Paint Fast with the World’s Biggest Paint Roller
Paint Fast with the World’s Biggest Paint Roller

Paint Fast with the Worlds Biggest Paint Roller

100 thoughts on “Paint Fast with the World’s Biggest Paint Roller”

  1. daniel cutler says:

    I like the stirring stick

  2. UnesOnes says:

    It's like watching paint dry…..

  3. Mark Rebehn says:

    If I try this method, will I still have good results if I don't put down a long metal tripping hazard directly in my footpath?

  4. jason zicari says:

    where can i find/buy that roller frame? anyone?

  5. Mike Dynomite says:

    quality over quantity

  6. tito flores 507. says:

    Good job!!

  7. Henry Smith says:

    A 9 inch roller would do the job just as well but what I believe is he was just trying to show how much faster the job could be completed using a bigger roller . The problem is there's a whole bunch of people out there the lakes to jibber jabber about someone else's work which it really doesn't matter the person who's doing the video enjoying himself so when are you going to be if you don't like it flip the channel plain and simple negative remarks or not requested mahalo have a good day… My grammar is not up so leave it alone.

  8. Ujin Pro.100 remont says:

    Wow cool what a cool roller and where can I buy this?

  9. Ọkaakaa Mmụọ says:

    If you get a larger roller you'll be able to finish in half the time..! Great sound…

  10. Staff H says:

    This is ok if you cant find a wide roller

  11. Dante Russo says:


  12. Nicole Brown says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is my dad

  13. Jc Patryck says:


  14. santana walker says:

    There's a difference in taking pride in good work and pride in work you thought was good , no doubt he on the right path but the paint world chew swallow and regurgitate this guy..

  15. Lord Cromwell says:

    Pretty hard core..

  16. Shane Knerr says:

    Of course he's going to be quick he's got what is that two 18-inch rollers Plus it's not even a color change it's the same color over itself so if you had any holidays you're not going to fucking see it. Plus it's a flat wall there's nothing to it any jackass could just throw a 5 gallon bucket of paint on that wall and back roll it and it would look the same

  17. Aaron Ricci says:

    have you ever heard of a 3m hand masker and a strainer bag? just saying

  18. Jaime Lopez says:


  19. Michael Reyes says:

    Nice but first problem no all the walls are straight! Meaning will be some parts that wont get paint just like i see some lines! And i cant imagine how many lines of paint its in that wall cause the roller!

  20. E -Smoke says:

    i am faster👌🏼no joke

  21. brian piper says:

    How can I get one of those rollers! I want one!!

  22. RFPEJ JEPFR says:

    I knew the comment section would be gold ^^

  23. Gerrie herwijnen says:

    Fast money this way.. Nice 👌

  24. Don Ace says:

    Name of the song?🤔

  25. Phil the brush 12345 says:

    Crap, it’s a setup

  26. REhMan HAksar says:


  27. Steven Mincey says:

    I use a 18 inch roller nap every day I don’t see the point

  28. Daniel Aguilar says:

    The prep took longer than painting the wall lol

  29. diego palazzi says:

    Where buy it?

  30. Vic&Vanessa Bezak says:

    Too heavy. But pretty cool

  31. Martin Hendricken says:

    You're a benner from all the painterin ireland

  32. Herbert Brown says:

    I spray faster than this

  33. Chy hadi says:

    Good job… Where can i buy dat type of roller..?

  34. Orbie Bibbee says:

    Nice work
    Is that x2 /18inch padds
    I will try it

  35. ted marks says:

    Same color on a smooth surface lol

  36. John Strecker says:

    My biggest problem is why are you painting it in direct sunlight.

  37. Ugur Akmaz says:

    👎👎👎👎👎👎any body can do . your paint buket is fuck tup

  38. Ryzha says:

    1st yr apprentice?

  39. Monkey Haters says:

    I call bullshit!!💩 because I'm the fastest painter in the world🤯

  40. Aaron Van says:

    I wouldn't use that roller.. But bring it in. And have a laugh with the lads.. Touch up your sex life and roll with a painter

  41. Stefan Grote says:

    Professional painter here. This is bullshit and made up for getting attention online! it only works on straight surfaces. He put a way to thin layer of paint anyway. Seems he never heard of that paint isnt only to look nice but also have to protect the surface. Completely unusable crap.

  42. Adam Rys says:

    Cleaning that roller must be fun 😀

  43. Miguel Castillo says:

    Si eres pintor,y pides trabajo en una compañia de pintura y haces esto ,t corren a patadas

  44. mr stone says:

    Pointless quicker with a normal roller nice try tho x

  45. Bob Sacamano says:

    Legend has it, he's still cleaning out that roller to this day.

  46. Matthew Mills says:

    Spray it don’t roll it with that double naughty roller !
    Love the vid though.. made me smile

  47. Jeffrey Ruesga says:

    Lmfao. Any pro painter would kick this shit out like nothing. It's just a simple surface area. No masking, cutting prep. Lol. Give me a 621 and a roller with some rock music and I'll fuck this shit up all day on scaffolding with my dick in my hand

  48. Juan Fernandez says:

    Great tool!
    But only if the walls are perfectly straight

  49. James Spurling says:

    Old school with a little new school got to like

  50. DeadlyVenomKing says:

    Never saw a roller that large must be custom built

  51. Olivares Silviano says:


  52. D B says:

    Cool nice invention two more coats and your good

  53. hurryout1 says:

    What roller is tht

  54. AUTONOMOUS says:

    Paint shake and lid scrape = fired.

  55. johnnyshreddz says:

    Looks great on video…
    In person, not so much…

  56. A.K.A KDOG says:

    Yeah but he's messing

  57. Andy Hancox says:


  58. Juan Calvillo says:

    Supposed to cut the bottom in first

  59. HardRockMiner says:

    Fast? This isnt fast. This is a massive waste of time. Gimme a 9" and get outta the way.

  60. Victoria Gale says:

    Nope ,

  61. kev Smith says:

    Not gonna cut in at the top then? One of them ones… 'fuck it you wont see it from my house'

  62. alfred rangel says:

    Have you ever heard of a strainingbag , a masking machine or how about a spray rig😂 . Where have you been keeping your paint 😂. Its exterior no need to roll lmao if it wasnt gray on gray you would need two coats

  63. Danny Jackson says:

    Sprayer dude

  64. Meyer 7 says:

    Bozo painting Inc.

  65. Thalesh B says:

    He missed a spot 😐

  66. Jay B says:

    where did you get the roller ?

  67. Raul Alvarez says:

    Ok now try inside a house

  68. Joshua Dean Martin says:

    Okay cool, but you don't need a big ass roller. A 270 ml will suffice, but it's a personal preference.

  69. Maxkil says:

    AMAZING ! Drywall Construction Worker Uses Flat Box while Riding Hoverboard –


  70. Shane Golden says:

    The time you gain… lose that time cleaning that big roller & Trey mate.

  71. clayton nelms says:

    How about mixing it better than that, geez

  72. 1Chalkywhite says:

    Like to see you use that up a ladder painting heavy stucco … I’d piss all over you with my 9 “roller !

  73. POWER PAINTING says:

    No protection ….. no cutting in ….. 1500 inch roller to roll a tiny wall = fastest painter in world ? Get real bro will ya

  74. air2eave1 a says:

    Have you see him tap his hat like in I'm very clever but whilst he's taping the underside of the wall he almost stumble over the whatever slide dude you sucks. Lol. Have you ever heard of airless spray it's 5 times faster than you are….. Get a life

  75. jeffs Fx says:

    Waste of paint

  76. Jason Sanchez says:

    How many inches is that roller

  77. Richard Webster says:

    More water than paint in that bucket. Now he's going to get on his horse and head back to the ranch

  78. cesar rocha says:

    Jajajajaja yo tengo un rodillo igual .,en lo que esta persona puso el masking tape yo hubiese terminado hasta el segundo nivel y otra cosa lo quiero ver haciendo un tercer nivel con paredes irregulares

  79. Chris Justa says:

    lmfao the paint would be full of skin…. it would dry in seconds in the sun in a big pail like that hack job Jonh

  80. Yuvaca Uranus says:

    Next time prep your area first, before opening and setting up your paint. Not impressed at all

  81. Anthony N says:

    Airless spray gun! What are u doing ?

  82. Curse of Spawn says:

    Ist ja toll – nicht das macht der nicht den ganzen Tag 24/7 ! Der gleiche Mist wie man vom Chef gesagt bekommt was man schaffen muss … das funktioniert ab und an aber nicht immer !

  83. Joseph Delgado says:

    The thing about fast painters,
    If you got a guy that can get it done in 2 hours, I got a guy that can do it in one..etc

  84. Geno Paints says:

    The wall would have been painted with an 18just as quick

  85. bryan jennings says:


  86. kein Mensch says:


  87. Renato Bongiorno says:

    Parete grande grande pennello!

  88. Justin Hoffa says:

    My 14inch will smoke you come around 10AM!! U wood be exhausted … l o l….really ??? LAME

  89. Ron S says:

    Cool to watch, but I'd still rock that with a regular 9"

  90. Clayton Dement says:

    That's nothing, I learned how to paint in a dream! Fr though fast

  91. Clayton Dement says:

    People complaining about cleaning the roller, a 5 in 1 would clean it right up then spray it down with a hose. Wouldn't take much longer than an 18. The pan on the other hand….

  92. tripjet999 says:

    REAL painters wear disposable gloves when painting!

  93. Νικος Παπαδακης says:

    i used it just to try it ,,not wörth it!

  94. Rhett Mobley says:

    Fuck yahh man!! U got me wantin to make one!! Lol bigger the better!

  95. MCD servicio de pintura says:

    Ola. Como. Lo Conseguiste.!!?

  96. HOUNDTRIBE ENT says:

    A bunch of painting experts in the comment section! Good job bro!

  97. Jabstyle Productions says:

    NICE ! I've never seen a doubler roller frame before.

  98. Chirigoni Peinture Isolation 2A says:

    Hi guys where can I buy this please ?

  99. richard monroe says:

    Nice lol👍

  100. Eman's Adventure says:

    Not too fast sorry….

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