Periwinkle Quilt Update – Get the Perfect Point
Periwinkle Quilt Update – Get the Perfect Point

Hi. It’s Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. We’ve been getting some emails about getting your perfect point on the Periwinkle
block. This is the block here and I’m going to show you how to do that.
Occasionally, when we’re filming we miss an angle, or you know we don’t have the
right over-head shot. Anyway, I want to show you how to get that perfect point. So I’m
going to take you through this block really quickly right from the beginning. We’re
going to use our wacky web template and we are going to go ahead and cut out, lay it
on our charm pack and cut that out. All of this is just the same as in the video. It’s
just how you place those side pieces of paper that makes the difference. So you want to
line up your, your template with the top of the square here. We’ve got that all done.
Then we’re going to take your triangle. You also want to make sure your triangles
are right, your papers are the right size. And then we’re just going to put a little
bit of glue stick on here, like this. So you just want to anchor this block down on here
and make sure that it stays. And then, we’re going to attach these side pieces. These are
5 by 6 ½ inch pieces. And we’re going to line it up, were going to start right up here
at this top corner and line it up just right on that edge. And then this bottom part right
here, we’re going to swing it in a little bit more than ¼ inch, maybe 3/8 of an inch.
We’re just going to swing it in right there. And sew right along, use this top white piece
as our ruler for our ¼ inch. So I have one done right here. And see how
I’ve sewn that ¼ of an inch all the way along there. And just, you know, just left
this bottom piece alone and just gone ahead and sew right along there. Iron that side
back and then we’re going to attach the other side. So again what we’re going to
do is we’re going to put our, put our, oops I almost turned that the wrong way you don’t
want to do that. So we’re put our top piece right there. And then again we’re just going
to slide this in about ¼ of an inch, a little bit more, maybe than ¼ inch. How about a
fat ¼ of an inch! And we’re going to sew right along the edge of this white piece.
So let’s go to the sewing machine. And I’m just going to lay this in here like this,
make sure it still lines up well. Let me get my needle up here. There we go, just like
that. There we are. And then we’re going to press this back,
right here. And see right here now, these two pieces, whoops, those two pieces have
crossed with plenty of room to give you that nice point and this outside edge. Now remember
your points are the outside of the blocks right here. So that’s where you’re looking
at for your points, the outside. So now what we have to do is trim this down.
And I’m just going to show you how I do that. I like to take my piece and make sure
it’s centered up really well. And put my ruler so I cut the whole bottom piece at one
time. So, I’m lining up my ruler right along the edge of that paper. And then we’re just
going to trim this off. The paper becomes our pattern. Then I’m just going to rotate
this a little bit and get these sides. Okay, so when you get your little piece all
trimmed up, it’s going to look like this. So I want you to take a look at this. You
have a nice, you know, about ¾ of an inch right here. So when you go to attach the next
block to this, you’re going to have plenty of room and those points are going to be perfect.
So let’s go ahead and see how this goes together. When we bring in these other pieces,
I want you to notice that this piece right here is what you want to match and that should
line up perfectly, because we’re not moving that piece. That piece stayed exactly on the
template, just right on that edge. It was this down; it was this point down here that
we slid it in that moved. So these shall still line up perfectly.
So when we lay these together and do our ¼ of an inch on here, it’s just going to lay
together absolutely perfectly. So then your blocks will go together, you know, just, just
clean and pretty as can be. And you’ll end up with a block like this where it gives you
just a little bit of extra room so that when you sew your blocks together you won’t lose
those points. We hope this helps you with your Periwinkle
Points. From the Missouri Star Quilt Company.

56 thoughts on “Periwinkle Quilt Update – Get the Perfect Point”

  1. LauraBellini says:

    OOhhh, now I get it! Thanks Jenny. (I gotta tell you, I didn't have my glasses on when I first clicked on the video and I swear I thought it said "Prairie Point Explained to Death". I wish I could blame it on the heat, but I do stuff like that all the time. LOL)

  2. Joyce Hill says:

    Thanks for explaining that – it helped a lot.

  3. cctexgirl says:

    Jenny, I just LOVE star quilts! Thanks so much for the info……If I could travel anywhere, it would be to your shop!! (really)

  4. Jess Peck says:

    I thought it said explained to death at first too LOL. But wasn't this periwinkle points not prairie points?

  5. Carol Sue Hansen says:

    Don't understand the need for sliding. Shouldn't the template work without adjusting a guessing? Love Missouri Quilt Co and love Jenny. . .just don't love how this template works.

  6. Carmella Mares says:

    Thanks for the tutorial on explaining the use of the inaccurate template. Now how do I fix all the blocks I made with the incorrect instructions. I wasted a lot of fabric and don't see how a fix of those can be done.

  7. IAmJustOneMom says:

    I have the papers and the template but have not used them yet because I have heard it is inaccurate. But I did not know if it was the paper or the template… Now I think I am going to take the chop saw to the wacky template so I don't have to fuss with "swinging" a guessed amount. Are you considering producing a modified the wacky template?

  8. Falmouth Farm says:

    For those of you still confused… the Periwinkle quilt is using the "Wacky Web Template" originally designed to make the "Spiderweb Quilt". Natalie (Jenny's daughter) discovered that with just a little sliding of the Wacky Web template, it can be used to make the Periwinkle design. There is NO flaw with the template, just in how you use it.

  9. Sierramist says:

    Is there a list of the supplies(tools) I need to make a quilt.Thanks for all your help

  10. Marta Martini says:

    I'm from Italy. I always watch your videos, they are very clear and taught me so much!
    Thank you and congratulations for the beautiful work,
    Ciao dall'Italia

  11. BlindMellowNellie says:

    I just made a practice block the other day with your template. I didn't use the papers, though. I didn't trim off the point as the template suggests, and I didn't slide the side fabric over 1/4 inch. My block turned out perfectly.

  12. busybeejordan says:

    Hi Jenny, Do you have yardage of the red print fabric you used in this periwinkle tutorial? I need a number of yards of it to finish a quilt. Thanks

  13. Suzanne Knazek says:

    Thanks, Jenny! You always make it seem so easy!

  14. Angie Gonzales says:

    I love your tutorials and this periwinkle one is a good one for me I have bad luck with points

  15. Janet Taylor says:

    I guess I don't understand the problem. I used the papers I ordered in May and had perfect points. I have done 1 baby quilt, in the middle of another and have a bigger one planned. The papers make it easy and I lined up the side pieces along the edge of the wacky web piece. I just receive another pack of the papers to do more quilts.

  16. susieqgc1 says:

    Have you shown how to do the quilt behind you?

  17. Darlene Knooihuizen says:

    Ok do I cut the paper or not? Lost in Buffalo.

  18. Nancy Hamm says:

    So you finally showed how to do this correctly? Now after I lost almost $100 in doing it the original way you showed.

  19. Steve Spangler says:

    I truly love all your videos. Your instructions are concise and I can make a whole Ca. King in about a week. Thank you for all you do. I watch you every day at least 10 times. I love your wonderful laughter.

  20. cj2sew says:

    Thank you Jenny. That really does clear up things. I always make one or two blocks to try to see if I like something before cutting all my material. I was glad I did that on this one. I just knew I was doing something wrong but, now I think I can go back and try again with your added instruction. I sure do appreciate all those folks who let you know something wasn't right because this quilt is just to beautiful not to try. Back to try again. Thanks again. Love your videos

  21. pumpkinseed45 says:

    Thanks for the video.

  22. Tony White says:

    how come some people get the points correct from the first tutorial and others don't…I ordered the template and the papers…..I haven't had time to try it yet tho….i'm with another person on here…doesn't seem right that you have to guess at sliding the paper…..would also like to know if a smaller template could be made….

  23. Judy Miller says:

    Jenny, you have become my favorite channel to watch. I was wondering if there is a template and paper that is smaller like the your favorite quilt? I love that look and wish to make one myself (with the smaller periwinkles).

  24. Mikki Gracey says:

    So glad I saw this before I got any further. No I did not see the "slide" the first time I saw the video. Can't believe I missed it. Thanks Jenny.

  25. mikenoma says:

    Would it be possible for you to make a new template the correct size and offer it for sale to us?

  26. LaRue Cook says:

    This template was originally used for the spider web quilt. They just came up with a new way to use it. This way it can be used for more quilts then just one quilt pattern.

  27. LaRue Cook says:

    Also, I don't understand how you guys can complain. This tutorial is FREE! They didn't make you buy their product and follow their instructions. Besides, you should ALWAYS do a trial block. If you had, you wouldn't be wasting a bunch of fabric.

  28. Liz Theriot says:

    I found a pattern that my grandmother was making and I called it Mamaw's Star. I just now found out the actual name of the block. Tried for years to make a template but could never get the block to lay flat. So happy with your tutorials. I learn so many things and have made a few quilts watching your tutes. I always made a practice block using my stash. Then I choose my fabrics, Usually its scrappy. Thanks again for your tutes. Watch you every day.

  29. Kathleen Eubanks says:

    YESYESYES! Check out the Mini Wacky Web template and papers on the MSQC website. I just ordered one and plan on using it for a baby quilt.

  30. Judy Miller says:

    Thanks Kathleen. I have found a pattern from a civil war magazine. Just waiting for the pattern to get here. I will check out the Mini Wacky Web and the papers.

  31. Conniekristen says:

    Is there any way I can shrink  the block so that it more closely resembles your original treasure?  Thanks

  32. Deliza Zakir says:

    you very knowledge distribute to other..
    I hope god repay your kindness because  your knowledge is useful..tq

  33. Tina Johnson says:

    Very helpful indeed. Thanks 🙂

  34. Ellen Werner says:

    Love your videos Jenny thank you so much.  Also agree with another comment about making a smaller templates if that's ever an option I'd buy one too.

  35. knlsmith says:

    When sewing the the final blocks together, do the points touch or float a bit?

  36. Claudia Schmidtke says:

    Ich find das Video super ,es ist toll erklärt obwohl ich kein English kann versteht man aber wie man etwas nähen muss. 

  37. freda spencer says:

    a simpler way is to add a quarter inch to the long side of the triagle

  38. Joanne Borges says:

    Thanks Jenny.  You're a great teacher!  Is there anyway to remove the closed caption word?  It blocks the view of what you're showing us.  Perhaps it could be moved to the top of the screen, so it's not in the way of my viewing.  Thank you.  Joanne

  39. Louise Gustafson says:

    Why  we have  to slide  the fabric a quarter of an inch ? Why not lay the fabrics as you showed us with the Little periwikle? I don't understand!

  40. Ronda Bergeron says:

    Hi jenny. May I ask why I have to move the material over? Should I mark it to make it perfect. You have a great eye, I don't at all, can barely sew a straight line. Thanks jenny.

  41. Tessa Rose says:

    Why wouldn't we just cut the charm square piece the right size and shape to start with?  "Swivel this out somewhere around a quarter of an inch" is not an instruction I'm  all that comfortable following.  I love this pattern but this discourages me from trying it.

  42. Dorien Reed says:

    Am buying this template and papers, found a UK supplier. does the template come with any instructions?

  43. Jane G says:

    This is such a classic pattern, and this update makes it so much easier!

  44. vflsun says:

    This is my favorite tutorial. Small scraps can be used without concern for matching prints, colors or anything and the quilt will still be beautiful. Also I love paper piecing and the points come out pointy.

  45. Sandy Allen says:

    This is my favorite quilt tutorial because I have an old quilt my grandma made using this pattern and I want to make one for myself. The one she made is falling apart so I want my own to replace it. It is a hard pattern to find, too!

  46. Bits'nbobs says:

    I've almost completed the blocks for my quilt using the mini template and now I've found this. If there is a template, surely that should be the correct size for use and no guesswork involving 'quarter of an inch or fat quarter inch' needed. This way the darker fabric will show on the front of the quilt past the white at the seam.

  47. Maddie9518 says:

    Do you have to make this adjustment using the mini Wacky Web tool and making the mini Periwinkle quilt?

  48. Cindy Andrews says:

    Thank you Jenny!

  49. sherriscreativemind says:

    This is my next project for all the many, many scraps I have… LOL Thanks Jenny!

  50. cheezfri says:

    That's so funny, I'm a beginning level quilter but I noticed on the original periwinkle video that your points were right up on the edge, meaning they would get "cut off" when you join the blocks. I was wondering how to prevent that, and this video showed up in the suggested video section. Thanks!

  51. Stacey K says:

    I did get a big chunk of my quilt done and there were a lot of cut off ends where the point was cut off. I'm not real happy with the outcome. This will end up the back of a quilt as I would have this as a front. I appreciate you redoing this video but we would think that having bought a template, this would all fall into place. I never heard of a quilt where you had to sew into the templated piece to make it correct.

  52. Mickie Gurney says:

    Do I need to do this for the small periwinkle template too?

  53. Deb Fusca says:

    could you please give me the measurements of the template for the periwinkle pls from australia

  54. Suzi SaintJames says:

    So the plastic template is known to cut off the outside points. Why not redesign the template for accurate piecing instead of this inaccurate hack? … Ok, people who already own this template need the hack but either quit selling this template or fix it… Really there's no shame in version 2.0

  55. Donna Kidd says:

    How many pieces do you need for a full size quilt of that mini periwinkle piece. I know it shows 2 per block I think but how big a block does that make. Thanks.

  56. Patricia Thomashefsky says:

    how did you bind that quilt? it looks like it is curvey

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