Pat & Mat 47 – Mudguard (English Dub)
Pat & Mat 47 – Mudguard (English Dub)

8 thoughts on “Pat & Mat 47 – Mudguard (English Dub)”

  1. Great British Scarface says:

    Sure beats can crushing… 😄

  2. Yolanda Putman says:

    Pat is Voice by Mel Blanc

  3. Yolanda Putman says:

    Matt is voiced by Noel Blanc

  4. Yolanda Putman says:

    I never watched tihs show as a kid

  5. City Jamesman says:

    I have noticed something very off today….
    Do you know what happened to the youtuber with the username "Pat i Mat wszystkie odcinki"?
    I Hope he didint get banned or maybe it was the article 13 thing

  6. TopGearDan says:

    This is parody right?

  7. Ugo Lam says:

    Another Garbage Cans Please, Pat & Mat!

  8. Mindža Želva says:

    Why to dub them? In my country – Czech Republic (the country where this masterpiece was created) they're not dubbed. It feels weird (._.)

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