back of
the truck. The inside is a black non-woven layer and that’s a soft non-abrasive
surface. Make sure you put that side to the furniture and the navy blue side to
the outside. The easiest way to use moving blankets is just to simply drape
it over the chair or table or whatever furniture you’re protecting and secure
it using 20-inch or five inch stretch film.

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