Pinterest Home Decor Crafts | Recreating Pinterest Crafts | Blind Pinterest Challenge (13)
Pinterest Home Decor Crafts | Recreating Pinterest Crafts | Blind Pinterest Challenge (13)

The reality is gonna hit, and I’m gonna
be very upset! *Intro Music* Hello everyone! And welcome back to
another episode of the, blind, Pinterest, ch-ch-ch-challenge. Right lets head straight on to Pinterest and see what I want to craft in today’s episode. Right, I’m just gonna have a
little look on the homepage, see what Pinterest is suggesting for me. See if I
can find something decent to craft. *sigh* What do I want to do? What do I want to?
You know what, I quite like this, this floral ladder. It is very similar the
bike wheel that I’ve done before, but I do think it looks quite nice. I think it
will be quite pricey to make, but I’m gonna give it a go, I’m gonna try it.
Let’s try and find something cheap next. I think I’ll try this one, even though it
has given me some instructions but I can’t really see what the finished
product is going to be like. But I do already have rope in the studio, so all
I’m going to need for this is an old pan. I think It’ll be relatively easy, a little
bit time-consuming to make, but I think I could get a good result from that one. So
I’ll try that one as well! Do I want to do anything else or should I just stick with
them two? I’ll have a quick look… just a little quick look. I’m kinda cheating
again because it’s given me some little instructions on how to make this. But
it’s a homemade air freshener, and it’s made apparently with gelatin and
fragrance oils, and that’ll be relatively cheap to make as well because I’ve
already got the jars. So I’ll just need to buy some gelatin, I’ve got some
fragrance oils as well… I think they’re all Christmassy though so I might have to buy
some fragrance oils, and maybe some food coloring as well. I’ll try it, I’m not
sure how effective that’s gonna be, or whether it’s gonna work, but we’ll soon
find out. Okay so I’ll stick with them three in today’s episode. I’ll need a
couple of weeks to gather everything up, and figure things out. But I’ll meet you
back here, in just a sec! And I’m back! It’s definitely taken as a lot longer
this time, because the ladders were really hard to source! Really hard to
source! But I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything I need for these three pins. I
think we’ll start off with probably the easiest one… I think it’s gonna be the
easiest one anyway… I hope so! Which are the gelatin air freshener things. So
we’ll nip downstairs into the kitchen, and see what happens Right so I’ve got some
gelatin here, and absolutely hate gelatin! I hate the thought of it, and the idea of
it, just boiled animal bones. And I’ve got three different scents, I’m gonna make
lemon, lemon grass, and lavender. And I’ve got some food coloring as well just to
match what I’m making. How do I do it? I think it’s boiling hot water isn’t it?
Actually what I’ll do is I’ll fill the jar first, and then I’ll know if I have
enough. So that should be enough water. I’ll add the scents first. Because it’s an air
freshener I think you’ll probably need a lot of scent, so I’ll just dunk a ton of it in!
Oh that smells really nice. Mmm, it smells beautiful. And some food
colouring. Give that a mix. Then I’ll pop some of this gelatin stuff in, I’m not
sure how much I’m supposed to put in. Needs to be quite thick though so you
probably want a lot. I think that’ll do. Right now to pour that into the jar. *Happy Music* I think once it’s cooled down it’ll set and then we should hopefully have an air
freshener, and I’ll just repeat it for the other two. Then I’ll meet you back up in
the studio, and we’ll see what they’re like. You’re not having my gelatin! It’s not
for you! It’s not for you! You little monkey. Okay I don’t have time to wait
for them to set, because I’ve got two more things to make today. So they’re
still a bit liquidy, hopefully they will set. If they do I’ll insert a clip here.
Yeah it’s the next day and they definitely did set, they’re completely solid.
They smell quite powerful actually *urgh* They smell gross! The lemon one is disgusting, it smells like rotted lemon! It’s horrible! The other two aren’t too bad,
the lemongrass one’s quite nice. Just move them out my way. So I think they will work
as air fresheners, but I think just getting like a reed diffuser or a plug
in one would be a lot more effective. But he’s the expectation.
And I’ll have to put the reality in late to see what actually happened to these.
Let’s find out how much I spent! Right so I spent £21.78 which is a
lot of money, but that was basically just for a box of essential oils, and a box of
food coloring, and I’ve got loads left over for anything else that I might need
it for. I’ll pop them on the shelves and hopefully I’ll make the studio smell
nice. Apart from the lemon one! So next up I thought we’d tackle the floral ladder.
And I bought this vintage reclaimed wooden ladder off Ebay, and it’s in pretty
shitty condition a half to admit. It’s a bit of a mess! But I just painted half of
it with some white emulsion paint, and I’ve got all these flowers and I think
it’s just time to hot glue them all onto it.. that’s the only way I can think of
doing it, I don’t think they’ve hot glued theirs. I think they’ve made some kind
of…. bunch. And attached it to it but I don’t know, it’s miles away from my skill
set, hot glue is the only thing I know! So let’s do this. Right sorry for the dodgy
angle it’s just very hard to fit all this in. And all these flowers came in
plastic bags, there’s so many of them! Do they not give a shit about the
environment! Oh they gave me a free air freshener in one of them! I forgive them,
I forgive them now, everything’s okay. I’m actually just thinking with these ones, I
might be able to curl the wire round, and just wrap it round, maybe’s? I’m not sure,
I don’t think I’m have to use hot glue for the entire thing. I’m just gonna hot glue
it on. But I might just keep this as a bunch, rather than remove everything. And
I did try to match the flowers and the ladders the best I could, but obviously
mine is gonna look a lot different to theirs. *Happy Music* ARGH!!! OoOoOo! Ah, you bastard!
Swear to god, glue burns maaan! I’ve still got a scar ages ago from a glue burn. So
dangerous!! *Happy Music* I think mines looking alright so far
actually, but I think I’m gonna have to make some compromises because their
ladders bigger, and mines a lot smaller. So rather than three bunches of flowers
which I think, it’ll just look too much. It’ll look too overcrowded, I think I’m
gonna do one in the bottom corner, and one on the top. I think that makes more
sense, to me it does anyway! *Happy Music* Right I’ve come to a problem… I don’t know when to stop! I’m thinking it’s looking okay but, do I
want to add more? I don’t know!! I’ve still got leftover flowers! I’ll
just add this one, and then I’ll call it a day I think… No it needs some more on this side too. Okay I think I’m gonna stop before I
cover the entire ladders in flowers, and I think it’s looking all right actually.
Okay that’s all done and we have expectation… Reality, and you know what I
think mines turned out pretty decent. It doesn’t look too bad, I was quite worried
about starting it because.. I don’t know, I just thought it looked a bit complicated.
But I’m pretty pleased with the result actually, think it’s not bad at all! I
think I’ll lean it up in the studio over there because.. that’s where I’ve got some
space. There we go beautiful! Now I bet you’re wondering how much did I spend on
this? I’m actually wondering myself because I haven’t been keeping track. The
reality is gonna hit and I’m gonna be very upset. Oh it’s worse than I thought!
It’s way worse than I thought! It’s so bad, no wonder I never have any money! I
don’t even want to say it out loud! Okay so for this ladder…
I spent £85.94! It’s ridiculous I’m just shitting away money!
Do I think it’s worth it? No! Not at all! No it’s too much!
It’s far too much! I’m so bad at managing my money. Well this is turning out to be
a very expensive blind Pinterest challenge. Right one more to go, but I’m gonna have my lunch first, and then we’ll make that… what am I making again? And then
we’ll make that rope pan. Well I’m back from a lunch and I feel very happy now.
*Heavenly Music* And I’ve got a pan, I’ve got some rope,
and a glue gun, and it’s gonna be pretty straightforward. And if you are wondering
why I’ve got rope in the studio, I used to make a lot of sculptures out of rope,
many, many, years ago. And I have loads left over, so I haven’t bought it
specifically for this, I’m not lying and saying: “Oh I’ve just found some rope in the
studio”. I genuinely have a shitload of rope. Right okay, let’s just start
gluing and… make this pan thing. *Happy Music* I’ve just realized as well, this pans a
nonstick pan, and the glues not particularly adhering very well to it.
I think it’s gonna survive, and I think it’s gonna stay on, but I just can’t
touch it because I think all the rope will just fall off. We’ll see to the end
anyway! *Happy Music* Right okay about 40 glue sticks later,
and we have something that looks like this. It’s not looking too bad, and
looking at their pin they’ve added some handles, I can only see one and I can’t
see the full thing so I’m not sure how they’ve done it. I think maybes just like
stick some on? Think that’ll work? Og=h what I could do, is go all the way around the
bottom and stick it on the bottom, and up the top, and just kind of loop it around
and then there won’t be any dead ends. They’ll be hiding under the bottom I
think that’s a good plan you know! Mmm! Well done me!
Okay so I’ve just cut two bits of rope the same size, and what I’ll do is I’ll
just, I’ll bring it all the way to one side I think. Rope doesn’t like hot glue,
it’s one thing I’ve learned today. Especially when sticking to each other,
just gotta have patience…. which is unfortunate because I don’t have any
patience at all! I’m very impatient! Right one handle done, it’s took me a lot longer
than I thought was gonna to. I thought it was gonna be about five ten minutes. More like half
an hour! Okay so we have expectation.. And you can’t really see what the finished
product is, so my reality… it doesn’t really matter does it!? But reality! And I
quite like mine, I think it’s very cute, you could probably put about four bog
rolls in there, not bad at all and it was very easy to do. The only thing I would
say is if you’re going to do this for some reason. Buy an old pan, or if you’ve
got a non-stick pan, sand it down, because I could easily pick
all the rope off this with minimal effort. I could literally just pick it ,and it
would all come off, I’m not gonna touch it too much because it’ll fall apart. But
yeah that’s my advice to you. Now pop it on my shelf. There we go, we’ll pop it on
this one. Lovely! Very nice, very rustic, very
nautical, they’re the only descriptive words I know! Okay so how much did I spend
on this storage pan. I spent £9.60. Which isn’t too bad to be
fair, all I needed was the pan, and I had everything else. I do think it would look
a lot better if I bought, like a… really nice ornate pan. I saw some
copper ones and stuff, but they were just really expensive, this pan that I bought
was like the cheapest one I could find. So I think that does it for today’s
episode of the blind Pinterest challenge. I hope you have enjoyed it! If you have
make sure to give the thumbs up! And let me know what your thoughts are, on the
DIY air fresheners, the dramatically overpriced floral ladder,
and the rope pan. And if you come across any craft projects or anything
like that you want to see me try out on the channel, then leave your suggestions
in the comments below! And I’ll see you next week for a brand new video! Byeee!!! *Upbeat Music*

10 thoughts on “Pinterest Home Decor Crafts | Recreating Pinterest Crafts | Blind Pinterest Challenge (13)”

  1. Anthony Crammen says:

    I hope everyone appreciated my over priced floral ladder!! 😅😅

  2. Create at Home with G & Elf Creations says:

    Hey Ant, as a regular hot glue user myself may I suggest you pop to Poundland and buy a silicone spatula,I use it every time I'm using hot glue to press this in instead of using my fingers. Love your Pinterest videos. Hope you are well Mr?

  3. Charl says:

    Ok I’m so confused where’s the eggs 🤣

  4. HmmmmmLemmeThinkNo says:

    You might like doing something like this? it's the type of thing I did as a like six year old, and enjoyed it?

    Also, there's a video you might enjoy. I'll link it below.

    But anyway, I really enjoyed this video, and am glad I watched it c: it's always fun watching you try to do something you don't know how to do <3

  5. Natalie Young says:

    That is an expensive ladder lol it looks nice though. Love your blind pinterest videos. I don't like glue guns since i ended up with a piece of felt and hot glue stuck to my hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣 it was super painful and i got burnt 😭😭😭

  6. Amber Gray says:

    I loved the ladder! Too bad it was so expensive!!

  7. Michael O says:

    What is the number one way to keep a man? Rope!

  8. Megan Traver says:

    I love the flower ladder and feel ur pain most of my fingers are callused now but the side of my thumb sure isnt i have a nice blister from the glue gun yesterday:((

  9. Megan Traver says:

    The rope pan is great for old pans or thrift store pans

  10. michael dylan says:

    🤔🤔 should I b worried that u have loads of rope? (Got round to watching this 🙂 #number1fan)

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