Paint for Interior Commercial Walls – Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial™
Paint for Interior Commercial Walls – Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial™

Interior walls are one of the most visible
parts of a commercial building, and keeping them looking good is an important part of
a maintenance plan. Of course, high traffic areas require more
durability than office spaces, so select the right coating up front for the best long-term
appearance and performance. For common spaces with minimal durability
needs, like offices, a product like Pro Industrial Acrylic Coating would be a perfect choice. Pro Industrial Acrylic keeps walls looking
good longer, protecting them from everyday dirt and abrasion. Higher traffic areas, like retail spaces or
school corridors, would benefit from using Pro Industrial PreCat Water Based Epoxy. It’s a single component epoxy, and it resists
stains, wear, and the harsh cleaners that are common in these areas. Finally, heavily trafficked areas like airport
concourses or shopping malls, those are ideal for the tough performance of Pro Industrial
Water Based Catalyzed Epoxy. It’s a two-component system, and it offers
the best protection from constant wear and tear that public spaces get. For more information on selecting the right
high performance coating for your facility, download the Pro Industrial app, or visit
Sherwin Williams online.

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