PÁTZCUARO y JANITZIO | Pueblo Mágico en Michoacán y la Isla Famosa
PÁTZCUARO y JANITZIO | Pueblo Mágico en Michoacán y la Isla Famosa

We had been told about a hidden treasure in a lake in Michoacán After leaving the capital or Michoacán, Morelia, we found this beauty just an hour away With fishing as its primary industry and a picturesque town this combination is forms the history of this region Purépecha treasure, show us your glory! Good morning guys! During our visit to Morelia we couldn’t miss this opportunity to come to a gorgeous Magic Town called Pátzcuaro We took a bus from Morelia It cost us MX$60 each and as we stepped off the bus, we discovered this beautiful café which we couldn’t ignore just look for yourselves it’s wonderful and the prices are reasonable We’ve got the opportunity to try one of the typical dishes of the region called Uchepos they’re tamales we’ll I’m not too sure because it’s the first time I’ve tried them but I know that what distinguishes these is that you put cream and cheese on top and they taste delicious let’s try them the dough seems softer than a tamal it’s corn and it tastes delicious it has a really really good flavour very soft you’ve got to try this we’re just finishing our coffee and now we’re going to go to Janitzio I’m taking advantage of this time to study English you should, too! You’re right! You’re the only one! As Dave was saying all along the path, right up to the top there are loads of stands and we were surprised to see that there is lots of fish red snappers Unfortunately, as you said, we’ve already eaten Look at this. I want to show you the prices of the fish here. Just MX$40 (US$2) and the beers are just MX$20 (US$1) I think that’s really cheap considering that there are loads of businesses which must have similar prices Caballitos of tequila are just MX$20 (US$1) Where else can you find them that cheap!? Arriving to Janitzio, we saw a lot of fishermen who were doing their thing and in fact, it was a really pretty scene We’ve just gotten of the boat we’re on our way to the centre of Pátzcuaro And we’ve just learned a really interesting piece of trivia I’d never paid much attention that the fishermen, who are in the lake by Janitzio used to appear on the Mexican $50 note fishing for the famous charales really interesting especially since these notes are no longer in circulation if you have one of these notes take care of it because it represents part of the culture of the people from Janitzio just the variations of Purépecha that she said exist from island to island it’s interesting and complicated We’ve just taken a bus from the lake to the centre of Pátzcuaro which cost us MX$11 (US 55c) and finally we’re here We can tell that we’re in Pátzcuaro because of all of these buildings and these white houses with their tiles One very interesting thing that we’re noticing Look at these letters The first letter is always in red and the rest are red speaking of which Dave tells me that lots of Mexicans don’t use capital letters properly For me, these letters are impressive because in primary school they made us write the capital letters in red and the rest in pencil to differentiate them and to make us remember when we need to use capital and lower case letters We’re still not hungry but we came into this lovely café to try to work up an appetite and what a surprise that here they sell cold brew coffee! Which is a way of brewing coffee which is totally different to the normal way what you do with this is you put the coffee grounds in cold water and you leave it overnight we’ve done it at home and the taste is totally different it tastes more natural the essence of the coffee stays in the drink and look, here it is I ordered it as a carajillo and we’re going to mix the liqueur into the coffee let’s just see how it tastes on its own now let’s mix them I’ve got to stir it! try it! MX$69 (US $3.48) The photos are going to look gorgeous! So let’s say goodbye We’re going to enjoy ourselves a little bit longer But that’s it for today! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! And remember to subscribe and give the video a like and activate the bell for notifications!

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    ¡Gran video! Tengo que viajar más por México.

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    Oh que Padre, que fue lo que le pusiste Al cafe? Ya se me antojo!!!

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