Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus! – Livingroom Light Ideas!
Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus! – Livingroom Light Ideas!

Whatsup guys, With Holidays coming up I thought: Why not
decorate the living room with these awesome new Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus! So here it is, the Philips Hue Lightstrip
Plus, available this week in Europe and the US. The previous Hue Lightstrip comes with a light
strength of 150 lumes, the hue lightstrip plus gives a impressive strength of 1600 limes To make this work you’ll need the Hue Bridge.
It’s the bridge between the Hue App and connects up to 50 hue lights. The latest version also
supports Apple’s Homekit. So you can voice-control with Siri. It’s really easy to set it up with the manual
so there’s no need to explain that. So here we go. I bought these open ‘U’ shaped
wall cabinets to put the lightsstrip in and placed them against the sealing. This way
I can hide the light strip out of sight and you’ll get a much cleaner look. The bottom side of the lightstrip is the sticky
side and you use it to attach the lightstrip to any solid surface. So one lightstrip is 1 meter. But what’s great
about these lightstrips is that you can cut them as long or as short as you want. You
can even use these little extension parts to extend the lightstrip up to 10 meters! Let’s go right ahead and start placing the
lightstrip on the wall. What I’m gonna do is place 4 meters of lightstrip on top of
the wall using a ‘U’ shaped cable cabinet. With the lightstrip now in place. Let’s see
how it turned out. You can use the Hue App to create your customised
scenes. Sync with your movies, music or photo’s. Or use Siri Voice Control to set the mood. “Hey Siri, turn the lights to 100%.” Or use the Apple Watch if your phone isn’t
around. It’s really easy, really fast. So yeah,I would like to thank you guys for
watching. I hope you liked this video. I had a lot of fun making it. Stay tuned for more
tech video’s on my channel. Subscribe. Give a thumbs up it helped you out. And i’ll see
you in the next one. Peace.

32 thoughts on “Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus! – Livingroom Light Ideas!”

  1. AllThingsTech says:

    That room looks epic with so many Hue lights! I'm looking for some poster for my setup pand saw some really nice ones behind you in your vlog (iTechRiot On The Radio!!) at 1:57. Where did you get those? Thank you!

  2. DigikidForever says:

    Lums. LOL!!!!

  3. Koen van der Kam says:

    Ziet er heel vet uit en goede video!
    Kan jij me vertellen waar je zo'n U-vormig gootje hebt gehaald? (en misschien ook hoe je zoiets noemt haha)
    dank je wel!

  4. Stefan Richter says:

    how long is the cable that goes down from the ceiling to the power outlet? Im thinking about doing the same thing but I dont know if the cable will be long enought to reach down to my outlet.
    Thanks in advance buddy

  5. Zombie Outbreak Control Center says:

    where did you get the "u" channel to put the lights in? what is it called?

  6. Zombie Outbreak Control Center says:

    what are you putting over the "U" channel at the end???

  7. Chris Langemeijer says:

    welk app zag ik in het flmpje? Hoe werkt het precies om de lichten op de maat van de muziek te laten bewegen?

  8. LordMoebius says:

    What did you use to conceal the led strips? Also how long is the power cable going from the bridge to the outlet?

  9. Chiyo says:

    It looks nice but you can still see the individual LEDs at some angles. I would look for some kind of channel with a translucent frosted cover to diffuse the light.

  10. tr763 says:

    there's no practical reasoning for this unless you're hosting weekly raves at your home. It looks really tacky.

  11. Maarten says:

    Goed idee, ik ga dit zeker toepassen. Je adviseert de kabelgoot 2 cm van de muur te houden, is dit voor een mooier lichteffect? Tot slot de vraag of op deze manier het licht ook grotendeels de kamer verlicht of enkel de muur? Thanks for sharing!

  12. J.B. says:

    Hi on which Position is your stripe under your lowboard? On the Wall in front of you? If Set my stripe under my lowboard and i see the leds on my grund. Thank you.

  13. Edwin Infante Leocadio says:

    What's the name of the app on the video you was using to change the scenes?

  14. Oz says:

    How did you get the lights behind the Television to change in sync with the TV?

  15. Cher a Smile says:

    Great video. Allowed me to see that the best color shows if it's underneath something like a cabinet. You didn't seem to get much bang from the strip along the ceiling. I was thinking of putting it in the ceiling of my "faux" fireplace, and your video allowed me to see it will definitely give me a burst of color in there. Thank you for taking your time!

  16. Yowzoe says:

    nice editing, good tips, thank you 🙂

  17. Anthony Skylanderking says:

    He Looks sexy

  18. Captain Sushi says:

    homosexual music

  19. le hung says:

    Why do u can connect with your phone? Cause when I bought Lightstrip plus like a box you bought, I didn't see anything else to controlling my ligtstrip , it only with yellow color.

  20. Mogen Cheng says:

    Sick vid! Because of your setup I bought one myself, but I’m wondering where can I get the u shaped bracket you mounted the strip on?

  21. Josh Chavez says:

    Where did you get the plinth?

  22. A Rooob92 says:

    Completely unrelated but had to mention it immediately, dude you look just like the actor that plays Wally West in the Flash on the CW

  23. Ian says:

    What's the app you use sorry?

  24. Otis de cort says:

    Ik weet dat het al een ouder filmpje, maar zou je mij kunnen zeggen wat de afmetingen zijn van de plint die je hebt gebruikt, heb je eventueel een link? Thanks!

  25. DrSnuggles22 says:

    You installed it with the wrong side. You have to let it light up at the ceiling. This is shit.

  26. Julian Leone says:

    Apple crap

  27. Dead Channel says:

    Lol. You activated my Siri while I was watching your video on my iPhone.

  28. Craig Murray says:

    Top tip! If you can get a strip of polycarbonate or any frosted material (that light can still shine through)to run on top of the led strip… you get a cleaner more diffused light 🙂

  29. Chelsey Tobin says:

    I love these lights.>>>   It is a game changer. No longer will I get up from my comfortable bed and turn off the light. There are also 3rd party apps that that allow for party lights that go with the rhythm of the music playing. All in all the people that are not tech savvy may have trouble with the initial install but after that it is super user friendly especially when paired with google home or alexa

  30. 董迎军 says:

    It's Cool! but how can I reset it to join other Hub besides Hue?

  31. Marre says:

    What is the name of the app? I need an answer right now.

  32. Anatol Menke says:

    Cool video mate! love the idea to hide it inside the cable cabinet! Cheers

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