Painting a Living Room : Painting Living Room Walls with Rollers
Painting a Living Room : Painting Living Room Walls with Rollers

Our next step in our living room project is
to actually roll the paint on to the wall. As you can see, we have already cut it all
in. It’s ready to go. I recommend spending a little extra money and buying some, maybe
nice four dollar roller. You really do get what you pay for, and you can buy various
napes. This is for a smooth surface, if the wall was chunky or beat up a lot more, then
you’d want to buy something with a little more nape to it. So we take our sleeve, just
pop it right on the actual roller, and I filled my bucket here with maybe two thirds of the
gallon of black paint. I am going to dip my roller, you want to avoid drips at all costs,
that’s why I am spending a little extra time really making sure that the paint sinks into
the roller like this. As you can see there is not a lot of excess paint on there. So
we’ll just start on one end of the wall and work our way down. Keep in mind that we are
going to be putting on a second coat, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. Whatever you don’t
hit this time around, you’ll hit when you go over the second coat. It’s best to work
from top to bottom and just get yourself a rhythm down, so you’re just gradually moving
across the wall. Ok, so there is our first coat on our first
wall, next I am going to show you how to do the trim.

2 thoughts on “Painting a Living Room : Painting Living Room Walls with Rollers”

  1. BradMr1975 says:

    @irich62 he cant afford more drop sheets let alone a rolling pole lol

  2. sofnsable says:

    Why would someone want a black wall? Anyways, good job.

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