Popsicle Stick Furniture (with working doors!) ☆HAMSTER DIY☆
Popsicle Stick Furniture (with working doors!) ☆HAMSTER DIY☆

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  1. VanillaHamHam says:

    Answers to all the frequently asked questions are in the description 😉

  2. Thannicha Iampanit says:

    How did you train your hamster to open the cabinate? It's so cool!

  3. Reina does art says:

    I ate so many popsicles for this,it was worth it for my hamster

  4. Wayne Satsuda says:

    Vanilla is so spoiled

  5. lavyan.lwqma Lavyan lwqman mhamad says:

    wow i l❤u hamster😍🐁

  6. Aga Frelek says:

    Wow! Fantastico!

  7. Animals lover says:

    Omg I’m making this right now no lies I’m making like right now I hope it turn out great

  8. Johana Martinez says:

    Cat bog

  9. vale inzunza says:

    I love hamsters are the most beautiful thing in life I do not understand why and people who mistreat them

  10. ღ casey whitt ღ says:

    I made the bed and tabel can't wait for my ham ham to try it out

  11. The_Fléau LGDC says:

    Je veux le même !
    Il est trop chou se petit hamster j'en est un aussi c'est tellement mignon !

  12. Vicky the human hamster says:

    The table is way more easy for me (I am nine) I didnt use this stuff that can cut to a shape

  13. Irving Betancourt says:

    Hi 🐹

  14. Interesting terrariums. says:

    Where she make poop?

  15. Tony-Ann Brown says:

    Is it okay to paint the furniture or use the coloured popcicle sticks?

  16. David Mondragon says:

    Is LOVE

  17. I Like Everything! !! says:

    I dont have a hamster, I do have rats tho…..

  18. Franco Mineboy says:


  19. rafika wulan says:


  20. Betty 1234 says:

    Awww So Cute😍

  21. Gacha pastle devil says:


  22. Anastasia Barbara says:

    my Peaches is a Syrian. Any name suggestions for my new robo hamham?

  23. Mike Flame says:

    i will have a hamster and thanks to u i can know what to do for my hamster

  24. Eiler Mondejar says:

    I love you VANILLA

  25. Lovisa Lilja says:


  26. sorpresas con are Ceron says:

    Hello love hámster

  27. •Existence • says:

    I want to be that hamster xD

  28. Sofia Castro says:

    Thank you so so much!!!

  29. 勝目清香 says:


  30. MinYeonKookie says:

    Thank you!!! <3 you are a life saver!!!! Anything i would buy for my hamster wasnt comfortable for her to sleep in!!!! That popsicle stick bed saved by life!!!!!! Nuca is happily sleeping in her new bed all day!!!! But a problem tho, everytime i try to take her out. she either grabs onto the bed or goes right back in. 😂😂😂😂

  31. loffe ghost toast says:

    you must have a bad stomach ache after all those popsicles

  32. chitra shah says:

    Did I can use glue gun

  33. Shivangi Joshi says:

    so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. Alexis Mazur says:

    I i'm struggling to put together IKEA furniture lol

  35. Marlie Kratz says:

    I don’t have a hamster but my friend does

  36. survivor9567 says:

    How do you that your hamster 🐹 sleeps in the night and is awake in the day?

  37. Im Lian says:

    Wah, is so good

  38. Life on Paper says:

    Do hamsters use furniture

  39. Cherriè Hana says:

    What is the file used for?

  40. Pudding says:

    I’m confused!How do the hinges work?

  41. Genevieve Le Feuvre says:

    I want to da a lollystick themed cage and your channel is really helping me with that. X3

  42. Poopy Diaper says:

    I did this and used my cats mice toys

  43. Huong nguyen thi says:


  44. Świat zwariowanych gryzonii says:


  45. SandVlogs TV says:

    I like it even though i dont have a pet hamster 🙁

  46. guns_ francesca says:


  47. ABC 123 says:

    Omg I wish I did stuff like with my hamster

  48. limonáda jablečná - Kovy fans says:

    Sooooooooooo cuuuuuteeeeeeeee!!!! It looks great!!!! Great job!!!!

  49. Ella Bella says:

    R.i.p Vanilla

  50. iiAstelle says:

    Do you speak English?

  51. italia gd says:

    Una pregunta….. Si le pongo papel de baño a mí hámster no se lo come?

  52. Have fun with Avril says:

    At 2:53 that was so cute we love you 😍❤️

  53. UPPS! Iris says:


  54. GemStudios says:


  55. yosta baharuddin says:

    Who watched this in 2019….i watched vanilla is dead….hope you are ok in heaven 😔

  56. ปาริชาติ ท่าชา says:


  57. Bruno Gray says:

    Tęsknię za Vanillią 🙁

  58. Reyna Villegas says:


  59. moony mystical says:

    Aww so small and cute your the best at this kind of stuff 😁🐹❤

  60. iiiOmqItzDuckiexx says:

    Realises the whole house is made out of popsicle sticks O.O

  61. Kaki says:

    i see ur effort👍👍👍

  62. blissxfull says:

    My cousin was kind enough to make me these my hamster will love them :3

  63. Eka says:

    Thanks for this I will make it for my hamster

  64. Jed Andren Javier says:


  65. Samantha Knight says:

    i dont have hamsters but thats so adorable!!!!!!

  66. Greta Ieva says:

    It's very cool

  67. sara btt says:

    i tuoi video sono stupendi <3

  68. eliza easterbrook says:

    i wish i had a hamster, because if i did i would do all this stupid fancy stuff for it.

  69. Mercury Black says:

    I'm just going to quickly assume this is a very old video cuz now vanilla is dead…💔💔💔 and you now have butterscotch.

  70. lilykshannon says:

    cool how you can make working doors

  71. dj cookie says:

    you didn't answer my question it's We're in the world do you get these much popitcals??!?!*!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Meagan Henscheid says:

    I need to get some popsicle sticks to do things like this. I got a hamster about a week ago and this would be cute.

  73. Banana Pop Productions! says:

    Goodbye, Vanilla *Cries

  74. Bunny jojo says:


  75. Yadira Saldivar says:

    Hello i have a hamster and i did it

  76. .yva says:

    It took me 3 hours just for the bed… no way I’m making the cabinets! Lol!

  77. •YAKIMESHI•player• says:

    Rip vanilla 😭😭😭🐭🐭🐭

  78. Lydia Leon says:

    So loveable. Nice work.

  79. limonáda jablečná - Kovy fans says:

    Sooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!!!

  80. Joselyn Macias says:


  81. Marisol Mendoza says:


  82. Grace Duplain says:

    So cute

  83. Hey ItzzSkyy says:

    2:58 is literally the cutest thing ever omg

  84. Freya Donaldson says:

    Where the hell this person getting so manny lolly pop sticks from lol

  85. Gihan Jayaratne says:

    I hope this is helpful
    Bed-35 sticks
    Table-16 sticks
    Shelf-17 sticks
    Pantry-31 sticks
    Total:59 sticks
    Im watching this in 2019 so i guess no one will see this😭
    But if someone does comment please 🙏
    Edit:I Got a hamster and it likes the bed thank you so much

  86. CherylCutie Tran says:

    Anime gacha music

  87. football sem regras Meneses says:

    Gual a cola que pode usar

  88. Mr Acid Bubbles Squid says:

    whittle? 4:54

  89. Cob says:

    My hamster, carter. Would loooove this

  90. ProxyDoll says:

    Thank you for your tutorials, they're very simple to follow. I have 3 russian dwarfs, so I love making things for them ^^

  91. Christiane Loth says:

    i ask me where is the hamster 😒in this kitchen — nowhere

  92. Tyron Manka says:

    This is soooo cute the way the pet has his or her food awwww

  93. DIY Fz says:

    잘 보고 갑니다😀

  94. Kitty pro gamer says:

    OMG I love you YouTube channel everything socute!😻😻😻👍

  95. •sugarcloud• says:

    Hello regarding the hot glue can I trim off all the hot glue parts or no?

  96. katy the cat 2 fanka ha says:

    Who wathing this after Vanilla dies?

    Rip vanilla 😭😭😭😭😭

  97. r e v e l u v says:

    I have a question, is it safe to use colored Popsicle stick? I really want to make something for my hamsters so please reply asap..

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