Planner 5D Skylights & Roof Windows in 3 ways
Planner 5D Skylights & Roof Windows in 3 ways

Projecting three skylight window options First option; The dining room Outside view is created with Magic Cube tool First option HD snapshot Creating a second option; Bathroom Roof window will be created on a leaning wall with a help of Magic Cube tool Magic Cube of a required size is turned in 180 degree angle Turning is achieved while pressing SHIFT Turning in regular way – thus leaning walls appear Do not forget the window frame! Second option HD snapshot Creating a third option; Bedroom Leaning walls are created using the same method as with the second option Outside view is created with Magic Cube tool Third option HD snapshot HD snapshot of all three options

17 thoughts on “Planner 5D Skylights & Roof Windows in 3 ways”

  1. Martynas Stanevicius says:


  2. La K- poper :3 says:

    Wow like 😉

  3. Krishna Kumawat says:

    Yar mere planner 5d me it's unlock kese karu please batao na

  4. Anton Prasetyo says:

    Planner 5D for windows not like Sweethome 3D when u can download full verson for free.

  5. Gus Brown says:

    how are you bringing up the bottom window to move the height of the walls off the floor

  6. Авашкин Лайфон says:

    Hi!I like it ! Sorry, how you do to the realistik photos in planner 5d?

  7. Bhat Parvez says:

    Like it !project ko kaise save rakhe

  8. Trung Nguyen Nguyen says:

    I no like this

  9. Jhonatan Castellon says:

    Hello. I have a question . How export de imagen for my planner 5d . well I have window 10 but Idont have idea how to make it . I think maybe problem that may version and Idont no.

    Help me. Sorry for my ingles .


    Please upload an tutorial

  11. v. rena says:

    Wann kommen neue moderne Küchen?

  12. Ορφέας Πλεμμένος says:

    If I buy it in windows can i have it on android with the same price by an account?

  13. RedLemon says:

    Good for interior. How to edit the exterior unwanted parts?

  14. Fiona MacWhinnie says:

    Please add a way to make vaulted walls without having to do all this complicated stuff!

  15. Asuna Yuuiki says:

    Does this also work with the smartphone app (Android) or does it have to be done with the computer?

  16. Nonik Nona Cantik says:

    Give me the link to download this apps please 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Ágnes SÁRÁNDI says:

    Dea Martynas, thank you for the fabulous tutorials!
    My only question is just the outside of the buildings are just left in a way that you show it on the pictures? I mean the left of the walls and cubes are just in that mess, can not we cut the surplus that is not necessary somehow?

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