People Reveal Their High Horror Stories
People Reveal Their High Horror Stories

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  1. Evan Nguyen says:

    I gotta hella High off a 100mg edible at like 8pm and then when I woke up I was still high for like the next 10 hours. And also I took like a glob of dab in like a portable dab pen/rig thingy and I was so high in school I almost called 911 and was in the bathroom for 45 minutes

  2. Cyrus Eudy says:

    These stories are nothing , a few years ago I was superrr into acid. I took a ton when I was young and drank a big vial of the liquid form. I smoked weed after I drank the vial. My trip lasted for a few days and was soo paranoid and thought someone was going to kill me. Worst experience of my life. After that every time I smoked weed after that I was brought back to the nightmare realm that I was initially in I couldn’t sleep and heard people walk in the room I would often see people ik too, they were realistic asf as well it was the worst thing I have ever had to experience.

  3. Michelle Mathers says:

    I once thought of crawling to reach a little table with food that was in front of me because standing up seemed way too difficult.

  4. Stella says:

    once i smoked and went for a walk at like 5 am and no one was outside so i thought i was the only person in the world so i was freaking out and took my headphones out and was going to take a nap in someones yard till someone else came outside

  5. Shawna Marie says:

    I wish I could get that high again lol

  6. Cosmic Tea7 says:

    Honestly some of these stories are similar to one of very high doses of acid 😂😂

  7. 1000 subscribers with no life challenge says:

    One time I was so high I started having a mental breakdown because dogs are colorblind. My friend kept comforting me and once her high kicked in she started crying too. We then proceeded to watch a french childrens show called something like tchoupi when we knew no french and passed out in the living room. I woke up the next morning with all my mascara dripped down my face like I must have been crying for over an hour

  8. Kami. says:

    4:43 god damn she ate 3 cupcakes in 4 minutes wtf

  9. NathanMitch1 says:

    What’s the big deal lol

  10. DJ-ENEMY_209 says:

    Why the first girl make it sound like they smoked crack

  11. Dev Patil says:

    I am high right now

  12. Guestacc says:

    Edibles got me so High when I was drinking water I kept thinking I was choking and couldn’t breath

  13. Boe Joe says:

    Be careful with carts I bought one from a dealer who was kinda sketch and I figured out 10 mins into it I was laced w lsd craziest experience of my life

  14. Carlos Guerra says:

    Why are they all females?

  15. OBE Johnny says:

    I get so high that I realize that I’m high n start doing stupids things like putting my backpack in the back yard because I didn’t want my parents to smell or know I was smokin weed 🤦🏾‍♂️

  16. Gypse says:

    they made this video to scare kids from smoking lmaoo

  17. Ryan Jennson says:

    I wanna try edibles like at night in my room b4 I go to sleep, but I'm scared I'll freak out and tell my parents to call an ambulance or something. Wouldn't be the first time I freaked tf out from weed, but I've never done edibles and I've heard they're stronger

  18. F!TTI says:

    These are like the same NPC stories i keep hearing.
    Getting laced, around 3am in the Bronx jungle projects trying to find my way home, hiding from cliques and gangs looking for alone individuals to rob and kill and on top of that getting home trying to not overreact with my mom sleeping.
    The same dude i was doing fuckshit and criminal activities was the same dude that laced me.
    Moral of the story
    Dont trust anyone.
    Im not trying to impress.
    But the real world is one fucked up place

  19. Homie ThaReal says:

    "Read it
    Before you eat it"

  20. Sawyer Thompson says:

    You know your high high when you start thinking your heart beat is changing

  21. fvck lif3 says:

    sniffs I smell lightweight

  22. Salim Salan says:

    She got the spins from being high?

  23. Benjas Diaz says:

    Aye leave a like if you are high rn🤪🤣

  24. Saul Chavez says:

    Dam amateurs

  25. Peso One says:

    Lol there was fetti in that quarter gummy bear

  26. Est Rinaudo says:

    One time I was baked af and I stopped walking at a stop sign and was waiting for it to switch to "go" 🤣

  27. Caiden Dunston says:

    I got high and walked home from my friends house and then tried to unlock my door with my car keys then realized I drove to my friends house so I had to walk back and get my car😂

  28. memetastic kylie says:

    edibles get u like that lol

  29. kaden wright says:

    i be in walmart thinkin the old man infront of me is a WWII vet that has been trained all his life to arrest high teenagers

  30. Evilyoshi56 says:

    how are these horror stories

  31. Amy Petrie says:

    If you DONT smoke weed and then take an edible, it’s a mistake. Take ONE hit if a pipe and you’re done

  32. AlySno says:

    I was hella stoned last night and genuinely thought I was gonna choke on my tongue, I literally said the sentence “I’m drowning in tongue”

  33. Mike says:

    Is it just me or does everything remind you of a memory when stoned?

  34. Lebecc The Computer says:

    I walked 8 flights of stairs after smoking a flower chunk and my heart almost hit 300 bpm and was at 160 for a good hour sitting down

  35. Lebecc The Computer says:

    If you get enough thc it starts becoming very similar to LSD.

    The floor was literally rocking and everything was spinning around my chair and me. I also got that feeling on cid where your emotions and mood are extremely sensitive to whatever music you’re listening to and everything feels ultimate

  36. Kay Theplug says:

    One time I was so high I was talkin to my friend and I couldn’t understand them cause I though they were speaking a whole different language and the whole time time they was askin if I was ok

  37. Vilma ortiz says:

    I was so high once that I started hearing animals sounds and I felt like I was being sucked into some sort of abyss

  38. Valery P says:

    I can't believe so much people actually use drugs.

  39. Endless Production says:

    Just don't do drugs

  40. Paul Leepoy says:

    I had plastic in my weed it made me stupor

  41. UnaveganainTicino says:

    Ukulele. Wtf is euchylia? A disease?

  42. ChumBucket 08 says:


  43. Jingo McHarrison says:

    I took an edible, a little piece of fudge. I decided to go buy some food after i took them because I thought that they wouldn’t kick in for a while.
    I was wrong.
    Half way through shopping, my perception flipped.
    I didn’t feel like I was present in reality. The scenes that unfolded before me just seemed like a movie I was watching, even my voice didn’t feel like my own.
    After I left the shop, I realised I was smiling. I wanted to stop smiling but I couldn’t. I didn’t want anyone to know I was high.
    I was at home in bed when a thought came to my mind: “what if I stay this way forever?”
    I thought that again and again until I was crying. Listening to music didn’t calm me down. Nothing calmed me down.
    I never took edibles again.

  44. Daniel Le says:

    I once drank a whole bottle of honey

  45. Alisha Vihete says:

    These ain’t no horror stories tf

  46. into the blue says:

    Hate being in the level where you just think you’re dying and then you hear your heartbeat or you think you hear it and it’s going super quick and quicker and quicker 😂 I almost called the ambulance on myself

  47. Samuel Bates says:

    Got so high this one time that I spent at least 30 min trying to unlock a car that wasn’t even mine (so glad no one saw me)

  48. onca 67 says:

    Anyone else feel like this:when I walk and look at something then look at something else then back at the thing(while walking)it feels like you go back/stay in the same spot?

  49. Leena MSP says:

    One time I got high and went to a mall , and I kept telling my friends we needed to leave because I was seeing security guards everywhere around us but actually there was nobody there

  50. Kmoy Hodge says:

    Be decisive or you'll 🧠 make up stories in your head

  51. Alyssa Moreno says:

    Don’t smoke at all if u cant handle it😂

  52. xiubbyx says:

    what was the last girl talking about when she said she was clearly dehydrated??? can that cause a bad high or is she just saying to drink during the high?

  53. Morgan LeBlanc says:

    Shoutout to me for pulling up to McDonald's in a car full of friends and asking for a "large burger" like 14 times before I realized why why everyone was laughing (I totally cried)

  54. Chloe Cotterman says:

    These all sound like lsd trips gone wrong 💀💀💀

  55. i am your father says:

    2:43 she looks like robin from stranger things

  56. Clyde Q19 says:

    Weak ass stories

  57. TheMusicUser says:

    "Oh my god, I'm in space."

  58. Maddie Reynolds says:

    bro this isn’t horror stories. mine was getting cross faded and thought i was gonna have a heart attack and like i felt strange. and like i was trying to sleep and like couldn’t and i told my best friend to tell my mom i love her. and then like i started vibrating (shaking) and i couldn’t eat my ramen or drink my water or eat my quesadilla. and i was super mad bc my hand kept shaking. then i passed out at 12 and my best friend and i woke up at 3. we had a trippy lingering high talk yk. then i woke up the next morning w a tiny hangover and went to church like nothing happened. and yeah that’s why i need to not smoke different types of weed bc i was out of my mind and that wasn’t my first time at all

  59. T T says:

    there were all funny asfc😂😂😂😂😂

  60. Son of Shadows says:

    Who tf gets this high, I WISH, I could get that ripped, lightweights n easybakes

  61. Hugo Grandi says:

    My worst high story, was when I was 15 at the time, and I took a blinker out of my friend's wax pen (for the ones who don't know what a blinker is, it's when you hold the button of the wax pen until it blinks, which takes a long time) and as a did 3 more hits, and ghost inhales (smoke tricks) I felt so high… I started gagging, and my throat and chest were burning, and every where I walked I felt like everything was 5 seconds. I just wanted it to be over, by the time I nearly got home, I threw up like 5 times on the streets. I nearly fainted, my mom had to give me stomach pills and I slept for 4 hours, for the rest of the afternoon, till the next day. and I had a really strong over high (like a hang over for stoners) the next day. So I felt like my entire body was wasted.

  62. Legalize IT420 says:

    Happens with THC dominant strains (That's just me but not everyone)

  63. Glizz9 says:

    Damn this video makes me feel like I have a PhD in cannabis

  64. katelyn victorino says:

    these arent even bad stories

  65. Nathan Augustine says:

    I took a dap and and i was freaking out

  66. Milk Bread says:

    im watching this while drunk wishing i was high instead

  67. Brad Barnhart says:

    She looks like the gabbie show

  68. ath3na :3 says:

    The first time I was high I came to the conclusion that drugs were the gateway to the universe (NASA did discover a planet filled with weed) and that the reason people died from overdoses was because they discovered more than the human brain could handle from the high I was lowkey freaking out too because my heart was beating so fast, time was slow, and I was full body shaking uncontrollably

  69. Richy Rich says:

    this is hilarious i’m that friend who would run home 🤣

  70. Jazzelynn Gayle says:

    All of you sound stoned

  71. Kaitlin Frost says:

    One time I was so high that I tried to take my shirt off and then fell off the bed. I hit my head pretty hard but I just laughed.
    Another time I felt myself sinking into the couch and it was really hot so I thought I was going to hell.

  72. Juliette Allen says:

    Wow costumes and a photo booth sounds like a wild party

  73. odin zatzick says:

    First one isn’t a horror story

  74. Twentyøne panic Attacks says:

    I got so high once I walked into the bathroom with a tub of ice cream and a knife, sat in the bathtub and proceeded to cut the ice creams surface into cubes and tried to eat it like that.

  75. xSwisher says:

    Y’all a bunch of chumps I only trip hard off LSD

  76. Antonella Alvelo says:

    That turkey noise was annoying

  77. victoria carrie says:

    I can’t watch anything other than cartoons (like spongebob) or a comedy with no meaningful storyline bc anything with a powerful storyline will literally make me cry

  78. verceti ! says:

    I got so high at a party I thought my friends weren’t real and they were trying to kill me. I was screaming at the top of my lungs at the middle of the night cuz I was so scared. they called an ambulance it got so bad

  79. katelyn cripps says:

    i was crossed and thought my jaw and neck were breaking and started having a mental breakdown 💀

  80. Lexi Mallory says:

    anyone else just randomly think about breathing and swallowing and it gets really hard to do both those things

  81. quatre-vingt-dix-neuf says:

    I once got so high that I had to turn off the episode I was watching to taste my lasagna better

  82. chrishaineswhalley says:

    One time I got so stoned that I understood Spanish perfectly but forgot how to speak English…it was fuckin' awesome.

  83. Junior Macias says:

    When I’m high I’m like so quiet and chill

  84. Adli Haikal says:

    i take a bath only 10 minutes but i feel like a hour

  85. Kyra Plater says:

    The worst part of being high is when you think everyone’s judging you or talking about you it’s actually the worst or when your mum calls😂

  86. Marcelly Welly says:

    If I get too high , I start thinking of La Llorona 😅 I get sooo scared lmao

  87. Daryon Kyle says:

    I was at school and I hit a wax pen and had a cough attack went back to class for like 10 mins before it kicked in and I stood up and I felt like I was floating and I couldn’t feel anything from fingers to feet so I went to the nurses office and asked if they can call the ambulance I woke up in my moms car the told me I took my shoes of layed on the couch n the office and went to sleep😭😂😂

  88. Lazzy specialist says:

    My wierdest experience on being high is when my eyes are like auto zooming on the faces of my friends and other things on my soroundings! or is it just me hahah

  89. AREAL2ND says:

    Am I the only one who acts the same sober?💀💀💀

  90. Marilena Kl says:

    I once got so high that i thought people around me were about to shoot and shit…i was really about to faint because i scared myself p

  91. Little.biggie1 says:

    These guys are acting like weed is heroin

  92. Mallory Burks says:

    idk maybe i’m insane but i’ve always been fine smoking and nothing traumatic has happened to me 😂

  93. Someone Alive says:

    but i knew that it wasn’t true
    but i knew that i wasn’t
    but i knew

    shes the best

  94. Uranicspore says:

    Lmao I'm so high this is too funny how do you have a bad time

  95. Terry Adcock says:


  96. Leslie G says:

    I remember getting so high my lips turned blue/purple two times n I asked my doctor. She said it was cyanosis n I should be careful cause i’m not getting enough oxygen. It was with both smoke n edibles. I been high for almost three months n I been missing it lately. :/

  97. Ch3rry Productions says:

    these arent even horror stories

  98. David Dunson says:

    I smoked a real dab a couple of days ago. I have almost no tolerance and one drag is what put me in a psychosis spiral of anxeity. My mindset is different now. This was the first time I realised that I know nothing about what I am and how I came to be. Im disconnected from reality and I'm trying to get back in.

  99. ASAP Pain says:

    Bruh she just talking, how I end up on buzzfeed anyway

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