Peel & Seal On Spanish Tile

This is a large condominium complex. I want to draw your attention to where these lower roofs butt up against the stucco walls. And also at the roof level transitions such as this
one here, you can see how the roof tiles butt up against
the stucco. Throughout the complex, there’s a large number of channel flashings and we don’t trust channel flashings because they can fill up with leaves and dirt, and then the water spills off the flashing on to the membrane underneath the tiles. So we like to close off those wall channels with
Peel and Seal. Here, you can see Peel and Seal running down the
roof to wall connection of this brand-new roof. Love Peel and Seal because it will conform to just about any shape but we don’t trust this sticky back. And so we like to be sure that it’s going to stay in place by putting down a bead of urethane sealant. Love Peel and Seal because it blends in very nicely
with the rest of the roof. If your local roofing yard doesn’t stock Peel and Seal, you can get it in the six-inch with at Lowes. I would suggest also that you check out the website of the company that makes Peel and Seal, down here in the lower left hand corner. You can see it’s MFM Building Products Corp
and on their website, you can see all the different colors and configurations of Peel and Seal. Now, we can’t buy directly from Peel and Seal so we buy through a company called Cofair. Cofair private labels Peel and Seal as Quik Roof.
It’s the same exact product. This is Cofair’s website and they’ve got a whole bunch of interesting products. You may want to check out their website. Whatever you do, if you run out of Peel and Seal,
be very careful about using this material at Home Depot called U.Seal. We did run out of Peel and Seal one time and we bought a bunch of U.Seal and put it around as base flashings for skylights. It wasn’t a week or so and we went back and checked it and had come apart from itself, it didn’t stick very well to the substrate. I do not recommend this material at all. If you do use it, I would suggest that you buy one roll, test it out, put it out in the sun for a week and see what it does. If you don’t have a Lowes nearby, check with your
local roofing yard. They probably stock Peel and Seal. Check out more roof tricks and the
How to Bid it Right program at rooftricks. com

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