Peep This: Ice Cream Sandwich Maker | Ep. #15
Peep This: Ice Cream Sandwich Maker | Ep. #15

What’s up, everybody? I’m Joey. And I’m John. And this is a show where we take
something brand new at Vat 19, we unbox it, and in this
case, we’re going to taste it. I think we should just get
there because I’m hungry. Mm-hm. Let’s peep this. La-da-dee. Oh, dear. The Sweet Spot Ice
Cream Sandwich Maker. You can create classic
ice cream sandwiches– You guys. –at home. So in this box, so you’ve
got your instructions, your recipe, ingredients,
and you’ve got your spade. And we’ll show you
what that’s for. Take these pieces off, so here’s
your mold for your sandwich top and bottom. I guess you’d call it a brownie? Cookie? So you’ve got two of these,
which makes a total of four ice cream sandwiches. So after you’ve spread
the brownie batter on to the silicone sheets
and then baked those, then you pull those
out of the oven. Let them cool down. You stick this one on top. OK. And then you take your ice
cream, smash it in there, kind of level it
out with the spade. And then you take your
other half, put it on top, put all of it in the
freezer, and you’ve got four, from scratch,
ice cream sandwiches. So we have some
batter that we have made with the included recipe. Super easy. Yeah, it was really pretty
simple to put together. You know, your typical
butter, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract– It’s like all stuff
I have just normally. Right. Mix it all together, with
the included instructions. And then you get this
incredible smelling batter. It smells like brownie batter. Tastes a lot like
brownies, yeah. Everybody thought we
were making brownies. Yeah. It’s like one tablespoon,
roughly, of batter per side. And then you just like
spread it into mold. What’s cool about the
Ice Cream Sandwich maker is that, yeah, you could
go to the grocery store and buy these in like a big
box of like 1,000 of them, or whatever. But you make this
with a little TLC– Yeah, this is like a
fun family activity. Yeah, it’s a family activity. You know, you make
cookies together, maybe you make cake together. And you know, you make ice
cream sandwiches together. You’re going to start
a new family tradition. All right. So, got a finished sheet here. Look at that. So you just do this
on the other sheet. Pop those in the
oven for 10 minutes. Only takes 10 minutes. That’s really quick. Yeah, and then once
those are cooked, you stick them in the fridge to
kind of cool them down faster. Then you move on the ice cream. Oh, snap. That’s a part of a sandwich
cookie, right there. Looks just like it. It does. But does it taste just like it? Mm. I could just eat these, alone. That’s really good. It’s super chocolatey. I expected it to be
more dense than it is. It’s kind of fluffy. All right, so ice cream time. Now, we just put the little ice
cream form mold thing on top. Bring in just any
ice cream you want. And you just do the same thing
you did with the chocolate, basically. Just kind of spread
in some ice cream. Then when you get the
other four cookies that you baked in the
oven, put that on top. It just kind of snaps
together in this thing, holds it all together. Throw the whole
thing in the freezer. And let it kind of
freeze together. And you get ice cream sandwiches
that just pop right out. These look incredible. They look legit. They seriously look like the
ones you buy, only better. But like thicker, and
just better quality. Oh. So this is delicious. Yeah. Hands down. We can call this the
appetizer, though, right? This is the appetizer,
because I think we should go a little more crazy with it. This is classic
ice cream sandwich. But there’s no one telling
us that we can’t fill it with other kinds of ice cream. Yeah. Like our favorites. Yeah. OK. So you get your
favorite ice cream. I’ll get my favorite ice cream. I like it. We’ll make our ice
cream sandwiches. My ice cream of choice, coffee. Now my favorite ice
cream might be pistachio. I didn’t know if
that would go well with the sandwich, the
chocolate sandwich. So I got my second
favorite, hazelnut gelato. Mm. Cheers. I don’t even know–
I don’t have words. That is mind-blowingly good. So we’re going to
trade a little bit? Yeah. Let’s do it. The gelato was a
really good call. Well, there’s something
else we could do here to make this even crazier. I think we get a little bit
weird with it– just a little bit. Well, creative, I’d say. Still tasty. Creative. The recipe tells you how to make
the proper kind of cookie part. But we’ve got some other ideas. I’m going to make an Oreo crust,
kind of like an Oreo pie crust. Oh! That’s what I picked. A light dusting of– Waffle mix. Pour in some waffle
pancake batter, and bake that into a thin
little crispy cookie. Kind of like your waffle
cone on your ice cream. So let’s go make some. Let’s get weird with it. Straight out of the
freezer, we haven’t even looked at these yet. Oh. Yeah. Right. OK. Here’s the Oreo ones. Oh, there’s the waffle. Oh, man. So the technique here is– whoa! Just do that. Do that. OK, so gently push
with both thumbs, and they just kind
of slide right out. There you go. Oh, come on. That’s– that’s fantastic. Ready? Ready. Oh. Get out of here. That’s just straight
up giant Oreo. Want to try some of this? Now I’ve got to
try some of that. This is stupid good. Like all of this has
just been amazing. Mm-hm. I think that we should randomly
pick someone from Vat 19– I like it. –call them up here, and offer
them some of this ice cream deliciousness. See what they think of it? Yeah. OK. So we brought our foodie. This is the editor, Adam. And he’s going to try out an
ice cream sandwich that we made. It’s just vanilla ice
cream with Oreo crust. This feels like a
hearty sandwich. I’ll join you because
that’s my creation. Straight up tastes
like cookies and cream. Just like next level. Yep. Next level cookies and cream. That’s what I said. Yeah. OK, and this one’s
waffle, you said? That’s right. Yeah, that one is
a waffle crust. We don’t have syrup, so
just have to make do. That would be good. We do have syrup. Don’t we? Surprisingly, the waffle
stays really crunchy. Yeah, it holds up pretty well. Very good. Yeah? I have to say if I were a
betting man, though, this one. Any day. That’s the winner. It’s really good. All right. So John went off
to get some syrup. Found it! There he is. Oh, yeah. Nice. You got your syrup. You got a little
waffle cookie here. Oh. I can hear the Food Network
calling in, you know. Oh, my gosh. You guys. Can’t pass this up. Oh, it’s so good. Shut it down. What? It’s over. So we’ve got to brainstorm
some ideas for this commercial. You could do spice
cream sandwiches. You make, I don’t know, some
kind of spicy cookie thing. And you could just put it in
the mix with the rest of them, and somebody gets a spicy one. Let’s take it literally. We’re eating sandwiches. So– Where do you normally
eat sandwiches? Oh, I see where you’re
going with that. Oh, where were
you going with it? I was going with it like
it’s totally healthy. Like, I could eat
these all day long. I’m not going to get fat. It’s a sandwich. Did you know that
tacos are sandwiches? I have heard that
tacos are sandwiches. It was kind of making
me think, was there a way to make a Mexican
ice cream sandwich. Churro. Oh, yeah. Cookie and ice cream. Yeah. Dust some cinnamon on
that, cinnamon sugar. Ah, dang. Oh, it sounds good. It sounds really good. That was just a
couple of our ideas, off the top of our heads. Getting weird with it. But we want to hear what
you guys have to say. Let us down in the comments,
what is your favorite ice cream flavor. We’ll read through the comments,
and you might see your favorite in the commercial that we make. Now it’s time for your favorite
part of Peep This, Where you win this. So check the
description down below, and you can find
out all the details about how you can enter to
win your very own ice cream sandwich maker. And you can start making
your own ice cream sandwiches in your own kitchen– Nice. –and sharing them with
your friends and family. Subscribe. Subscribe to Vat 19 on
YouTube, because that will let you know
exactly when we come out with a brand new video. We have all sorts of cool
new products coming out all the time, just like the
ice cream sandwich maker. That’ll do it. Yeah. I got a full belly. I’m stuffed. A lot of ice cream. Kinda might just go
to sleep right now. Yeah, it was a
really good episode. Yeah. I’m going to undo a
couple buttons here. Thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing. And we’ll see you next time. Later, peeps. (SINGING) [MOUSE CLICK] [THEME MUSIC]

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