P!nk Blasts Andy Zenor with Tequila at the 2019 CMAs – Extended Cut
P!nk Blasts Andy Zenor with Tequila at the 2019 CMAs – Extended Cut

All right. The “53rd Annual
Country Music Awards” are tonight in Nashville. And because I like to
see him in short shorts, I sent Andy Zenor to
cover the red carpet. Hi, Andy. [APPLAUSE] Hi, Ellen. Let’s see the whole outfit. I see the top. Sorry, I’m sorry. Let’s see the whole outfit. All right. It’s a star-studded
night tonight here, in Nashville, Ellen. I’m really happy to be here. So anybody– is it early? People haven’t started arriving? We’re waiting for
those big old stars to come down here
and have lots of fun on the red carpet at the CMAs. That’s right, Andy. Anybody that you
want to talk to? I got Russell Dickerson here. Well, there you go. I just gotta hang
out with this guy. There’s a guy that just
walked up, Russell Dickerson. Russell, hop on. We’re talking to Ellen. Oh, yes. What’s up, beautiful? This is my good buddy
Russell Dickerson. Yeah. Hi, Russell Dickerson. He just wandered right in. And, Ellen, guess what. We’re going to play
Cornhole with him. Hey! Here we go. Here’s how it works. All right. You take these. All right. Let’s go. And you’re going to throw
them in my cornhole. [LAUGHTER] We’re playing Cornhole. Hang on. Wait, I need some slack. Here’s how it works. I need some slack. I need some slack. Here we go. All right. All right. If you make it in,
I have to drink. You have to drink? Yeah, we got booze. And if you miss it, most likely
I’ll probably have to drink. All right, Ellen,
this one’s for you. Oh, thanks. Be honest, now, come on. I don’t know what’s happening. Oh! [CROWD CHEERING] He got it, Andy. Is that bad for me? He got it. He’s gotta drink. You’re going to
have to drink, Andy. Whoo! Offer some to your guest, Andy. Down the hatch. You can’t be the
only one drinking. Do you want something? Yeah, I’ll take that. Here’s beer. Cheers, Russell. Thanks, guys. All right. You’re welcome. See what you get
for wandering over? You get to have a beverage. You get a fresh little
beverage over here. Everybody’s a winner. Have fun tonight. Have fun tonight, Russell. Thank you. Love you, Ellen. Thank you so much. Take that please. Great meeting you. Nice to meet you too. All right. We’ll see him soon. All right. Oh, Kelsea Ballerini’s here. Look. This is great. It’s a night of a million stars. We’re on with Ellen. She’s our friend. Hi. Hey, Kelsea. How are you? I’m so good. I love you. Well, thank you. I love you too. And you’re nominated
tonight, congratulations. Yeah, I’m nominated
for female vocalist. I’m performing twice. Well, you got a
lot ahead of you. I’m not stressed at all. Oh. If you’re stressed, we have
some liquor there for you. I could have a– I could have a drink. Great. Let’s play “Tequila or Water?” Whoo! Tequila’s my love language. Hit me. We wish you were here. I know. I wish I was there too. But we’re having fun
here all by ourselves. [CROWD CHEERING] Ellen, this is tequila or water. So, just take one of these? Take one of those. Here. Which one is it? I’ll take this one. I think I got water, Ellen. Oh that’s tequila. Lucky you. No matter what happens, you’re
already a winner, Kelsea. I mean, that’s it. I’ve peaked tonight. I gotta go home now. By the way, Kelsea,
you look beautiful. I love what you’re wearing. Thank you very much. That’s very nice of you. We’ll see you soon. Come back any time. All right. Bye. Thank you so much. And now I got– I got– Ellen, Lady A’s here. I’ve been waiting for you guys. Where you been? Are we live on the internet? We’re with Ellen. Come on. We got Ellen. We’re live. Oh, hi, Ellen. Here she is. We love you. Hi. Everybody get’s a
microphone tonight. We miss you. Congratulations. Nominated tonight, again,
and performing right? Halsey, we’re
performing with Halsey. Yeah, we’re performing
with Halsey tonight. Oh, wow. That’s going to be cool. Who are you looking
forward to seeing tonight, besides you and Halsey? Dolly for sure. The opening number
is supposedly just going to have us all on
our feet, probably crying– just all the different
females being celebrated. Dolly’s performing. Reba’s performing Fancy. I mean, that, I think will be– Wow. It’ll have to be– I mean, iconic. I feel safe in your arms. Thanks. This is nice. That’s what I do. I make people feel good. You do. Well, you all look great. Thanks for stopping by
and have fun tonight. And come back
anytime you want to. We’re around– we’re
just– you know, we’re here most of the weekdays. Thank you for the support. We’re regulars. Thank you so much. I love you. We love you, Ellen. We do love you. Thank you very much. We love you guys. Thank you so much. [APPLAUSE] Thank you. Guess who I have now, Ellen. It’s Pink. Pink. Hi, Pink, I’m Andy. Hi. [CROWD CHEERING] Hey. We’re live with Ellen. Hi, my friend. You look fantastic. These old rags? Doesn’t he? Oh, look. The whole family’s there. Hey, everybody. Willow, say, hi. It’s your favorite person. She’s right here. Here she is. She’s right here. Say, hi. You guys can wave. She can see you. Hi, Willow. Willow, I love your hair. We were working with Willow on
her red carpet face earlier. Give her your red carpet face. Here it comes, Ellen. Isn’t that giving
you a little bit, like– she eats brains
for breakfast vibes. I like it. I like it. All right. We have a game to play. This year we’re playing
“Tequila Tube” apparently. OK. So this is a tube
filled with tequila. OK. So you need to take this– Move my dress. –and blast it in my face. Seriously? ‘Cause that’s how it works on
the red carpet at the CMAs. Aw, I was hoping it was going
to be the other way around. Yes. But here’s what–
I love what Carey– Carey immediately is
grabbing the children and pulling them away. Carey’s like– uh-oh. I know what tequila
in the eye feels like. It’s time for the
old tequila tube. You ready? All right. Somebody’s been
drinking already. I’m so sorry. You’re OK. They made me do it. Hey, it’s OK. It’s for Ellen. Oh, wow. How was that? Was that fun? No. Remember when you were a
kid, and you went underwater and you weren’t ready for it? Remember your first Cabo trip? Yeah. That’s where I’m at. Oh, no. I’m sorry. No, that’s how it goes. It’s all good. This was awful, Ellen. Yeah. I know. Was this your idea? We have more tequila. You want to play
“Tequila or Water?” Nope. I’m good. OK. I mean, I totally understand. Oh, that’s really tequila. I smell you. Yes. That’s my face. He smells like fun. I’m having a great time. He smells like fun. All right, Pink,
you look fantastic. I like your hat. Thank you. I like your dress. I like you. Thank you. I like everything about you. You know that. I like you too. You’re my friend, I love you. What’s happening? I like you! I like you much. Aw. Say, I like you much. Aw, God that’s cute. And Carey, hi, everybody. All right. We have to go to break. Hi. Hi, Carey. OK. We’ll see you soon. OK, bye. Awesome. Are you OK? I’m great. So you have to figure out what
is the tequila or the water or the whiskey or beer. Before we drink it? Yep. Some of these are water. Some of these are– Well, I want tequila. –whiskey. Some of these are tequila. Well, they would
have food dye in it. I’m going– this is probably
water with food dye in it. Take it. Boom. Cheers, everybody. Down the hatch. That’s not water. Nope. Sorry, guys. Oh, yeah. That’s what you get. That’s not water. It could’ve been worse. They could’ve blasted you
in the face with tequila. Oh, my God. You were 100% right. Sorry. I apologize. That is gasoline. May I ask how tall you
are, ’cause my neck hurts? I’m 6′ 3″. How tall are you? My neck hurts too. 4′ 11″. That’s why. So this is me singing– Kristin Chenoweth. –Juice by Lizzo, and I’m
going to make it country. She’s turning it country. (SINGING ACAPELLA
It ain’t my fault that I’m out here gettin’ loose. Gotta blame it on the Goose. Gotta blame it on
my juice, baby. Dig deep, Sheryl Crow. OK. I feel a tube in there,
and I don’t trust that. That’s probably sunscreen. Oh, those are scrunchies,
’cause my kids informed me what a VSCO girl is. She knows. Ellen underwear. Is that a good thing? Those are awesome. I can use those. OK, good. And be kind. I love that. Yes. Just a classic Wednesday
night for a guy that works for The Ellen Show. No way. And guess what. We’re playing Cornhole
tonight, guys. Oh, I like it. I can’t see what’s going
on so keep me honest. She’s gotta drink. Oh, I missed too. So do you. This is hard. It’s not an easy game. It likes to get in your pants. We’re not just giving
away things here. Oh. Here we go, down the hatch. Pond water, right? Justin, on you. Mine was water. Mine was definitely water. Mine was too. Yeah. Really good water. Ellen, what’s up? Wish you were at the CMAs. Where you are? Your crew’s here. She sent me. Almost as good. Still not Ellen. Almost as good.

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