‘Perfectly Arranged Dice Mosaic’ Challenge Sneak Peek | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)
‘Perfectly Arranged Dice Mosaic’ Challenge Sneak Peek | Battle of the Sexes (Season 12)

– Hey, what’s going on?
– Thank you. – Eight artists remain, and
once again, the teams are even. – Sweet.
– Finally. – Only one of you will
earn $100,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine,
and the title of Ink Master. – [bleep] yeah. – Last week, you had
to battle without a coach. But sometimes your best
strategy is to follow someone that’s been here before. – Who we got?
Who we got? – And this week, your coaches
are two extremely talented artists who aren’t
afraid to speak their mind. Josh Payne… – Oh my God. Oh my God. – And Nikki Simpson. – Oh.
– So there you go.– Nikki Simpson.If there’s anybody that’s
as big a loudmouth and as big a competition person as I am,
she might be the one. – This is gonna be fun. – Welcome back, guys. – Thank you.
– Feels good. – Coaches, your team’s survival
is riding on your shoulders. Save all your artists from
elimination, and you’ll earn a spot in the Clash of the
Coaches face-off for $25,000. – Whoo, payday for me.
– Perfect.– I’ve been waiting for this.I know that my
skill set is worthy of winning. But I didn’t get my chance when
I was on “Ink Master.” Now, I’m not
letting anything get in my way. – To defeat the enemy,
you must know the enemy. So, Josh, you’ll coach
the women’s team, and Nikki, you will coach the men’s team. Go ahead and join your teams. – How’s it going?In a competition like this,if you can get under
somebody’s skin, and their mind is focused
on you and not their work,they’re not gonna
do the best they can.And if I can come in here
as the coach and I can kind oftweak some things on the other
team a little bit and it helps my team come away with the win,
I’m gonna go for it every time. It’s gonna be
a long day for you guys. – Dude, we got hooked
the [bleep] up. – This week you’re
being tested on detail. – Oh, yay.
– Detail is showingattention to the finer
points of a design.It really is
the devil is in the details. – For this flash challenge, you must create
an impressive work of art out of nothing but dice. – Dice?
– Son of a bitch. – What the [bleep]? We’re gonna do art with little
tiny-ass pieces of dice? – Working as a team,
you must strategically twist and turn
thousands of dice, perfectly arranging
every detail to bring a dynamic image
to life. – I got the perfect nails
for this. It’s gonna be great.– I don’t even know
how to conceptualize this.This could be
a real crap shoot. – Detail is everything today. Do something that’s impressive. Do something that’s big. Something that’s legible. Make the small details
that bring the shape forward. There’s eight of you left.
Five of you are going home, but three of you
are making it to the end. Keep the foot on the gas. – Yes.
– Yeah. – [bleep] yeah. – Win this challenge,
and your team will have the power to assign
all the human canvases in the elimination tattoo. – [bleep] need this.
– [bleep] yeah. – You have six hours,
and your time starts now. – So, ladies, any ideas? – There’s a lot
that I can do with detail. – This week,
the artists are gonna be rolling the dice, literally. They’ll be twisting and turning
the dice to createcontrast, shade,
dark and light value.– There’s six numbers
on the dice, so we have six different levels of value. So, doing something with really dramatic contrast is
gonna be really important.– Today I’m hoping to see
these artists show us a big,bright picture that stands out,
even in the dark. – The biggest thing is
getting contrast and value. – Right.
– We got to think about what’s going to have detail,
but what’s going to have the darkest darks
and the whitest whites. – Laura, I know you’ve
got something in the bank. – Uh, castle, UFO…
– UFOs are fun. – Could we have it
beaming something stupid up? – So, what is it sucking up? – We could make it a cow,
make it a simple shape. – That’s exactly
what I was thinking. – Yeah, I was thinking a cow.
– Cow just is funnier, because it’s like
“Alien” meets “Twister.” – Yeah, right?
– There’s a cow. And another cow. These four ladies I’ve never
worked with, I don’t know what
they can do, and I don’t know what their
skill set is.But I’ll tell you right now,
within minutes of meeting themthey’re super motivated,
and their creativity’s there.If we can work together,
this could be a hell of a day. Yeah, [bleep] you guys,
we’re doing a cow. Ha. Black and white. Done. [laughter]
– Who has any ideas? – Do a big-ass eyeball.
– An eyeball? – I think it would
be clean and simple, it’s a recognizable image, and
we can put detail through it. – I think it’s too rudimentary. – We could do a [bleep]
all-seeing eye, that’d be dope. – That’s way cooler,
way cooler.♪ ♪– Five hours, guys. Five more hours.♪ ♪– So, I would tape in the shape
of the triangle, for sure. – You want me to do it now,
or you want to– – Here, hand me, and I’ll hold
it right there, and then you measure it. Pull it tight.
– It is. – No, it’s not. Pull it tight.
– You pull it tight. – Oh my God, it’s like the
[bleep] Three Stooges in here. – That’s what I was gonna say.
– Jesus, man. – This team has
a very strange dynamic. There’s a lot
of different dudes trying to be the alpha male. – Bottom of the tape
should cross [indistinct]. – Oh my God,
just put the tape up there. What, what is so
difficult about this? – You don’t
want it to be crooked. – It won’t matter. – The dice are
gonna make it flat. The dice will make it straight. – You [bleep] measure two
inches up on both sides, and you stick it
in the same spot. It’s super simple.
Why are we making this complex? – Dude,
this is between you and Pon. – You were
the one adding to it. Give me the [bleep] tape. – Oh, Jesus, is this
how shit goes with you guys?♪ ♪– Who can do this the fastest? Okay, [indistinct].
– No, let’s not have a race. – We’re given six hours. You don’t have
to finish it in two. – Yeah, Janelle,
you’re going too fast.– I think that we’re all
having funbecause Josh is
making light of everything. – Sometimes patience, taking
your time, goes a long ways. – It’s just really fun. Last week was
excruciating for me. Losing my friend
in the competition,everything was just too much.So this moment is what I need. – Yo, you guys got
a [bleep] cow. – Yeah.
– I made that [bleep] cow. – You did a cow.
– She’s been crushing that. She’s wearing her cow
print shirt, so clearly, she’s ready to go.
– This is fun. Are you having fun over there?
– Uh, you know. – They look like they’re
having a [bleep] great time. They’re the life of the party. – Three hours left.
Three hours left, everybody.[energetic music]– Hey, just letting you know,
they’re getting [bleep] cray-cray. Like, they’re doing
a cow flying up into a UFO. Like, this eye needs
to be way sicker. I think we should go
semi-realistic with it. Like, tear duct, [bleep]
inside corner of the eye. Can you think of anything that
would look cool in the corners? – Well, how [bleep] crazy are
you trying to get with this? – Very simple.
– If we have– if we have time. – She’s trying
to get wild with it.– Nikki is
a very talented artist.She has a lot
of good things to say. But I can also see that she’s
not gonna be one that likes to hear, you know,
someone say no. – It just needs
something in the corners, you know what I mean? – I’m really trying to start on
this [bleep] eyeball. That’s the only detailed
thing of our detail challenge. – Yeah.♪ ♪– One hour left. Final hour.♪ ♪– We’re doing what
we do all the time, guys. We had, like,
a little mathematical plan going with these rays,
and now we’re abandoning it because we’re at the last hour. Can’t wait to see what the
girls give me for a skull pick. – What, you’re
already assuming you’re losing?♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one. That is it. Time is up. – Whoa, that’s cool. – That thing kicks ass. – [bleep] yeah, definitely.
– Good job, guys. So good. – That eye’s a bit off-center; I’m just gonna throw
that out there. – It’s actually not.
– Don’t be making up lies. – Look at–you’ve got like
seven dice over here to ten dice over here.
– Yo, can’t hate. – All right, it is now time
to critique your work. Men’s team, you’re up. – It’s a strong, legible image.I really like the glow
that you get around the eye,that radiates inside
and out from the exteriorof the triangle and comes
up underneath the eye.– It’s a really brilliant
play with those dice to create the eyelashes, particularly
in a detail challenge. – We eyeballed it. – [laughing] – Jesus. – All right,
women’s team, you’re up next. – Overall,
it’s a very clear image.You have a lot of attention
to detailjust on how
everything fades so smooth.The fade from
the ground up is really nice.The grass showing through,
and the shine of the moon,you get a lot
of really nice gradients.– I loved that
it’s a whole setting. Foreground, middle ground,
background, subject. – I love aliens. Clearly I wasn’t doing anything with eyeballs,
so we weren’t going there. – Every single piece
in this is not detailed. We have one object,
heavily zoomed in on and heavily detailed,
because that’s what we saw. – You have a beautifully
rendered image, and I’ll commend you,
you did good. There’s not detail.
– No detail?! – We took two
totally different routes, and it’s up for them to decide.

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