Pastel Talavera
Pastel Talavera

Hello everyone, my name is Lis Palacios and today i’m here with a very nice project for Mother’s Day we’re using wallpaper for today’s project i chose this one because it looks like talavera we’re gonna place it over our previously fondant covered cake or also with bitumen i suggest you to use fondant, so it won’t get wet the wallpaper comes in letter size sheets and here i cut it to the size of the cake i’m gonna use fondant glue with a paintbrush i’m gonna place the glue all over the edges place it adjust it i’m gonna stick it right now so it will stick better now i’m gonna stick it i’m gonna cut it repeat the process in all the sides you can make the cake of the size you want, but, of course, youll need more or less wallpaper now i’m gonna cover this small one keep the remainings because the weather can affect it now i’m gonna use some ribbon this is an edible ribbon you can choose the side you want one of the sides has more glitter than the other this time i’m gonna use the glittered side out use fondant glue again do not use too much you can use this decoration on a cake of any size and shape stick it like this this cake it’s gonna be here now i’m gonna make some gum paste flowers this is the gum paste i have 60% of gum paste and 40% of fondant we have to stretch it out try to make it as fast as possible because it gets dry faster and once i have it ready i’m gonna make some petals make 3 small ones and the next ones are gonna be bigger and roll it out this it’s gonna be the center then place a petal over the center do the same with the next one let’s repeat it with the big ones i’m gonna roll them out also remove the surplus and here i have the flower once we have the flowers and the cakes this is a dummy, so let’s place skewer sticks but, if you use bread you need to place a support here and a skewer stick it has to be flush on the support and then another one to hold the upper cake center it once we have the cake, let’s apply matting to the flowers here i have pink matting also red caqui, coral and rosewood so let’s start with the pink take a little bit and place it on the petals this is to give a little bit of color in the center so the fondant won’t look white now, with some fondant glue let’s stick the flowers i’m gonna place them this is gonna be down put some glue you can use a toothpick to hold them i’m just gonna push a little bit to fix it i’m gonna place this one over here this is how it looks it’s a very good looking and easy cake and very easy to make this paper it’s very practical because we don’t have to paint it manually it’s a very nice detail for all of our mothers please like, comment and subscribe also please follow our social media and also you can follow me as Lis Palacios see you soon!

2 thoughts on “Pastel Talavera”

  1. stylhear care says:

    es papel de azúcar o de arroz gracias

  2. Samantha Matute says:

    Precioso, se ve super elegante y facil de hacer felicidades Lis

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