Poor Man’s DIY: Installing Crown Molding with LED Lights
Poor Man’s DIY: Installing Crown Molding with LED Lights

hello everyone in cyber world welcome to
another project by Poor Man. it has been a while since I have hosted a video but my assistant has been under the weather for some time so I will take over and let
him rest. today’s project is installing crown molding but we are going to do it
with a little twist and we will get into that later on so let’s get right into it
if you watched our last video on baseboards you will have seen how we
installed two layers of baseboards to give a higher-end look we did a similar
thing with the crown molding but it wasn’t entirely for the looks we started
off by installing plain bars on the walls instead of mounting them towards
the top we installed them six inches from the top my assistant cut a couple six inch pieces to use as guides to properly spaced the
bars from the ceiling he also located the studs in order to secure the bars to
the wall next he nailed only the upper portion of the bar because it would
eventually be covered and we would not have to patch all the nail holes it was a matter of using this same method around the entire living room dining
room and kitchen now came time to install the crown molding itself in our case we had a couple issues to contend with normally crown molding is nailed to
the wall in the ceiling and becomes very securely attached in our case we only
secured the bottom of the crown molding we also decided exactly how much of the
bottom bar we wanted to expose before adding the actual crown molding once we
determined the spacing we wanted my assistant made a little jig that is
faced as we decided and whose that as a guide to lay the moaning on to before
nailing it the jig ensured the crown molding was placed at the proper spacing
for the whole project at the ends of at the ends of the walls we cut small pieces called returns to create a clean look at the end my assistant got too aggressive with
the nail gun and split the crown molding and ran out of molding so we had to
patch it instead of installing a newly cut molding in the end the damage is not
even noticeable so all good after installing the crown molding it
was time to patch all the nail holes I used a fun wood filler that is pink
but as it dries it changes to a natural wood color I have to admit pretty cool
once the filler dried we sanded then painted the crown molding and now for
the final piece which explains why we installed the molding as we did we
installed LED rope lights the LED lights are not intended to light up the room
but only to serve as accents we had to run the power cords through the kitchen
cabinets my assistant got too impatient and could not wait to install the final
touches before the paint on it even drive don’t worry I made him fix the
fingerprint smears he caused and there you have it our version of crown molding
using LED lights although we found several people had already built this in
their homes we give credit of this idea to toyoko in hotels as their hallways
all use a similar concept with LED lights after our last visit to Japan we
knew it was something we wanted for our home and just needed to figure out how
to go about accomplishing it we have many more projects already completed or
in the works right now so he will have more videos soon so until then bye bye

2 thoughts on “Poor Man’s DIY: Installing Crown Molding with LED Lights”

  1. The Shop Class says:

    Very cool idea. Did you get color changing LEDs?

  2. believe me says:

    Get rid of the robo voice.

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