Pebeo Setaskrib Fabric Markers

(♪♪♪) Pebeo’s Setaskrib Plus Markers
were developed to correspond and to be used with
Pebeo’s Setacolor Transparent and Pebeo’s
Opaque Fabric Paints. The range of colours for
the Setaskrib Markers includes 18 bright
and luminous colours. There are 12 standard colours, and there are six
florescent colours. We’ll take a look at the tip. The tip is termed a brush tip,
but as you know it actually has a nice point
for fine line application as well as a broad side that allows for
colouring in large spaces. I’ll point out that
the markers are intended to be
used on fabrics. It’s best to use a fabric
that is in fact at least 50% natural fibres. The natural fibres will absorb
and hold the colours better than something
that is synthetic. In addition you would want
to wash the fabric first to remove any sizing, so again the fabric markers
will be durable on the surface. I’m going to take my marker
and come in and simply add a little bit of embellishment to a piece that has
already been printed with the
Setacolor Transparent paints using the
sun printing technique. We can simply add some details
to our city scene here, and if we’d like, the markers are really
great for personalizing, so if we want to add
the name here of the city. Markers are great for children
or for people who may not be comfortable using
a paintbrush. This brush tip makes it
very very easy to apply colour to your surface. In addition,
the markers can be blended. The best way to do this
is to go ahead and moisten the fabric, maybe add a little bit
of water with a paintbrush, and then you can
come in with your colours. I’m using some yellow
and some red, and I’ll show you that I am
able to blend the colours and come up with
a nice orange final colour. I’ll come back in
with my brush and mix the colours. Once we’ve completed
our painting, the markers
do need to be ironed. We use the heat process
to set the colour. You simply turn the piece over and you want to iron it
on the opposite side on the setting that is
appropriate to the fabric that you’re using,
iron it for about five minutes. Once it’s been ironed
the piece is then washable and dry cleanable. With Pebeo’s
Setaskrib Plus Markers, you can embellish, decorate, and add fun details to
all kinds of fun pieces. We’ve got some canvas items,
we’ve got some wearable items, and some home dec pieces. The markers enable us to brighten up anything
in our home, or something
that we might wear. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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