Portuguese Furniture #2
Portuguese Furniture #2

100 % national manufacturing. One of the largest furniture
fairs in the world. Paris. was home to over 100 Portuguese companies,
during Maison & Objet. Paris, the city of light. The stage to one of the most important
fairs in the furniture industry. Maison & Object takes to France
the whole universe of textile, furniture, decor and lighting
all in one place. This is one of the most important fairs
in the furniture industry. Throughout the years it has been
the reference fair. The fair that allows for small
and medium sized companies to start out on the European market, but also worldwide. Because it attracts
many international buyers from America, Latin America,
the Arabian and Asian markets. Our participation in this trade fair
is quite important. We are one of the main countries attending. With a higher count of companies
and, most of all, high quality standards above average. Over 80 % of our companies are on the red carpet
and in the Prestige category. Our national furniture
travelled 1500 km to Paris. In this edition
over 100 Portuguese companies enlarged their client base and introduced
their new collections to the world. Back in the day
attendance to these fairs was done… Using a typical Portuguese expression: To fill out orders. And later acquire customers. Nowadays, these fairs are attended
to introduce concepts, to introduce brands. Show the world what we are
and what we want to be. Then business
is a direct result of all this. It’s a very important platform because it’s where all participants,
at an international level, are assembled. And it’s an event
where new products are launched. So we start here. Through the Exhibition Centre of
Paris-Nord Villepinte, during it’s 5 days, 85 thousand visitors attended, with eyes set on 3 thousand brands
from all over the world. From Portugal came the sophistication
of design and innovation. Casually we saw… I like this one,
Portugal, I like that one, Portugal. Suddenly we see it everywhere. We even thought it was
the invited country of the fair. The Portuguese furniture exportations
and bedding items to the French market reached 397 million euros
and increased by 9 %. But Maison & Objet is a sale platform
to the world. We doubled exportations in the last 5 years and that is synonym of how much
these brands please and amaze the client. We have 1.2 billion exportations. The French market is the most relevant,
it’s 33 % of our wholesale. It’s not only that, but the feeling
that some clients rediscovered us. Today, made in Portugal has value that no one would have thought possible
to achieve a few years ago. The best of made in Portugal
represented in Paris, in one of the most important events
in the world. From Paris we head out to another story. Ship furniture is one of the luxury
segments of the national industry. Let’s find out to which lands
this sector is navigating to. When you step in a Hotel-Ship
of Douro Azul the scenery won’t be
the only thing to amaze you. In the 12 floating hotels
the furniture is 100 % Portuguese. A way of showing the world, the legacy
and comfort of the Portuguese industry. Our goal is to allow our clients,
the passengers, to experience a bit of the Portuguese culture,
what is Portugal, namely the Douro Region. In ship construction,
that are built in Portugal, We try to integrate to the max,
in it’s components, Portuguese industries. Such as furniture, the ship structures,
china, curtains, carpets… We’ve been working for several years
with Portuguese companies that help us develop
products for the ships. Certainly we want to elevate Portugal
in every possible way, but we don’t need to do much because we already have
a fantastic furniture industry. With the highest quality. Besides having the capability
of mass producing and also, at the same time,
we have craftsmen. To decorate and furnish a Hotel-Ship
also brings many challenges. The size of the area and the durability
of the materials is one of the biggest challenges. Our vessels on Douro are size limited
in order to fit in the floodgates and the bridges throughout the river. This brings up some challenges
in terms of design and materials. That need to be developed
because the cabins are smaller, the areas are minor. The ability to innovate is highly needed. It’s a Hotel on water
so the demands that it brings are all the features that a hotel must have and a space destined to tourists. Those are the first premises that exist
in a jointed vessel. In case of the river there are unique
circumstances related to the space. On all 12 vessels of Douro Azul the furniture is all custom made. Each Hotel-Ship
has it’s own associated theme and they are adjusted to the
target demographic Five days and it’s on the final cleaning,
stability and assembly. The vision of Douro Azul’s mentor,
Dr. Mario Ferreira, obviously has it’s own sensitivity. Along with the company that’s going
to control the ship is a combination of elements that impels
us to create a guideline of the concept, a word oftenly used,
a concept, a story, an experience. It creates the base guideline
of the project in that sense. Besides furniture, the decoration projects
need to convert small suites into functional and cosy spaces. Everything is small, especially
in the cabins. Everything is very small. What’s more, river cruisers are intended
to senior tourists. Special attention is needed to
the perception of space and mobility. Making it possible within cabins
with these measures. It’s something that is sought out
in terms of functionality. There are tourists that come from
South America with enormous suitcases and so there is special attention
where to store their luggage. At Douro Azul this how
luxury customers gazed the Douro river. Seated on Portuguese furniture in praise
of what Portugal does best in the furniture industry. They are successful business men. For decades they have been at the disposal
of the national furniture industry. They went from competitors to partners. The brand is called Private Label
and brings together under one project three business men
of the national furniture industry. Three business men, three competitors. After years manufacturing
for other brands they realized that… Together we’re better. Together we created a brand. We created Private Label. Together they’re better and stronger
in the international luxury market. It was with this premiss
that the Private Label Group was born. The idea arose because
we understood there was a gap in the furniture market. We saw that a lot of companies
in the furniture industry had in-house production, but in terms
of branding they lacked the expertise to create brands
that could be internationalized within the luxury furniture segment. It’s the idea of three people. In this case, it was lead by me. With the know how of companies
that existed or possible companies that could exist in this market. Then I though of two worthy persons. Private label has the DNA
of three business men. The energy of a triad combining knowledge, the ability to work and market vision. The client wants a good product,
wants a well designed product, but also looks for a product with quality
and tip-top delivery deadlines. We joined that with the production part
and since we have it covered by our partners. The idea came up to create a company
capable of creating those brands. Since we already had the manufacturing
capability that they assured us. The benefit of the three
of us working together is that although we are three
we are all different. Each one has it’s own element,
mine is the design part, then there’s production,
the branding part and sales. All that is what makes the brand
and the product. Design alone doesn’t cut it,
design requires production. Needs to be communicated. The brand is characterized by the way
that it presents it’s products and the way it tries to bring together crafting with the commercial
part of the products to the high standards
of luxury decor furniture. With only one year of existence
the group already owns of several brands. This year debuted
in the first international fair in Paris. It’s great for a company with only one year
to be receive all this praise. Being able to introduce herself
in one of the best. Maybe the best design fair in the world. That encourages us. But there’s more to it. Private Label Group understood
the turn of time. Making online the main work platform. Physical sales, in physical places
are decreasing a lot. The future are sales that are done
through a platform, but that have a team behind the platform. The online method, direct customer care
will be the future for companies. The three business men range expertise
from design, to manufacturing and decor. They are seated in same Group. Set on conquering various markets
around the world. The goal is to grow. Obviously we are very focus
and have objectives that need to be met. Only doing so it is possible
to work in a company such as this. Always grow and maybe
in the next two years… Instead of talking about the first year we’ll be talking about
the third successful year. Maybe then other companies might be interested
in this type of project. Private Label Group is now
going to venture around the world with the ideas of three business man that went from competitors
to partners in the same project. Did you know that just a click away or with a remote, your room
disposition can change. In the show discover
the technological solutions and the most high tech furniture
in the industry. What does the future hold for furniture? Functional, automated, minimalist. The pace of modern society brings
new demands to everyone’s home. The Portuguese furniture industry
kept up with the tendencies. Everything that makes life easier
people value a lot. In my main field, which is kitchens,
here at JDias. What happens is that people
really value functionality. Especially in kitchens. We understood early that kitchens
should be thought as way of making everyone’s life easier,
would in fact be of great benefit. Make the kitchen functional. Above all. Then take advantage of the area. In a way that makes it practical
and accessible to everyone. With an existence of over 30 years,
JDias was visionary in the market. It revolutionized traditional kitchens. Making them functional and automated
in order to make the user’s life easier. We have an automatism that allows us
to store accessories or storage objects by lowering the system to store everything
giving us a wider kitchen. For instance, if we are receiving
and sitting down eating with the guests, cooking or talking this
turns itself into a wide area. But if we need to close the kitchen
we can raise the system. We get access to what was stored and separate the kitchen
from the living room. At the bottom the shelvings store toasters,
the coffee machine. All enclosed in a single space.
We shut the doors and store the items and it’s ready to be used at breakfast
and day to day life in general. People grab it, can close the doors and leave everything messy
because that won’t be a problem. The company exports to several countries
in Europe, Africa and America. Everyday they develop projects to answer
the challenges of area management. Nowadays, since we have
very stressful lives, we don’t have much time. We want time
for what is important. So, in the furniture department,
we think about furniture that is easy to use on a daily basis. Can organize everything, quick access… Automated systems
help with that, good accessibility and
everything is better organized. In the future,
when furniture reaches your kitchen it will have a life of it’s own and appliances will be activated
through applications. We need to make the most of all
the techniques to display the kitchen in a practical and functional way for people to live for what’s
essential, the family. A think that kitchens, in a near future,
will include a robot arm that cooks for us. Why not?
I think that it might go that way. But clearly automated. Everything that makes easier
day to day life is the future. The future starts now. JDias lives the present
thinking of tomorrow. It’s here that we open the doors
to the Portuguese furniture industry.

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