Pai Gow 16 Pairs & Tile Rankings | Gambling Tips
Pai Gow 16 Pairs & Tile Rankings | Gambling Tips

Hey, guys. I’m going to teach you about Pai Gow. Originally, we were going to go into how to
play the game, but to understand the game, it’s probably a good idea to understand the
tiles and exactly how everything here works. Here we have a set of Chinese dominos, there
are 32 of them to a set. And right now I have them arranged in pairs. And we basically have them set from high to
low, this being the highest pair. My Chinese is horrible, in English it just
means supreme pair, so I’ll just say that. And then it goes into all these identical
pairs up until here. You’ll notice here we have, some tiles that
are not identical, but they are still pairs, like these two nines, these two eights, right,
and these two sevens, these two fives. So, and with that, then you’ll be able to
understand the game a little bit better after this video. Here you’ll notice that we do have sixes but
they’re different styles. And everything’s already paired up, so as
a pair these two tiles together beat anything else, and then these two would be the next
powerful, and it goes all the way down to the mixed five, which even if it’s the lowest
pair it’s also still very strong. Also, part of this game are special combinations
called wongs and gongs. What it is, like any two or twelve domino
with a nine makes up a wong. It’s not as strong as a pair, but it’s pretty
close, right? The next from there, combinations called gongs,
which are a two or a twelve and an eight. So with your hand if you’re not able to make
a pair or one of these then the object of the game is to get as close to nine as possible. Still confused? That’s okay, I’ll go over all the basics in
this series so that you’ll know how to play pai gow.

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  1. Ben Wright says:

    its weird how some videos by howcast have have millions of views and some have as little as 8..

  2. 21 Nights Entertainment says:

    Well, 'How to Undo A Bra With One Hand' is a much more entertaining and useful skill than how to gamble.

    I may be a degenerate gambler, but I'm a guy too. I get it – it's cool. 🙂 –Shawn

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