Peat-free sowing potting compost with carnation seeds
Peat-free sowing potting compost with carnation seeds

Hello. I’m Matt. Welcome back to my small
garden. [music] I couldn’t get my hands on some peat-free
sowing compost, so I’m using my usual organic peat-free compost with a bit of perlite to
help break it up and retain moisture. So far, the seedlings are growing happily,
so we’ll see how well the plants form as the weeks progress. Today I’m sowing carnation, a flower I’ve
never grown before. These seeds come out from a multipack on offer, so it’s a mixed pack
and we won’t know what we get until they come out in bloom. The seeds are reasonably small so we won’t
need to sow them too deep. I’m sprinkling a few in each pot and will thin out and plant
on later. Chuck on a little more soil to cover. Once labelled up, you’ll need to give these
a light watering. Just like I’ve done with these heliotrope
seeds, I’ll put my carnations in pots the same shape and colour within a seed tray to
make them easy to identify and handle. They’ll go in the closed cold frame until they’re
big enough to plant out. [music]

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