Palavra de Comissário #10
Palavra de Comissário #10

Here, I’m surrounded by tiles of a different
type that in Portugal are called free-standing figure tiles. In other words, each tile contains a scene that is autonomous. Tiles of this kind became
widely used after the first examples were made in Italy. The examples that we have here,
which date from the sixteenth century in Italy to the late eighteenth century, originate
from several countries. Born in Italy… we also have a unique piece, which is not to
say that there are no others, but this one belongs to this group and was produced in
Iznik, Turkey, and because of what it represents and the way that it represents it, this piece
can be included in this group of free-standing figure tiles. But we also have cases of tiles
that are believed to have been made by apprentices, as happened here in Portugal. When very young
apprentices joined workshops to practice painting, to learn to paint, they painted this type
of free-standing figure tile, which was naturally a more naïve form of painting. However, if
they made a mess of painting these tiles not much was lost, since these tiles were autonomous,
independent of those that were around them.

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