Palavra de Comissário #7
Palavra de Comissário #7

One of the aims of the exhibition was to combine
small pieces that possessed aesthetic value with larger pieces, which are normally more
difficult to obtain. Luckily, however, we had access to several whole specimens of ceramic
tile paving, such as this Valencian paving, and it seemed interesting to make the effort
to bring a work of such great size to the exhibition. The reason for this choice might
also be explained in purely anecdotal terms: in the eighteenth century, they appeared to
be common in Valencia and also in Naples, the other great producer of pavings that resembled
carpets, so that when the season changed one of them was taken away. Logically, the textile
carpet was laid out in winter as it was more comfortable and, in summer, this textile carpet
was taken away to leave its image painted onto the tiles. In this way, the decoration
of the space did not change.

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